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Earth Badge


Narrator: Last time, while Ash, Misty and Brock were camping out near a small pond, Team Rocket attacked them! James, attempting to get revenge, used all his pokemon, including Deathhead, attempting to kill Ash. After a small talk with the rest of his team, though, he recalled Deathhead. Ash defeated Team Rocket right after with Charizard’s flame-thrower attack. Now, Ash and the gang have arrived at Viridian City, where Ash plans to get his 8th and final badge!

Ash Introducing Title: Earth Badge!

Ash, Misty and Brock walk into the city limits. Ash has a very bright smile on his face as they walk into town.

Brock: Hey guys, where are we heading first?

Ash: I need to get my badge!

Misty: But Ash, I want some ice cream!

Brock: (puts hands on hips) And I want to check out the Pokemon Center!

Misty: (rolls eyes) Gee, I wonder why…

Ash: (whining) But I want to get my badge!

Misty: (grabs Ash’s hand) Too bad Ash. I want ice cream and YOU’RE treating me to some.

Misty then drags Ash off as he whines about getting his badge. Pikachu just cocks his head at the couple.

Brock: (yelling at Misty) I’ll meet you guys at the gym later!

Misty: O.K. Brock!

Ash: Brock, help meeeeee!

Brock: (laughing) You picked her out Ash!

Ash: (sighs) He’s right about that…

Misty then drags him out of sight. Brock just turns to Pikachu.

Brock: Do you think Misty will be nice to Ash today?

Pikachu: Pika, pi… pika. {Well… evil, yes.}

Brock: Oh, but she won’t be mean to him?

Pikachu: Pika! Pi chu pika chu pika pikachu pika chu chu… {No! She’s gotta keep him alive today so he can win his badge…}

Brock: (eyebrows pop up) And?

Pikachu: Pika, pi chu pika. {And, she loves him.}

Brock: So, she always loved him. And she was mean to him then.

Pikachu: (smacks paw on forehead) Pika, chu pika pi chu pikachu… pika chu. {No, it isn’t the same now… it’s different.}

Brock: (sweatdrops and confused) How is it different?

Pikachu: (sighs) Pika chu pikachu. {I’ll tell ya later Brock.}

Brock just shrugs his shoulders and walks towards the Pokemon Center. Pikachu sighs and follows him.

Meanwhile, at the ice cream parlor, Ash was being NICE and treating his girlfriend to an ice cream. They both sit down at a table next to the window of the parlor.

Misty: So Ash, how are you gonna beat the Viridian City gym leader? I hear he has ground-type pokemon. (takes a scoop of her ice cream) The only pokemon you have that have an advantage against ground-types are Bulbasaur and Squirtle.

Ash: And what’s wrong with them?

Misty: Well, Bulbasaur is still a little weak…

Ash: (squints left eye at her) Weak?

Misty: (takes another scoop of ice cream) Yeah, and Squirtle can’t handle the job all by itself. I thought you might want to use one of my pokemon…

Ash: (starting to get angry) For your information Misty, my pokemon have always got the job done and they will again today!

Misty: (smiles) I know Ash. I just don’t want you to lose. You are my… friend after all.

Ash: (squints the other eye) You still have trouble saying it don’t you?

Misty: Saying what?

Ash: That I’m your boyfriend.

Misty: (sighs) Ash, we still haven’t decided what we are yet.

Ash: I was hoping that we were a little more than friends by now Misty… (stands up) but if we aren’t… (slaps some money on the table) then I guess I should be running to the gym.

Misty: Ash, don’t…

Ash: (turns around) You can enjoy the rest of your meal. I’ll be at the gym winning a badge.

Ash then walks away. Misty just sits there, wondering what just happened. When he walks out the door she slams her fist on the table.

Misty: (slams fist) Dang! (puts head on table) Why can’t I say it to him? I love him so much and I can’t even say… that he’s my boyfriend.

