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Campout By The River


Narrator: On the last episode of Pokemon, Ash lost his friends after battling Team Rocket. Searching for them, he found a cabin, and inside was none other than Team Rocket, Brock and Misty. When Scott hit Misty, Ash exploded and attacked Team Rocket. When Arbok’s screech attack caused an avalanche on the cabin, the group was trapped inside the cabin. An earthquake caused the roof to collapse under the pressure of the snow, but the police saved the day for everybody but one person- Mary. Now, it’s weeks later, and Brock and Team Rocket have healed. But something else has happened- Ash and Misty have finally told each other how they feel about one another. But, is the trio finally save?

James: Over my dead body.

James Introducing Title: Revenge For Me!

Jessie comes on screen and hits James. He falls to the ground in pain.

Jessie: (angry) Say it right you fool!

James: O.K. O.K.

James Introducing Title: Camp-Out by the River!

Ash and the gang are walking down the path towards Viridian City, where Ash will battle for his 8th and final badge! Ash and Misty are holding hands, and Brock is poking fun at the young couple.

Brock: Are you two just the cutest thing?

Ash: Shut…

Brock: Ash & Misty, sitting’ in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes-

Misty finally explodes. She takes out her mallet and hits Brock square on the head. He falls to the ground.

Misty: (angry) Shut up Brock! We don’t need you’re pathetic comments right now!

Ash: (also angry) Yeah, be quiet! Anyway, we need to find a place to camp-out tonight. It’s getting dark.

Brock: (blushing) You two can share a sleeping bag and I’ll just hide behind a tree! How’s that?

Misty: (slyly) That’s just fine, Brock.

Ash giggles nervously as he hides the new bright red tone on his face. Brock starts to say another comment but Misty waves the mallet at him and he quickly shuts his mouth.

Brock: I… guess we’ll camp out over here.

Brock takes the two teens over to a nice, wide area of grass. They quickly set up camp. Meanwhile, James, Jessie, Meowth and Scott are watching the group.

James: That little twerp will pay for this… I will avenge Mary’s death!

Jessie once again smacks James with a paper fan. He almost falls out of the tree they’re watching the trio from.

Jessie: Is that all you ever think about?

Scott: Actually, technically Jessie’s Arbok caused the avalanche and the snow from the avalanche killed Mary… so if you’re angry at anybody, it should be Jessie.

Jessie: But if the pest hadn’t attacked us, we never would’ve had to attack the pest.

Meowth: (grimly) Nice save, Jessie.

Jessie uses the fan on Meowth, who falls out of the tree. Ash and the gang hear the noise from Meowth falling.

Ash: (yelling) Who’s out there?

Misty: Come on out Team Rocket!

Brock: Huh?

James: (from the tree) Rats, how did they know it was us?

Jessie: Because they heard YOU talking!

Meowth: (moans) Ohh, let’s just kill the brats and be done with it.

Ash & Misty: WHAT?

Hard rock starts to play on the background (somewhat similar to Team Rocket’s song from the Jigglypuff episode). Team Rocket releases they’re pokemon.

James: Go Gyarados!

Ash Misty & Brock: Gyarados?

James throws his pokeball into the pond next to the campsite. It comes out with a loud roar.

Jessie: Go Dragonair!

Ash: How did you guys get these pokemon?

Jessie throws her pokeball, and out comes a Dragonair. Jessie and James laugh menacingly.

Jessie: Ha! We called the boss and he issued us these pokemon!

James: And I’m gonna get my revenge now!

Scott: Go Golem!

Scott releases his Golem. Ash grabs his pokeball.

Misty: (grabs a pokeball) Go Starmie!

Brock: Go Vulpix!

Ash: Bulbasaur, go!

Ash, Brock and Misty release they’re pokemon. They get ready to battle. (Even I like this battle!)

James: Gyarados, Hyper Beam!

Gyarados builds up energy and quickly beams it at Bulbasaur, sending it into a tree, fainted.


Jessie: Dragonair, use your Wrap attack!

Dragonair wraps around Misty’s Starmie. It starts to lose energy.

Misty: (growls) Starmie, fly up and down, quick!

Starmie (taking Dragonair with it) flies into the air, and quickly dives to the ground. Dragonair hits most of the ground, and falls down, badly hurt but not out. Starmie isn’t as lucky, and faints.

Misty: Starmie, return! (returns Starmie)

Brock: Vulpix, Fire Spin!

