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Late Night!


Ash: Misty, I’m asking you- no, begging you to leave me and Brock and settle down with somebody who can take care of you.

Misty: (starting to cry) But Ash…

Doctor: (walks in) Oh, I forgot to tell you, we had to use a few things to operate on him. He’s a little…

Misty: …drunk?

Doctor: Yes. So anything he says right now might be a little strange…

Ash: By the way Misty, where’s my bike? You still owe me one.

Misty: (thinking) Whew. I almost thought he was being serious for a second. (looks at Ash) I wonder why he’s able to act so serious when he’s DRUNK… (out-loud) I’m still waiting to get the money for the bike, Ash.

Ash: (points at Misty, starts to slur) Cause when I get that bike, I’m gonna leave you forever, Ash.

Misty is a little taken-back by Ash’s response. Was THAT what he thought she was going to do when she got the bike back? It had to be. Even if he was drunk, there still was SOME truth in what he was saying, right? She decided it was time to end the conversation. She smiled warmly at him and left the room. She started to cry once she got down the hallway, passing by Amber and Jane.

Amber: Misty, what’s wrong?

Misty: (crying between words) Ash thinks I’ve only followed him all this time because of the bike.

Amber & Jane: What bike?

Misty: (stops crying) You two don’t know? (sits down on a chair) Sit down, I’ll tell you what happened.

The two girls sit down as Misty begins to tell her story… (this is the only time I’m gonna do this…)


Misty is sitting peacefully at the edge of the river. She’s fishing for pokemon, what she had been doing for quite some time now. She remembered leaving her parents, running to her favorite spot, the one nobody else knew about.

Misty: I wish somebody would come. I’m so lonely here. (looks at the bike) I can’t even go anywhere on my new bicycle.

Yes, the bicycle. A shinny new bike that her mother had bought for her days before she left. It was she had left, expect for her pokemon and her fishing rod. Suddenly, something tugged at her line. She stood up to pull it in.

Misty: Wow, I really think this could be a big one!

She finally gets the object out of the water. It’s a boy and his pokemon. She runs over to them.

Misty: Are you okay?

Boy: Yeah, I’m fine. (stands up)

Misty: Look what you’ve done to that poor creature! You need to get it to a hospital, quick!

Boy: Where is the hospital?

Misty: (points out in the forest) There’s a Pokemon Center not to far from here. If you hurry, you might be able to make it.

Boy: All right! (gets on bike) I need to borrow this! (starts to pedal off)

Misty: Hey you jerk whadda think you’re doing? (throws hands in air) COME BACK HERE WITH MY BIKE!

Boy: I’ll bring it back someday! (disappears in the distance)

Misty: (puts hands on hips) Oh you…


Misty: And while he was going to the Pokemon Center, a bunch of Spearow attacked him and wrecked my bike.

Amber: So you followed him because of that?

Misty: At first. I mean, what else could I have done? It was so boring sitting by the river, fishing. He seemed like he was going somewhere, so I thought, ‘Hey, since he’s going on an adventure, you might as well get the money for the bike AND get a free trip around the area.’

Jane: Then what happened?

Misty: Then, while we where in the Viridian Forest… (more flashbacks…)


Misty: AHHHHH! Get this bug away from me!

Ash: (picks up Caterpie) Misty, it’s only trying to show how much it likes you!

Misty: I don’t care! (towers over Caterpie) It’s a pokemon and it should stay in its pokeball!

Caterpie crawls into its pokeball. Ash goes over to it.

Ash: Hey, Caterpie, come back out! (turns to Misty) See what you did? Apologize to Caterpie!

Misty: (grabs Pikachu) I don’t like bugs! I like Pikachu, though.

Pikachu: Pika! {Yay!}

Ash: But Pikachu only likes me. (angry) You know what? We’re leaving!

Misty: (lets go of Pikachu) Fine! Leave already! I don’t want to be around you anymore anyway!

