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Ash - Popular?


 Narrator: It’s a cool day on Cinnabar Island, and our heroes are taking a break, walking in the park. Maybe it’ll be a quiet day today… maybe.

Ash Introducing Title: Ash- Popular?

The gang has sat down on a bench in the park. Misty is sitting next to Ash with Brock and Pikachu sitting on the opposite side. Unbeknown to Ash, Misty is staring at him.

Ash: So then I’ll use my Squirtle. What other pokemon does he have?

Brock: (opens his book) Let’s see… we’ve covered Charizard, Flareon and Ninetails, right?

Ash: Yeah… what’s his fourth pokemon?

Brock: Magmar. It’s a level 45.

Ash: Huh. That’ll be tough, right Misty? (no response) Misty? (looks at Misty)

Misty is still staring at Ash with a dazed look on her face. Ash waves his hand in front of Misty’s face.

Ash: Misty? Are you in there?

Misty: (wakes up) Huh? Oh, (blushes) sorry Ash.

Brock: What was that all about Misty? (baby voice) Taking a gander at your man again?

Misty: Maybe I am!

Ash & Brock: WHAT?

Ash: Um, Misty…

Misty: (smacks head) Not you Ash, the boy over there!

Ash: Huh? (turns head)

Misty is pointing at a boy, about 12 (remember, Ash & Misty are both 12 in this fic) and has black hair, big brown eyes- looks almost- no, exactly like Ash. He has a pokeball in his hand and his showing it off to a large group of girls.

Misty: He seems popular.

Brock: (sweatdrops) Gee, I wonder who he looks like…

Misty: Who?

Ash: He looks like me, Misty. Notice his hair, his eyes, the way he’s showing off his pokemon? The clothes he’s wearing? He looks just like me.

Misty: (blushes) I kinda like your type.

Ash: Misty…

Girl 1: Hey, stay away from him!

Misty looks at two girls, both Ash’s age. They both are wearing blue shirts, expect the girl on the left’s shirt is showing off her bellybutton. They run over to Ash.

Girl 2: Do you really think it’s him?

Girl 1: Of course. I could never forget his eyes… or anything else on his body for that matter. (laughs)

Girl 2: (laughs) You mean you really did?

Girl 1: Yeah. He kissed me, square on the lips.

Misty: Ash, who are these girls?

Ash: (laughs dryly) Um, this is Amber (points to the girl on the left) and Jane (points to girl 2).

Amber: Hey, it’s been awhile Ash. (looks at Misty) Would this happen to be the redhead you talked about?

Jane: She isn’t ugly.

Ash: (laughs dryly) Ha, this is Misty. And I never said she was ugly.

Amber & Jane: Somebody’s on lockdown.

Brock: (laughs) Haha, I’m Brock. How does Ash know you two beautiful ladies?

Jane: Ash found us a few weeks ago. Well, he mostly found Amber.

Amber: Me and Ash were friends for a long time, and one night he had an incident involving a boy named Gary and redhead here.

Misty: You mean the hotel incident?

Amber: Yeah. Well, anyway, when Gary came back in to get the necklace from you and stopped you two from kissing, he left the hotel when the two of you fell asleep. He came and found me and told me what happened and I got sympathetic. One thing led to another and we kissed. After that…

Ash: (jumps in front of Amber) Let’s just stop right there, Amber.

Misty: (slightly irritated) No, I wanna know what happened, Ash.

Brock: Yeah, me too.

Ash: What happened was we stopped kissing and I came back. We didn’t do anything else.

Misty: (relieved) Oh. So it was just an accident?

Amber: Yeah.

Brock: I’m not surprised.

Misty: What do you mean?

Brock: Like any girl would even think of dating Ash. They’d have to be…

Misty looks at Brock and silences him. Everybody is quiet for a second. Then two people run into Ash.

Ash: (falls down) Ow! Watch it! (looks up) Oh, not again!

Mary: Prepare for trouble!

Scott: Make it double!

Mary: To protect the world from devastation!

Scott: To unite all peoples within our nation!

Mary: To denounce the evils of truth and love!