Vulpix’s eye’s glow and it shoots out its funnel of flames at Dragonair. Dragonair can’t take the heat and falls down, out of the match. Jessie growls and returns it.

Scott: Golem, Tackle attack now!

Brock: Vulpix, dodge!

Golem rolls towards Vulpix, but Vulpix quickly dodges.

Brock: Now, use the Fire Blast attack!

Vulpix uses his Fire Blast attack. The attack bounces off of Golem and whacks Gyarados, making it faint. James is really angry and returns Gyarados.

Scott: Golem, Spark Roll!

Golem sparks and goes into flames again, and rolls into Vulpix. Vulpix is hit, and faints instantly.

Scott: (laughs) Ha ha! I LOVE that attack…

James: Let’s get them! (grabs another pokeball) Go Wheezing!

James lets out Wheezing. Misty latches onto Ash in fear.

Misty: Ash, what will we do now?

Ash: That’s it! Pikachu, go!

Pikachu: Pika pi chu! {Here we go!}

James: Wheezing, Smog attack!

Wheezing expels a huge wave of smog, covering the area.

James: Now Wheezing, A-Bomb!

Ash: What’s that?

Before Ash could react, Wheezing flies into him, sending him to the ground. Misty screams in fear.

Misty: ASH!

James: Ha ha! It’s short for Ash Bomb. Go Wheezing; keep attacking that little Mary killer!

Fire appears in Misty’s eyes. She grabs another one of her pokeballs.

Misty: (really p’d off) STARYU, GO!

Misty releases Staryu. James stands in shock.

James: Hey, no fair…


Staryu suddenly spins in the air. Water spurts out at Wheezing continually. It falls to the ground, defeated.

James: NO! Wheezing, return! (returns Wheezing) I didn’t want to have to use this… Go Deathhead!

Brock & Misty: Deathhead?

James releases the pokemon. It looks like a Marowak only it’s bone is on fire and it’s floating in the air and transparent like a ghost.

Ash: What’s that? (pulls out PokÚdex)

Dexter (a.k.a. voice of PokÚdex): Deathhead. This pokemon has the powers of Ground and Fire pokemon. It can literally destroy pokemon with one whack with its fire staff.

James: Deathhead, Fire Staff Boomerang attack!

Deathhead takes it’s staff and throws it at Staryu. It flies right into it, and hits Staryu directly. Staryu just bursts into flames and falls down. Misty runs to the pokemon.

Misty: (tears in eyes) Staryu… return. (returns Staryu) Ash, it’s up to you.

Ash: (growls) You’re gonna pay for this! (grabs a pokeball) Charizard, go!

Ash throws Charizard’s pokeball and out comes Charizard. It looks at Deathhead and growls loudly.

Ash: Charizard, Hyper Fire Beam!

Charizard builds up fire energy in its mouth and sends it into Deathhead. When the fire clears, Deathhead looks unaffected by the attack.

Ash: WHAT?

James: Deathhead can’t be beat. It’s all over boy. Just submit now and give us Pikachu… or else.

Brock: I’m sorry Ash, but you better do what he says.

Ash: (turns to Brock) WHAT DO YOU MEAN?

Brock: You can’t be a pokemon master if you’re dead!

Meowth: James? Maybe you should let them go.

James: (filled with rage) WHY?!?

Meowth: I don’t want to kill the three of them.

Jessie: Me neither.

Scott: I’d have to agree with Jessie and Meowth.

James: (sighs) But he killed Mary!

Jessie: (smacks James) No, he didn’t James! The snow did! You’re just so angry you’re gonna take it out on the twerp!

James looked at Jessie and the other one last time. He sighed deeply and grabbed Deathhead’s pokeball.

James: Deathhead, return. (returns Deathhead)

Ash: All right Charizard, now!

Charizard suddenly blasted Team Rocket with Flame-thrower. They go flying through the air.

James: I KNEW I should’ve killed them…

Jessie: Oh well. Still, it’s looks like…

Team Rocket: …Team Rocket is blasting off again! (ding)

Ash: Whew that was close!

Misty runs up and hugs Ash. He hugs her back.

Misty: Thank you Ash! (kisses Ash)

Brock: Jeez… go into the tree…

Ash sends Brock a warning look and he shuts up. Pikachu just walks up to Brock.

Pikachu: Pi, pika pikachu pi chu pika pikachu. {Hey, it’s better than them arguing.}

Brock: Good point Pikachu.

Narrator: With Team Rocket defeated, and Ash safe, the group changes and tucks into bed. Maybe James learned something today. Or maybe not.




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