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Happy Days


Narrator: After having fun at Cinnabar Island, our heroes are finally leaving the island and heading for Pallet Town.

Ash Introducing Title: Happy Days!

Ash and the gang are walking in the forest. The small forest they are in leads to the Viridian Forest, and from there they will head to Pallet Town. Sadly, like the Viridian Forest, bugs populate this area.

Misty: (screams) AHH! Another bug! (hides behind Ash)

Ash: (thinking) God she likes doing that… (out-loud) Misty, the bug isn’t gonna hurt you. It’s just a Weedle.

Brock: Yeah Misty, you just can’t scream every time you see a bug.

Misty: (shivering) It’s cold outside, and there are too many bugs! (wailing) Are we anywhere near the Viridian Forest?

Ash is looking at a rocky ledge up ahead. He then confirms his beliefs.

Ash: Hey, this is the same ledge I fell off of with your bike, Misty!

Misty: (laughs) Yeah, it is! That must mean that…

Ash: The river must be nearby! (grabs Misty’s hand) Let’s go! (giggles cheerfully)

The two teens laugh as they head towards the river. Brock sweatdrops and decides to follow the two of them. But as the group runs off, somebody is watching…

Scott: (pops out of bush) This is perfect!

Mary: (pops out of bush) Yep! All we have to do is ambush them while they’re busy finding the river!

Jessie: (pops up) But how do we do that?

James: (muffled) First, how about getting off me, Jessie?

Jessie: (blushes) Oh. Hehe, sorry. (moves)

James: (stands up) Now, I have a plan.

Scott & Meowth: You…

Jessie & Mary: …have a plan?

James: Yeah. Let’s just get them now. Just send out all your pokemon- no motto, it gives them time to get ready!

Jessie: James, you brain is finally working! Let’s go!

The five TR members then run out and Ash & co. see them. Team Rocket quickly releases they’re pokemon.

TR: Pokemon, GO!

Out comes Arbok, Wheezing, Golem, Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Onix. Ash and company are shocked.

Ash: What happened to the motto?

Jessie: Arbok, poison sting attack!

Arbok dives at Pikachu, but misses it and accidentally bites Brock. Brock falls in pain.

Brock: AHH!

Ash & Misty: Brock!

Scott: Golem and Onix use your Tackle attack!

Onix dives at Ash but Ash manages to dodge. Golem, though, does hit its target, and Misty is down.

Scott: (gasps) Golem, not Misty, get Ash!


Mary: Vaporeon, Ice Beam on the girl!

Scott: Mary, no!

Too late. The Ice Beam turns Misty into the solid rock of ice. This REALLY gets Ash angry.

Ash: Charizard, Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Pidgeotto, go!

All of Ash’s pokemon are released. Bulbasaur uses his Vine Whip on Golem, which breaks through the rock on his shell, making it faint. Squirtle got Onix with Water Gun, Pikachu used Thunder on Arbok and Wheezing, and Pidgeotto used Wing Attack on Vaporeon, making it faint and sending it into Jolteon. Jolteon also went flying and hit Wheezing, making it explode. It made all of Team Rocket go blasting off again, but with Brock and Misty also flying. The normal ding occurred.

Ash: (yelling) MISTY! BROCK! (falls down and cries) No…

Back at Pallet Town, Ash is watching the news. A bulletin appears.

Newscaster: The search for the girl named Misty and boy named Brock continues tonight after young boy Ash Ketchum reported what happened to the authorities. Team Rocket is assumed to have captured them. If you have any info regarding the whereabouts of these two kids, call the Pallet Police at 555-1234. Now, in sports…

Ash turned off the TV and started to cry. Pikachu popped up and sat next to Ash.

Pikachu: Pika pi, pik chu pika chu. {Don’t worry, they’ll find Misty and Brock.}

Ash: (sniffles) I hope you’re right Pikachu. I really miss Misty…

Pikachu: (in sing-song voice) Pika Pika chu chu… {Because you love her…}

Ash: Well, I can’t very well tell her. She’d kill me.

Pikachu: Pika, pika chu pi pika pika chu pikachu! {Or, she’d say she loves you too!}

Ash: (scoffs) Yeah, like that dream will ever happen.

Pikachu: Pika pikachu pika! {Don’t know ‘till you try!}

Ash: (sighs) Fine. When they find her I’ll tell her… that I love her.

Pikachu: Pika. Pikachu pika, pika pi! {Good. Now please, feed me!}

Ash: (smiles and laughs) O.K. Pikachu.

A small room appears. A girl is seen inside it wearing shackles and chains on her body. She’s writing in a small book. The girl has long red hair and is bruised badly… it’s Misty. The entry in her book goes like this:

November 16

Dear Diary,

I’ve been captured by Team Rocket. I’m being held in some kind of house. I… I miss Ash a lot. I don’t know where he is. Maybe he won’t find me, and I’ll be stuck here forever. Maybe he will. I hope he does. It’s only a matter of time before Scott and Mary arrive. James told me when Scott arrives he’s gonna do things to me. I’m scared. I want Ash.


The next day, Ash is walking down a dirt path. Pikachu is riding on his hat. "The Time Has Come" starts to play in the background.

Ash: (kicks a rock on the ground) God, where is she?

Pikachu: Pika pi, pika chu pi pika chu. {Ash, I’m sure they’ll find her.}

Ash: (tears start to form in eyes) And what if they don’t?

Pikachu is silent for a moment. Pikachu didn’t have an awnser to that question. He missed Brock and Misty as much as Ash did, and even the little pokemon couldn’t see a bright spot.

Ash: (sighs) I’ll miss Brock’s act whenever he saw a pretty girl. I miss Misty too.

Pikachu: Pika pi. {Me too.}

Ash: Pikachu, do you think I should kill myself?

Pikachu: (yelling} PIKA! Pika pi chu? {NO! Are you crazy?}

Ash: (angry) There’s nothing else for me to do. I can’t continue my journey without Misty and Brock.

Pikachu: (ears perk up) Pika chu pi pika pika chu chu pika pi, pika pikachu! {Then maybe you should look for Misty, starting over there!} (points to a cabin)

Ash: Huh? (looks at the cabin)

Off to the side of the road lies a small cabin. To it’s right, a balloon with a familiar shape to it lies idle. Ash runs over to the cabin.

Inside the cabin, to Ash’s surprise, sat a huge table. A great feast was on it, with Jessie, James, Scott and Mary were stuffing they’re faces with food. Ash gasps in horror to what he sees next.

Ash: That jerk!

Misty is feeding Scott. She’s tied up to the chair; being forced to feed him. Ash growls in anger.

Ash: (growls) Rrr, when I get to that arrogant jerk…

Jessie: (face full of food) Hey Scott, shouldn’t you let her go? She’s done enough already.

Scott: Never! She’s my little love slave now, right honey?

Misty: (under her breath) Stupid idiot.

Scott: (angry) What?

Misty: (giggles nervously) Nothing ‘honey’…

James: Huh, I was just thinking…

Mary: (holds onto James) What, my precious love sprout?

Jessie growls in jealousy. Ash almost barfs at the sickening display of affection. (How would you feel?)

James: Maybe we should make the breeder wannabe tell us how to beat the twerp.

Jessie: That’s an excellent idea, James! Then we could steal Pikachu and kidnap him!

Misty: No! Ash can’t be beat! He’s too good of a trainer for you four to ever beat him!

Ash: (whispers) That’s what she thinks?

Scott: (hits Misty) Shut up, redheaded freak!

That did it. Scott hitting Misty was about all that Ash could take. He took all his pokeballs of his belt and got ready to barge into the cabin…




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