Scott: To extend our reach to the stars above!

Mary: Mary!

Scott: Scott!

Mary: Team Rocket, we’re the double threat tonight!

Scott: If you know what’s best you’ll surrender the fight!

Mary: And you know that’s right!

Misty: How do you guys come up with those stupid mottos?

Scott: We’re just good like that. No, come to think of it, we’re BAD like that.

Mary: Now hand over your pokemon before we have to BE bad!

Ash: Never! Go Pidgeotto! (throws pokeball)

Misty: Starmie… go!

Brock: Vulpix, go!

Mary: Vaporeon, Jolteon, go!

Scott: Golem and Onix, go!

Misty: Starmie, Water Blast!

Ash & Mary: Water Blast? (Ash pulls out his PokÚdex)

PokÚdex: Water Blast. This attack is like Fire Blast, only using water. Kills any rock or ground type pokemon instantly.

Ash: Wow!

Starmie sends out five jets of water forming the same symbol Fire Blast does. It hits Onix and Golem and they both faint instantly.

Misty: Good job Starmie!

Mary: It’s your turn to suffer! Vaporeon and Jolteon, Ice Beam and Thunderbolt on the girl, NOW!

The two pokemon shoot they’re attacks at Misty. But just before they hit Misty, somebody dives in front of her and takes the damage…

Misty: ASH!

Ash gets hit by the attacks and falls down, badly hurt. Misty runs to him and bends down.

Misty: (panicking) Oh my god, oh my god! Ash!

Brock: (growls) You bitch. Vulpix, Fire Spin!

Vulpix sends the huge amount of fire over to Vaporeon, Jolteon and Mary. They all go flying, and hit Scott, which sends him flying too.

Mary & Scott: Looks like Team Rocket is blasting off again! (ding)

By this time, Amber and Jane have also rushed to Ash’s aide. All three girls are panicking, but Misty is the most.

Misty: (starts to cry) Oh god… he dived in front of me to save me… now he’s gonna die!

Brock: If we don’t hurry Misty he will die! The girls and me are going to go get help, you stay here and watch him. O.K?

Misty nods and watches the three of them run into the city. She then sits next to Ash.

Misty: My best friend… saved me… he’s more than my best friend. I love him. (gets angry) But I didn’t tell him! Now he’s going to die and I’m never going to be able to tell him!

Misty then falls over and cries. She continues to cry as she lies next to Ash’s almost lifeless body.

Later, Ash has finally been allowed to see visitors. It’s been a good day or so in the hospital, and nobody has been allowed to see him. Misty is the first to be led down the hall. The doctor explains what happened.

Doctor: He saved your life. His body was just barely able to take the blow of an Ice Beam and a Thunderbolt. He’ll need to stay here one more day before we can release him. If those attacks would’ve hit you, we’d be attending your funeral.

Misty: (shocked) Ouch.

The two arrive at Ash’s room. He opens the door.

Doctor: Just come out and tell me when I should let the other one in here.

Misty: (nods and smiles) Thank you doctor.

The doctor shuts the door behind him. Misty sits next to Ash in a chair. She stares at him for a minute before waking him up.

Misty: Psst. Ash.

Ash: (wakes up) Huh? (looks at Misty) Hi Misty.

Misty: (smiles) How ya felling?

Ash: (sighs) Like crud. How are you?

Misty: Fine thanks to you. (searches for his hand) Will you be O.K?

Ash: (grabs Misty’s hand) Should be.

Misty: I’ve got something to tell you, Ash. It’s been hiding for a while now, but…

Ash: Me first.

Misty nods. Ash takes in a deep breath. Misty eyes widen.

Ash: I’ve known you for over a year, and all we ever do is argue. But I can’t hide what I’ve been feeling deep inside for a long time now. You’ve always been there for me- never leaving my side.

Misty: (smiles) Yeah… so?

Ash: But I’ve betrayed you so many times. I don’t deserve you.

Misty: (gasps) What?

Ash: Misty, I’m asking you- no, begging you to leave me and Brock and settle down with somebody who can take care of you.




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