Ash takes Pikachu and leaves. As he walks down the path, Pikachu notices somebody behind them. Misty sees Pikachu notice her and ducks behind a tree.

Ash: (yells) Why are you following us?

Misty sighs. She tries to think of an excuse.


Misty: So I told him I was following him because of my bike.

Jane: But you were really following him because of your feelings for him, right?

Misty: No, not until a few weeks later did I realize I liked him. He was so warm, and friendly, and he cared for pokemon. (sighs dreamily) He was exactly what I was looking for. But I, like an idiot, decided to hide my feelings for him by acting like I hated him. (bangs head on wall) Stupid Misty!

Amber: (gasps) Misty don’t blame yourself! It’s not your fault! Ash did the same thing!

Meanwhile, inside Ash’s room, Brock has visited him. The effect of the drugs that were used on Ash has faded away now.

Ash: You saw her crying?

Brock: Yep. She was really sad.

Ash: (hangs head low) It’s my fault. I was a little ‘influenced’ back there and I said something bad.

Brock: What?

Ash: (sighs) Not only did I tell her to leave us, but I also told her that she’d leave us once I got her a bike.

Brock: (smiles) Well that’s no big deal. You haven’t gotten her a bike yet, and…

Ash’s cold stare quieted him. Brock realized what Ash meant.

Brock: (surprised) You got her a new bike?!?

Ash: Shh! She might hear you…

Brock: How did you afford it?

Ash: I was gonna tell her that I loved her when I gave her the bike, and then she might not leave. But, now that I told her to leave, when she gets the bike I’ll never get the chance to tell her.

All of the sudden, Misty walks into the room. She’s looking at Ash.

Misty: (emotionless) I don’t believe you.

Ash: (confused) What?

Misty: You argued with me to hide feelings about me? You made me miserable, Ash.

Ash starts to talk, but shuts his mouth.

Misty: I hated arguing with you. I… I would’ve been so happy, Ash.

Ash: But… you know now?

Misty: Its too late Ash. I have something to tell you.

Ash: What?

Misty: (takes in a deep breath) I’m pregnant with Gary’s baby.

Ash: (very loud) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ash suddenly wakes up. He looks at the clock. 11:06 PM. He looked over to his right. Brock was there, on the other side of the bed, asleep. He then got up and went to Misty’s bed. When he saw it, there wasn’t anybody on the bed.

Ash: (quietly with sweatdrops) It was… real?

Misty: (groggily) Ash?

Ash turned behind him. There stood Misty, with her hair down, wearing her blue pajamas.

Ash: (smiles) Hey Misty.

Misty: What are you doing up? It’s almost midnight.

Ash: I just had a bad dream. It… involved you…

Misty: (sits down on bed) How did it involve me?

Ash: (sits down next to her) Well, I got hurt really badly and got operated on in a hospital. They had to use drugs on me and I got drunk. When you came to see me, I said a few stupid things and you got angry. Then when you came back, you said…

Misty: (awake now) What did I say?

Ash: (gulps) You said you were pregnant with Gary’s baby.

Misty: (laughs quietly) Really? Well Ash, (smiles) I’m not pregnant with Gary’s baby.

Ash: Good.

Misty: I’m pregnant with yours.

Ash: WHAT?!?

Ash’s yell of surprise wakes up Brock, who turns on the light.

Brock: Be quiet Ash! (turns around and looks at Ash and Misty) Oh, you two. Keep it down already.

Misty, however, was laughing her head off.

Misty: (laughing) You thought I was serious Ash? Ha!

Ash: (angry) I’ll show you serious!

Ash then starts to wrestle Misty, who’s laughing hysterically. Brock just sighs and puts his head on the bed and puts the pillow over it, blocking out the noise of the two teens wrestling.

Narrator: As Ash and Misty wrestle on the bed, one danger passes them by. Maybe there was some truth to the dream- but we don’t have time for that! Tomorrow, we leave for Pallet Town- Ash’s homeland!




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