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Ash And the Volcano Badge


Narrator: Ash is finally ready to battle for his Volcano Badge at the Cinnabar Gym. But the battle is about to go from for a badge- to for his and Misty’s life!

Ash Introducing Title: Ash and the Volcano Badge!

Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu are all sitting inside a fast food joint. Ash is stuffing his cheeseburger down his throat while Misty & Brock watch in embarrassment. Pikachu is happily chugging down ketchup.

Misty: Ash, don’t you think you should slow down a bit?

Ash (mouth full of food) Why Misty?

Misty: (sweatdrops) Because… you might choke.

Brock: (sweatdrops) Yeah Ash. Stop eating so fast.

Ash: (gulps down food) I’ve gotta hurry so I can go battle for my Volcano Badge!

Misty: Do you even know who your battling, Ash?

Ash: Yeah. Blaine, the gym master.

Brock: He’s right. Blaine uses fire-type pokemon and is supposed to have a gym somewhere around here.

Waitress: What gym?

Ash: Huh?

Waitress: I’m sorry kids, but the only gym around here is the Volcano Gym where Blaine fights people for Volcano Badges.

Misty: Miss that’s where we need to go. Do you know where it is?

Waitress: You kids are crazy! It’s inside the volcano.

Ash & Brock: Inside…

Misty: …the volcano?

Waitress: Yep. Only adults go near the volcano, much less into it. Just give up.

Ash: (sigh) Come on guys, let’s go.

Ash and the gang then leave the building. The waitress then walks into the restroom, and takes off her hat. She has long red hair.

Male voice: Did it work?

Waitress: Of course. The twerp will go to the volcano for sure.

The male turns out to be James. He pops into sight.

James: And then we grab the Pikachu. Right Jessie?

The waitress turns out to be, as you could guess, Jessie. She gets into her TR costume.

Jessie: Right James. I just hope Scott comes through this time.

James: Don’t worry. This time, we have extra help.

Jessie and James both laugh and the view changes to outside the volcano.

Ash: Look! There’s the door!

Misty: (grabs Ash) Ash, hold on. This doesn’t seem right.

Brock: What do you mean, Misty?

Misty: Why would anybody have a gym in a volcano?

Ash: Aww, you’re just scared Misty.

Brock: Yeah. (in baby-like voice) Just hold on to Ash and you’ll be O.K.

Misty (seriously irritated) hits Brock upside the head with her mallet. He falls down in pain.

Misty: (angry) That isn’t funny Brock!

Ash: Misty, calm down.

Brock: (baby-like voice again) Yeah, your man wants you to calm down, Misty.

Now both Ash and Misty are angry. They both hit Brock again.

Ash & Misty: SHUT UP BROCK!

Brock: O.K., O.K.

The group then walked into the room. The room was the actual volcano. (If you saw the episode where Ash battled against Blaine the first time, this is the same room.) Misty clung to Ash in fear.

Misty: (scared) Ash, this place gives me the creeps! Let’s just go!

Ash: Not until I get my badge. (yelling) Hello? Is anybody here?

A door on the other side of the room opened. A person came out, but Ash couldn’t make him out.

Male voice: Who are you?

Ash: I’m Ash, from the town of Pallet, and I challenge you to a match!

Male voice: Fine then. (kisses pokeball) Go Blastoise!

The pokeball opens and out comes Blastoise.

Brock: Blaine doesn’t have a Blastoise! And he doesn’t kiss his pokeballs either!

Ash: That must mean you’re…

Male voice: Gary Oak, from the town of Pallet!

Ash & Misty: Gary?

Ash: What are you doing here?

Gary: I’m helping out an old friend of mine. Now come on, either you or the redhead clung to your body throw out a pokemon!

Misty then blushed a bright red and let go of Ash. Ash grabbed one of his pokeballs.

Ash: Go Bulbasaur!

The pokeball was thrown and out came Bulbasaur. Gary just laughed.

Gary: Blastoise, Hyper Beam!

Blastoise built up a huge beam and shot it at Bulbasaur, which sent it flying into the lava. Ash dived and catched it, landing on the battle platform. Misty ran out and saw if he was okay.

Misty: Ash are you crazy?

Ash: Yeah, maybe. (laughs) Return Bulbasaur! (pokemon returns) Go Pikachu!

Pikachu runs out onto the platform. As Ash and Misty go to exit the platform, the pillars leading to the platform fall down into the lava.

Ash & Misty: AHH!

Ash: What are you doing, Gary?

Gary: Blastoise, Hydro Pump!

Blastoise sent a jet of water at Misty, knocking her off the platform. She clung to the edge.

Ash: (gasps) Misty! (turns to Gary) Gary, you’re dead! Pikachu, Thunder attack!

Pikachu: Pika! {Go!}

Pikachu built up a huge electric attack that hit Blastoise, sending it into Gary. Gary ducked as his Pokemon slammed into the wall and slid down, fainted. He recalled Blastoise.

