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Hospital Confession....?


Narrator: Last time, Ash found out that Misty really liked him from Pikachu’s big mouth.

Pikachu: PIKA? {WHAT?}

Narrator: Eh, sorry.

Pikachu: Pika pika! {It’s okay!}

Narrator: (clears his throat) Anyway, when Ash went to go get her, they found out that Scott was part of Team Rocket. With Misty & Pikachu hurt and Team Rocket blasting off again, Ash and Brock run to the nearest hospital to save Misty & Pikachu!

Brock Introducing Title: Hospital Confession…?

Ash (holding Misty) and Brock (holding Pikachu) finally arrive at the Cinnabar Island hospital. The place is a combined Pokemon Center and human hospital, so they run inside.

Ash: We have an emergency!

Nurse Joy: What?

Brock: We have an injured girl and pokemon!

Doctor 1: Let’s get them some help, stat!

Three doctors rush into the lobby, one with a cart and the other two with a long stretcher. Ash puts Misty on the stretcher and Brock sets Pikachu on the cart, and the two injured people get sent into the hospital.

Ash: What do we do now?

Nurse Joy: You’ll just have to wait here.

Ash sighs. He knows two things- he didn’t like waiting for his friends to be healed; and secondly…

Brock: (blushing) That’s okay. We can talk about maybe going out on Saturday, Nurse Joy!

…he would have to deal with Brock’s obsession with getting a date.

Ash: Give it up Brock.

Nurse Joy: Actually, I’d like to go on a date!

Ash falls down is stupidity, and Brock literally leaps for joy.

Brock: (jumping up and down) WAHOO! I GOT A DATE! YAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOO!!!

Ash: Calm down Brock!

Male voice: It’s hopeless.

Ash: Huh? (turns to the figure) You!

Male voice: What? She’s my friend, and I’m allowed to see how she’s doing.

Ash: She’s not your friend, you jerk.

Standing in the doorway was none other than Scott, the jerk who had sent Misty flying through and window, and had used her love to help out Team Rocket. (Once again, I’m not showing a flashback. You can read part 6 and find out what happened.)

Scott: I still love her! And she only loves me! ME!

Brock: Wrong again, Scott. I’ve had talks with her before and she only loves one person in this room.

Scott: And who would that be?

Brock: Ash.

Female voice: Who says?

All three guys turn around, only to all blush and go into girl-ga-ga mode. The girl is about Ash’s age and has… a very (cough) nice (cough) body, wearing a green shirt with blue jeans. Her eyes are blue and has blonde hair. Ash is the first to speak.

Ash: So who are you?

Girl: I’m Mary. You haven’t heard of me?

Scott: (chuckles) I have… hehe…

Brock: Who is she?

Scott: She’s the island’s prettiest girl… she only dates the best guys on Cinnabar!

Mary: I’m allowed to have standards, don’t you think kid?

Ash: (in Brock’s gaga voice) My name isn’t boy, it’s Ash.

Mary: Hmm, Ash… you look pretty cute.

Mary walks over to Ash and starts to rub up against him. (If Misty saw this, she’d kill Mary right where she stood.) Ash blushes a very, very hot red.

Ash: (chuckling) Hey, you seem friendly.

Brock: Ash, what about… the redhead?

Ash: Who’s the redhead? (looks at Mary) I don’t know any redhead.

Scott & Brock: MISTY, you IDIOT!

Ash: I don’t know whom your talking about. Even if there is such a person, she can’t possibly compare to Mary here.

Mary: Thanks. (smiles) How would you like to come over to my house?

Ash: Sure. Let’s go!

Brock: Ash, what about Misty?

Ash: (walking out) G’bye Brock!

Ash puts his arm around Mary and walks outside. Brock thinks about going after him, but decides that if Ash wants to screw his chances with Misty, then he can do that. He just sighs and sits down and waits.

Ash and Mary finally arrive at her house. She opens the door and invites him in.

Ash: Are your parents home?

Mary: No. (smiles) Doesn’t that make this even better?

Ash: (laughs) Sure does, Mary.

Mary and Ash both laugh, then they kiss. Mary leads him to the couch and they lay down.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, they finally let Brock visit Misty. She had a lot of cuts and scrapes on her body, but otherwise, she was fine. Brock smiled at Misty as he opened the door and sat down on a chair next to the bed.

Brock: Hey. How are you feeling?

Misty: Fine. Where’s Ash?

Brock: Do you hurt anywhere?

Misty: In a few. Now, where’s Ash?

Brock: Umm… he left earlier.

Misty: To where?

Brock was getting nervous. He didn’t want to tell her that he went with Mary- it’d break her heart. But he didn’t have too many other choices. What could he do?

Brock: (really fast) He went out with a girl named Mary that’s really fine and only goes out with the best guys, and she’ll probably take off all her clothes and let Ash get his way!

Misty: Brock, I didn’t understand a word you just said.

Brock: (slowly) Ash… went out… with a girl named Mary… who is a very good-looking girl… and is trying to take… Ash away from… YOU!

Misty sat there for a second. It took a few seconds to sink into her injured head, and when it did, she starts to cry hysterically. She was mad, sad, and heart-broken at the same time. Brock tried to comfort her, but it didn’t work. He just left the room.

Back at Mary’s house…

Mary: Kiss me… hold me Ash.

Ash: Maybe… but not right now… later, tonight.

Mary: I’ll make reservations at Hotel Cinnabar!

Ash: Then I’ll see you there?

Mary: (winks) Sure will!

Epilogue to Part 7

Later that night, one hour before Ash meets Mary at Hotel Cinnabar, two occupants are already in they’re room. Giggling is heard. The noise suddenly stops.

Female voice: What do we do now?

Male voice: At least you know what do to from here. All you do is capture the Pikachu.

Female voice: Then you get Misty, right Scott?

Scott: Right Mary.

Mary: Why did I have to practice kissing with you first?

Scott: You need to know how to get him going. Once you do he’s done- and so is his Pikachu.

Mary and Scott both laugh hysterically.

Narrator: Now what will happen? Will Mary succeed in making Ash do her bidding? Will Scott get his wish of getting Misty? And will Team Rocket finally capture Pikachu? Find out in Chapter 2’s exciting conclusion!




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