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Ash: Misty, there’s something I need to tell you.

Misty: (smiles) What is it Ash?

Ash: (thinking) How should I tell her that I love her? Maybe ‘I love you’…? No, too used. I got it! ‘I think I’m in love with you!’ Perfect! (out-loud) Misty, I think I’m-

Suddenly, the floor beneath them starts to rumble. Everyone yells the same thing-


Jessie: The cabin roof is collapsing!

Misty: We’re gonna die!

Ash: NO!

The cabin roof suddenly gives way. All the snow falls through the roof. Misty grabs onto Ash and Mary does the same with James as everything goes black (or should I say white?).

Its many hours later. Policemen, ambulances, and fire trucks have arrived on the scene. They search through the snow, looking for survivors.

Policeman 1: (stops digging) Hey, I found something!

Three policemen rush over to the first guy. They look and see two hands latched on together.

Policeman 2: What should we do?

Policeman 1: Maybe we should dig…

Policeman 4: Yeah, I’ll get a shovel!

Policeman 3: I’ll get one too!

All four policemen start digging near the hands. Suddenly, Mary’s head is visible. The second policeman checks her pulse.

Policeman 2: She’s dead. Let’s check out the other hand.

Policeman 1: (stops digging) Here’s the second one. It’s a guy, and he’s still alive.

Policeman 3: (yelling over to the ambulances) We need a stretcher for a 20-year-old male, stat!

Two doctors comply and quickly rush over to James. With help, they get him out of the snow, and get him into an ambulance. The ambulance quickly drives away towards the Pallet Medical Center. Just as that happens, a hand pops out of the snow.

Boy’s voice: (muffled) Hey, help me!

Policeman 4: Dig men, dig!

The four policemen free the boy. It is, of course, Ash, and he’s gasping for air.

Policeman 1: (kneels next to Ash) Are you okay little boy?

Ash: (still breathing hard) Yes… have you found the redheaded girl?

Policeman 2: (shakes his head) No, not yet.

Ash: (panics) You need to find her! She’s my best friend in the world!

Policeman 1: Calm down son. We’ll try. Do you know where she might be?

Ash: (closes his eyes) I remember us grabbing hands… then when the snow shook the cabin again she flew to my right… so… (points to a spot over on the ground) she must be over there!

Policeman 3: O.K. guys, let’s dig!

The four policemen dig really fast, and, sure enough, Misty’s red hair is visible from above. The policemen pull her out, and she gasps for air.

Ash: (sits next to Misty) Misty, are you okay?

Misty: (starts to cry) No! (hugs Ash)

As Ash tries to comfort Misty, the cops look around on the ground.

Ash: (rubs Misty’s back) It’s okay… (blushes)

Misty: (laughs) You’ve done this once before Ash… what are we gonna do now?

Ash: (let’s go of Misty) What I should have done in the first place.

Ash then kisses Misty on the lips. Misty is in total shock, but she recovers and kisses back. The cops all blush a deep red.

Policeman 5: (gets out of car) Come on you guys, you need to find the others!

Policemen 1-4: (stand at attention) Right!

The four policemen rush around, attempting to find Brock and Jessie. Ash and Misty stop kissing and Misty starts to laugh again.

Ash: What’s so funny now?

Misty: (laughing) I always thought when the day came we would kiss, that I’D start the first kiss…

Ash: (chuckles) Well that’s what you get for thinking.

Misty: Anyway, what I think we need to do is help the cops rescue the others, right Ash? (smiles)

Ash: Oh geez that’s right! (grabs a pokeball) Charizard, go!

Ash throws his pokeball and Charizard comes out. The officers back away from the area where the cabin is buried.

Ash: Charizard, melt away the snow with Flame-thrower!

Charizard uses his flame-thrower attack. It melts away most of the snow, and reveals Brock, barely breathing and Jessie, in a similar condition.

Policeman 3: More stretchers, we have two here!

More doctors rush in and take away Jessie and Brock, and drive away. Ash and Misty fall over anime style.

Ash: (weakly) That was… quick.

Misty: Ash… where’s Scott?

Scott: Behind you.

Ash and Misty turn around. Scott is standing there, and he looks really angry. (If you’ve read my previous parts you’d know why.)

Scott: I can’t believe you’d rather want that then me, Misty…

Misty: Well Scott… believe it. (puts arm around Ash) I wouldn’t let Ash go even if he tried.

Ash: (sweatdrops) Yeah… (regains his pride) So go on home!

Scott: (grabs a pokeball) Not until you fight me! Go Golem, Onix!

Scott’s pokemon come out. Ash just folds his arms.

Ash: I don’t want to battle you, Scott.

Scott: Fine then. I guess I’ll keep this then.

Scott then takes out a small cage. Inside is Pikachu. When it sees Ash is starts to go crazy.


Ash: (growls) You better let Pikachu go NOW!

Scott: (does the eye and tongue thing) Nya-nya.

Ash: FINE! (grabs a pokeball) Squirtle, go!

Ash throws the pokeballs. Out comes Squirtle. Charizard walks up and joins the battle.

Scott: Golem, Rock Throw. Onix, bind that little turtle.

Onix wraps around Squirtle while Golem flies into Charizard. Charizard is sent flying backwards.

Ash: Squirtle, water gun!

Squirtle uses his water gun and hits Onix, weakening it enough for Charizard to use-

Ash: Fire Blast!

The weird shaped fire blast flies at Onix and make sit faint. Squirtle and Charizard are almost down for the count.

Scott: (growls) Golem use your new attack!

Ash: (sarcastically) Oh, I can’t wait to see this.

Golem suddenly sparks and fire consumes its outer shell. It rolls into Charizard, knocking it out.

Ash: SQUIRTLE, HYDRO PUMP! Use all your water reserves!

The tiny turtle squirts with all its might and the water blast literally knocks Golem into Scott, and it sends him…

Scott: …blasting off again! (ding)

Later, Ash and Misty are visiting the hospital. Ash and Misty are patiently waiting in the waiting room. Well, not exactly.

Nurse: (walks into the room) Uh… (clears her throat) Ahem.

Ash and Misty stop kissing. They both blush a deep red.

Nurse: You can see the kid named Brock now.

Ash and Misty both walk into the hallway and find Brock’s room. They walk inside, holding hands.

Narrator: Well, after just barely avoiding disaster, our heroes have finally told each other the truth. Now things are better than ever. With a little time to heat they’re wounds, the trio will be continuing they’re quest soon! Sadly, somebody won’t be coming back…

James is in his hospital bed. He just got the bad news of Mary’s passing. He’s just staring at the roof.

James: (thinking) She loved me. She didn’t even once yell at me. And now she’s gone. (sighs out-loud)




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