Gary: Go, Alakazam!

Ash went and grabbed Misty and pulled her onto the platform. Misty was still in shock.

Misty: (stuttering) A-A-A-Ash-shh…

Ash: It’s okay Misty.

Brock: Aww…

Ash & Gary: (yelling) SHUT UP BROCK!

Brock: O.K!

Gary: Alakazam, use your Explosion attack!

Ash & Misty: (grimly) Explosion?

Ash: Don’t Gary! You’ll destroy the platform and kill us!

Gary: And that’s the point. Go!

Alakazam exploded, destroying the platform. It hit the lava, and started to sink. Misty was holding onto Ash tightly.

Misty: We’re gonna die!

Ash: No we aren’t! Go, Pidgeotto!

Pidgeotto comes out. He says something to Pidgeotto and the bird lands.

Ash: Come on Misty, hop on!

Ash, Misty & Pikachu hopped onto Pidgeotto. Pidgeotto then flies onto the side where Brock was and lands, and Ash and Misty get off.

Ash: Now, go!

Pikachu: (points to Gary) Pika pi pikachu! {Fly there Pidgeotto!}

Pidgeotto: Pidgo! {O.K!}

Pidgeotto flies toward Gary. Pikachu builds up electricity and shocks Gary, sending him out into the wild blue yonder. The two pokemon then land.

Ash: Good job Pikachu!

Pikachu: Pika! {Thanks!}

Misty: Thank you Ash! (hugs Ash)

Ash: (blushes) Uh, your welcome Misty.

Brock: Aww…

Ash and Misty both look at Brock, who crawls into the corner of the gym and hides. They then look at each other again.

Ash: You can let go now, Misty.

Misty: (smiles) Maybe I don’t wanna.

Ash smiles back at Misty. A bomb then rolls next to them, and it explodes. Smoke fills the area.

Ash: (coughs) What’s going on?

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation!

James: To unite all peoples within our nation!

Mary: To denounce the evils of truth and love!

Scott: To extend our reach to the stars above!

Jessie: Jessie…
James: James…

Mary: Mary…

Scott: And Scott!

Jessie: Team Rocket, we’re the quadruple threat tonight!

Scott: If you know what’s best you’ll surrender the fight!

Meowth: That’s right!

Ash Misty & Brock: Team Rocket!

James: Aww, so cute… look at those two kids!

Mary & Scott: THAT ISN’T CUTE!

Scott: Look at the boy! He doesn’t even deserve that!

Mary: No, the girl is the stupid one! And the boy’s name is Ash!

Scott: The boy’s stupid!

Mary: Misty is!

Scott: Ash!

Mary: Misty!

Scott: Ash!

Mary: Misty!

Meowth: SHUT UP! (jumps up and swipes at Mary and Scott)

Jessie: We came here to steal, not argue!

James: Get along already!

Mary & Scott: Humph.

Ash: You can’t win, Team Rocket!

Misty: Yeah, come on, let’s show them!

Brock: Yeah!

Jessie: Go Arbok!

James: Go Wheezing!

Scott: Golem, go!

Mary: Vaporeon, go!

Ash: Go Pikachu!

Misty: Staryu, go!

Brock: Geodude, go!

Ash: Pikachu, Thunderbolt attack!

Pikachu’s attack hits Arbok and Wheezing, which both faint.

Jessie & James: Rats!

Scott: Golem, Rock Throw at that rat!

Golem flies into Pikachu, and Pikachu faints.

Ash: Pikachu!

Mary: Vaporeon, use your Ice Beam on Geodude!

Vaporeon hits Geodude, which also faints.

Jessie: We’re gonna win!

James: I think you’re right!

Misty: Not likely! Staryu, water gun on Golem!

Staryu: Hoy-ya! {O.K!}

Staryu’s water gun hits Golem, which flies into Vaporeon. The two pokemon faint.

Mary: Your stupid pokemon hit mine you idiot!

Scott: Your pokemon is the stupid one!

Ash: Go Charizard!

Team Rocket: Cha-Charizard?

Charizard: (growls)

Ash: Charizard, Fire Spin!

The funnel of flames hits Team Rocket, sending them and all they’re pokemon…

Team Rocket: …blasting off again! (ding)

Ash and the gang have left the volcano, in search for the real gym.

Misty: Hey Ash, thanks again for what you did back there. (holds his hand) It was really sweet of you.

Ash: It’s okay Misty. (smiles)

Brock: Oh god… here we go…

Misty: (lets go of Ash’s hand and turns to face Brock) What do you mean?

Brock: You two are sooo in love…

Ash & Misty: (angry) WHAT?!? COME HERE!

Brock: (running away and screaming) AHHHHHH!

Narrator: As Ash and Misty chase Brock down the path, they continue they’re quest. Who knows? Maybe they are in love. And when they find out, it’s sure to be an exciting episode of Pokemon!




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