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At Hotel Cinnabar.


Narrator: Things look bad for Misty. Last time, Ash met Mary, a very seductive girl who plans to help Scott capture Pikachu. Now Ash is going to spend some time with Mary alone at Hotel Cinnabar- and Mary’s goal is to steal not only Pikachu, but also Ash’s heart!

Mary Introducing Title: At Hotel Cinnabar.

Inside the hospital, Misty is getting ready to be checked out. Brock has informed her of the situation and she’s obviously rushing.

Misty: Gotta hurry… gotta save Ash…

Nurse Joy: (walks in) Misty, you can leave now.

Misty: (grabs stuff) Thanks! Bye! (runs out at 150 mph)

Nurse Joy: (scratches head) I wonder what she’s in such a hurry do to.

Misty runs out of the center/hospital, running towards Hotel Cinnabar.

Meanwhile, Ash has already arrived, and is waiting to be verified to enter the Hotel. He’s tapping his foot as he waits outside.

Ash: (thinking) Maybe I shouldn’t have left Misty there at the hospital. She must be looking for me. (gulps) When she finds me, she’s gonna kill me.

Mary: (waves hand in front of Ash) Ash?

Ash looks up. There’s Mary, wearing her regular clothes (refer to Part 7) and smiling.

Ash: Oh, sorry. Are we going inside?

Female voice: Not on your life.

Ash and Mary both turn around. There stands (you guessed it) Misty, wearing her regular clothes and NOT smiling.

Misty: (angry) I know your plan, you little *****. You let him go now.

Ash: (confused) Did I miss something here?

Mary: No Ash. It’s just that your little friend here is JEALOUS.

Misty: Maybe I am.

Ash gasps. SHE was jealous?

Mary: Well, too bad. He’s mine, right Ash?

Ash: Uh… uh…

Misty: Ash, don’t do this!

Mary: (kisses him on the cheek) Don’t you like me Ash?

Misty: Ash…

Mary: Ash…

Ash: (huge sweatdrop) Uh…

Misty: (steps toward Ash) Ash, she barely even knows you. I know you better than your Mother does.

Mary: All I know is I like him and you can’t have him.

Misty: Yeah, you LIKE him. But I…

Ash: (looks up at Misty) You what?

Misty: (nervous) I… I… I… I lo-

Male voice: Hey Misty!

Misty turns around. There stands Scott, in his normal clothes (god I like saying this don’t I?) and smiling. He grabs her hand.

Scott: Love Scott! You love Scott!

Ash: Humph. Figures. You’ve wasted my time, Misty. Come on Mary, (grabs her hand) let’s go.

Mary: (smiles) O.K!

The couple then walks inside. Misty just stands there for a second. Then a great rage fills her body.


Female voice: You better not.

Misty turns around again. Two figures are standing on the overhang of the hotel. They both have big rockets on their shoulders.

Female voice: Prepare for trouble!

Scott: Make it triple!

Misty: (gasps) It’s Team Rocket!

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation!

James: To unite all peoples within our nation!

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love!

James: To extend our reach to the stars above!

Jessie: Jessie…

James: James…

Scott: And Scott!

Jessie: Team Rocket, we’re the triple threat tonight!

Scott: If you know what’s best you’ll surrender the fight!

James: That’s right!

Misty: Hey… where’s Meowth?

Meowth: Right here!

Before Misty can turn around (or do anything for that matter), Meowth pulls out a large stick and hits Misty in the head with it. She falls down unconscious.

Meowth: Ha ha! I knew this’d work!

James: You certainly are the top-cat, Meowth.

Scott: Remember, I get the girl here… and you guys get Pikachu.

Jessie: Are you sure Mary will come through?

Scott: Don’t worry- she’s loyal. All she’ll do is make him distracted.

James: And how will she do that?

Scott: (sarcastically) Gee, I only hired a pretty girl so he could be knocked out with sleeping gas. (normal tone) Whaada think she’s gonna do, numskull?

Jessie & James: Ohh…

Meowth: Come on you guys, we gotta go get in position!

Jessie James & Scott: Right!

Inside the hotel room, Mary has already got Ash reeling.

Mary: (kisses him) Why don’t we get on the bed? We’d be more comfortable.

Ash: (dazed) Sure…

Ash then starts to get up. But just then, somebody bursts open the door.

Ash & Mary: Huh?

Brock: ASH, DON’T DO IT!

Mary: Stay out of this, jerk!

Ash: Yeah, I wanna…

Brock: Ash, this girl just wants to use you to get Pikachu! I just heard Team Rocket talking about it!

Mary: Why does it matter? The dense boy deserves some fun…

Ash: You mean this is all a plot to get Pikachu?

Mary: Yes, but does that matter?

Ash: YES, IT DOES! The only reason I was doing this was because I thought you liked me. I was okay with that. (stands up) But if that ain’t the case…

Brock: All right Ash!

Ash (grabs Pokeball) Then go, Squirtle! (throws pokeball)

Squirtle: Squirtle squirt? {What Ash?}

Ash: Squirtle, use your water gun attack!

Squirtle: (nods) SQUIRTLE! {FIRE!}

The water blast hits Mary and sends her flying out the window, and also…

Mary: …blasting off again! (ding)

Ash: And to think I almost let her get her way…

Brock: Come on Ash, we gotta save Misty!

Misty: Don’t need to.

Ash and Brock both turn around. Misty is standing there, with a smile on her face.

Ash: Misty…

Brock: (walks out of the room) I’d better leave you two alone for a minute…

Brock then closes the door behind him. Misty sits down on the bed.

Misty: I’m glad you realized what Mary was doing, Ash.

Ash: (smiles) Me too. She almost had me.

Misty: Well, I’m sorry for not realizing what Scott was doing, either.

Ash: So then we’re even?

Misty: Maybe we’re a little better than even… (stands up) maybe.

Misty then walks out, but not before kissing Ash on the cheek. Ash blushes a very bright red.

Misty: (whispers in his ear) You owe me big time.

Ash nods, still dazed from Misty’s little action. She smiles and leaves the room. When the door shuts, he comes back to reality.

Ash: Maybe…

Ash then walks out the door to find his friends, and thanks his lucky stars that they still ARE his friends.

Narrator: Well, with things back to normal, Ash and the gang continue on. Maybe Ash will finally tell her someday- maybe. For now, it’s good to still have your friends.




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