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Misty, Come Back


In our last episode, Misty went on a date with Scott, who asked if Misty would like to stay on Cinnabar Island with her. She, much to Ash’s disapproval, accepted the offer, and left Ash and Brock last night. Now, the ship has docked at port, and Ash needs to figure out his priorities- get Misty back, or win his 7th gym badge?

Ash Introducing Title: Misty Come Back!

Ash and Brock are inside a room at the Pokemon Center. Ash is staring outside the window, looking at a tree. Fall has hit Cinnabar Island, and the tree has lots of dead leaves around it. Only a few green leaves remain on the tree.

Brock: (walks over to Ash) Whadda thinking about, Ash?

Ash: (looks at Brock) What do you think?

Brock: (sigh) Listen Ash, I’m sure once she realizes what a jerk Scott is, she’ll leave him, and find you, and then you can confess your love for Misty.

Ash: (narrows eyes) Be quiet Brock.

Brock: Face it Ash. You’re head over heels about Misty. You care about her.

Ash: (stands up) So? What does it matter now? She’s GONE Brock and nothing can change that!

Brock: Maybe…

Ash: Maybe what?


Ash: (yelling) But she doesn’t like me!

Brock: Please Ash. Why do you think she’s stayed with us all this time? Do you really believe she’s following you until you pay up for her bike?

Ash: Yes, I do.

Brock falls down in amine style. Pikachu walks into the room, slightly angry. Pikachu doesn’t like hearing Ash argue with anybody.

Pikachu: Pika pi chu chu! Chu pika chu, pi pika pika! {Face it you dimwit! You like her, and she likes you!}

Ash: Pikachu, stop- wait. What did you just say?

Pikachu: Pika… {Oops.}

Ash: You mean she… likes me?

Brock: You didn’t know?

Ash: Of course I didn’t. If SOMEBODY had told me I wouldn’t be in this situation right now!

Brock: I’m sorry Ash, but she told me to keep it a secret, just like you did. I couldn’t just tell you and not tell her.

Ash: (sigh) You’re right. I’m sorry.

Brock: That doesn’t matter now. What matters is getting Misty back.

Ash: But how will we do that?

Meanwhile, Misty is also sitting at a window, staring outside. Misty’s Song starts in the background (having that Pokemon CD really helps…).

Scott: What’s wrong? (sits next to Misty)

Misty: I don’t know… I kinda miss Ash and Brock.

Scott: (gives Misty a hug) Hey, that’s o.k. Brock must have been a good friend.

Misty: (breaks the hug) …and Ash?

Scott: The obsessive boy who has a density problem? He was just a jerk.

Misty: (Author’s Note: If you saw the episode "The School of Hard Knocks", when Ash said that the girl in the photo was better than Misty, and she got angry… this is about how mad Misty is right now.) WHAT?!?

Scott backs up really fast. Misty has got about a billion sweatdrops.


Scott thinks for a second. Before Misty starts to yell again, he kisses her. Instead of pushing him away (like she wanted to), she gives in. They roll over on the chair… (Author’s Note: No, sick people, they’re not doing that… god…)

Ash: (huffing and puffing) We have to hurry!

Ash and Brock are running down the sidewalk, hurrying to Scott’s house. Brock told Ash about Scott’s little thing with women- that he could almost control them by himself. The Pokemon Dance Mix has now replaced Misty’s Song.

Ash: There it is!

Pikachu: Pika pi! {Let’s hurry!}

Brock & Ash: Right!

Ash runs over toward the house, but looks in the window. He sees a boy bent over in a chair, kissing a redheaded girl. He quickly runs over to the window. He verifies that it’s Scott and Misty and yells through the glass-

Ash: (yelling) WHAT THE ****?

Misty, when hearing Ash’s voice, flips over. Scott was kissing her in the chair, and fell down. When he was falling, he tried to grab something, and grabbed the leg of the chair, sending the chair forward with Misty. She flies through the window, luckily catched by Ash.

Ash: Misty!

Misty: (yelling in pain) OWWWWWW! HELP ME! (looks up) Ash?

Brock: (turns to Pikachu) Was that good timing or what?

Pikachu smiles and does Ash’s pose. Brock then runs over and sees Misty.

Scott: (stands up) Give her back, Ash!

Ash: NEVER, you stupid-

Scott: Fine then! Prepare for trouble!

Brock: Huh?

Two voices: Make it triple!

Ash: Oh no, I don’t believe it…

Jessie and James appear in the room. They smile at Scott.

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation!

James & Scott: To unite all peoples within our nation!

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love!

James & Scott: To extend our reach to the stars above!

Jessie: Jessie…

James: James…

Scott: And Scott…

Jessie: Team Rocket, we’re the triple threat tonight!

James: If you know what’s best you’ll surrender the fight!

Scott & Meowth: That’s right!

Ash: I don’t have time for games! Misty is hurt!

Misty: (weakly) Scott… how could you…?

Scott: It was all a brilliant plan. All I had to do was capture you, and then Ash would come to your aid…

Jessie: And then we only had to defeat you! It was a great idea! I’m glad I thought of it!

James: YOU thought of it? I thought of it!

Meowth: it doesn’t matter who thought of it! Let’s grab Pikachu and split!

Jessie James & Scott: Right!

Scott: Go Golem!

Jessie: Arbok… go!

James: Let’s go Wheezing!

Brock: Vulpix, go!

Ash: Get ‘em, Pikachu!

Pikachu: Pika! {Yeah!}

James: Wheezing, Smokescreen!

Wheezing uses the smokescreen. As it does, Brock orders Vulpix to use Flame-thrower, which causes an explosion. James gets sent out of the area.

James: Looks like James is blasting off again! (ding)

Jessie: What? Get that twerp’s Pikachu now, Arbok, using the Wrap attack!

Arbok obeys. He grabs Pikachu with his body and squeezes him hard. Pikachu faints.

Ash: What? You can’t win! Go Charizard!

Charizard: (growls) {What now?}

Ash: (points at Arbok) Get Arbok with Flame-thrower, but be sure not to hit Pikachu!

Charizard nods. (He decided that saving Misty was more important that being mean to Ash) and fried Arbok, sending it flying into Scott and Jessie, which sent them…

Jessie & Scott: …blasting off again! (ding)

Brock: That was pretty easy.

Ash: Yeah, but we have to get Pikachu and Misty to a hospital!

Brock: Right!

Brock picked up Pikachu, and Ash held onto Misty as they ran towards the Pokemon Center and the hospital. Misty smiled once more at Ash before going unconscious. Ash makes a silent prayer to get Misty help, and then to tell her…

Narrator: Well, this wasn’t a very good day, was it? Hopefully, Ash can save Pikachu and Misty before it’s too late… will they make it? And will Ash FINNALY tell Misty his true feelings? Find out in our next exciting episode!




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