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Cabin Fever!


Narrator: Last time, Ash and his friends found a familiar place- the location where Ash ‘accidentally’ wrecked Misty’s bike. While traveling to the river, where Ash and Misty first met, they were ambushed by Team Rocket. When Team Rocket captured Brock and Misty, they bought them to a cabin near the snowy mountains- and after hitting Misty, Scott is about to get the fight of his life, as Ash is abushing the cabin where his friends are being held!

Brock Introducing Title: Cabin Fever!

James: Huh, I was just thinking…

Mary: (holds onto James) What, my precious love sprout?

Jessie growls in jealousy. Ash almost barfs at the sickening display of affection. (How would you feel?)

James: Maybe we should make the breeder wannabe tell us how to beat the twerp.

Jessie: That’s an excellent idea, James! Then we could steal Pikachu and kidnap him!

Misty: No! Ash can’t be beat! He’s too good of a trainer for you four to ever beat him!

Ash: (whispers) That’s what she thinks?

Scott: (hits Misty) Shut up, redheaded freak!

That did it. Scott hitting Misty was about all that Ash could take. He took all his pokeballs of his belt and got ready to barge into the cabin.

Ash: Go!

Ash jumps up and throws all his pokeballs through the window. The whole group of people (Jessie, James, Scott, Mary, Brock and Misty) turned their heads and gasped.

Misty: It’s Ash!

All of the pokemon came out of they’re pokeballs. Scott and Mary quickly stood up.

Mary: No you don’t!

Scott: You can’t win! Go Golem!

Mary: Go Vaporeon!

Jessie: Go Arbok!

James: Victreebell, go!

Ash Misty & Brock: Victreebell?

James: I have to use it sometimes…

Ash: Oh well. Attack!

Bulbasaur uses his Vine Whip attack on Golem, which sends it into Vaporeon. Vaporeon quickly recovers and uses Blizzard, freezing the whole room.

Jessie: Arbok, screech!

Arbok then makes a very high-pitched howl. It weakens all of the surrounding pokemon.

Ash: Charizard! Flame-thrower attack!

Charizard sends a beam of fire at Victreebell, knocking it out cold. Arbok also gets hit and also faints. Vaporeon only remains.

Ash: Pikachu, Thunderbolt!

Pikachu: PIKA! {BYE!}

Pikachu uses its Thunderbolt attack on Vaporeon, knocking it out. Ash quickly runs and unties Misty.

Misty: (smiles) Good job Ash!

Ash: (smiles) Thanks. (floor starts to shake) Huh?
Brock: It’s an avalanche!

Team Rocket & Misty: WHAT?!?
Ash: But how…?

Brock: Arbok’s screech attack was too loud! Look, here comes the snow!

A large wave of snow is headed for the cabin. Everyone screams in fear.

Ash: The cabin will be destroyed!

James: Maybe it will hold!

Misty: It has to or will all die!

Jessie: The wave’s getting closer!

Mary & Scott: AHHH!

The wave of snow hits the cabin. The whole thing shakes like crazy, and everybody falls to the ground. James and Ash fall on they’re heads, knocking them both unconscious.

Mary: James!

Misty: Ash!

Misty and Mary both run over to the injured Ash and James. Misty checks Ash pulse, and Mary does the same for James. (How did this turn into a MAJRN {Mary and James Romance Novel}?)

Misty: Good, he’s still alive.

Mary: Mine’s still alive, too.

Scott & Brock: Doesn’t anybody care about us?

Mary Misty & Jessie: (yelling) NO!

Several hours later, Ash awakes from his state. Misty is still sitting next to him, and squeals for joy when he wakes up.

Ash: (groggily) Ow, my head… what happened?

Misty: (smiles) It’s okay. We’re in the cabin.

Ash: That’s good to know. Why are we still here?

Brock: Let me tackle this one Misty.

Misty: Fine Brock.

Brock: Ash, do you remember the giant wave that was coming towards us?

Ash: Oh yeah, the wave of snow…

Brock: When it hit the cabin it shook it like crazy, and you landed on your head. It also covered the whole cabin with snow.

Ash: (gasps in horror) Is there a way out?

Brock: (shakes his head) No, and I’m afraid that’s the least of our worries.

Ash: Huh?

Jessie: The cabin has only a limited amount of oxygen. With 7 people inside, it’ll take another hour or so for the cabin to run out of air.

Ash: Well, what do we do?

Misty: We can’t do anything, Ash. We’re trapped. (snuggles close to him) And I’m cold.

Ash: (wraps his arms around Misty) It’ll be o.k. Misty… I think.

Brock: Eww, mushy stuff…

Ash & Misty: SHUT UP, BROCK!

Brock: (backs away) O.K, o.k…

Ash: Misty, there’s something I need to tell you.

Misty: (smiles) What is it Ash?

Ash: (thinking) How should I tell her that I love her? Maybe ‘I love you’…? No, too used. I got it! ‘I think I’m in love with you!’ Perfect! (out-loud) Misty, I think I’m-

Suddenly, the floor beneath them starts to rumble. Everyone yells the same thing-


Jessie: The cabin roof is collapsing!

Misty: We’re gonna die!

Ash: NO!

The cabin roof suddenly gives way. All the snow just falls through…




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