Misty just sits there at the table. Ash is standing outside, looking at the parlor. He stands there a few more seconds before turning around and leaving.

Brock, meanwhile, is at the pokemon center, drooling over Nurse Joy. Only this Nurse Joy… is, well… attracted to Brock.

Brock: (pretending to sound like an adult) So, she dragged him off to the ice cream parlor.

Nurse Joy: (giggles) Are they really that close?

Brock: Yep. (looks slyly at Nurse Joy) Just about as close as I want to be to you…

Nurse Joy giggles in delight. All the people in the center are pretending to barf.

Brock: (looks at the other people in the center) Maybe we should go somewhere more private Nurse Joy…

Nurse Joy: Sadly, I can’t till I get off work. I’ll meet you here at 9:30, O.K.?

Brock: (smiles) O.K.!

Brock walks out of the center. When he exits, he starts to jump outside, yelling and screaming in utter joy. Everyone in proximity to his squeals (about a one-mile radius) is staring at him awkwardly. He stops yelling and blushes.
Brock: (hand behind head) Hehe, sorry.

Then everyone goes back to they’re business. He starts to walk towards the gym when he realizes something was missing…

Brock: Oh geez, Pikachu is still back at the center!

Brock runs back towards the center, only to see Team Rocket floating away… with Pikachu.

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation!

James: To unite all peoples within our nation!

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love!

James: To extend our reach to the stars above!

Jessie: Jessie…

James: James…

Scott: And Scott!

Jessie: Team Rocket, we’re the triple threat tonight!

Scott: If you know what’s best you’ll surrender the fight!

Meowth: That’s right!

Brock: Come back here with Pikachu!

James: Ha ha! Like we’re that stupid.

Pikachu is constantly shocking, but the glass case is holding Pikachu’s shocks. Jessie, James, Scott and Meowth all laugh before floating away.

Brock: NO! (growls)

Team Rocket is now out of sight. Brock decides to hurry towards the gym to tell Ash.

Brock: He’ll probably kill me, but maybe he can find Pikachu and save it!

Brock then hurries off to the gym, where Ash is.

Ash, meanwhile, has gotten inside the gym, and is watching the other competitor. It turns out that Gary arrived on the same day, and he’s battling right now. Ash watches in curiosity.

Gym leader: Go Graveler!

The gym leader releases his pokemon. Gary takes out one of his pokeballs. He does his little kissy-thing to it.

Gary: Go Blastoise!

Ash: (shocked) Blastoise? Oh, Gary must’ve got a Squirtle back at Pallet Town when he started out!

Gym leader: Graveler, Rock Throw now!

Graveler flies into Blastoise, sending it backwards. It quickly recovers.

Gary: Blastoise, use your Hydro Pump!

The water-type sends a large beam of water at Graveler, knocking it out. The gym leader returns the pokemon and grabs another pokeball.

Gym leader: Go Nidoqueen! (throws the pokeball)

Nidoqueen comes out of its pokeball. Immediately, it charges at Blastoise, hitting it with its large horn. Blastoise faints by the impact.

Gary: (growls) Blastoise, return! (returns Blastoise) Alakazam, go!

Ash: Wow, an Alakazam!

Gary: (snidely) Too bad you can’t get one, Ash.

Ash growls at Gary’s rude remark. He then returns his attention to the battle.

Gym leader: Nidoqueen, use the Tail Swipe!

Nidoqueen turns around and smacks Alakazam to the ground. It keeps whacking its huge tail on Alakazam. Eventually, Alakazam faints.

Gary: WHAT? Alakazam, return! (returns Alakazam)

Gym leader: Too bad. (returns Nidoqueen) You lose.

Gary: NOOOOOOO!!!!!

Ash laughs like crazy. Gary gives Ash a dirty look, and gets off the battle platform. Ash stands up.

Ash: Hey, I’m you’re next challenge!

The gym leader gets off the platform and starts to walk away. He quickly turns to Ash.

Gym leader: We will battle in a few minutes. I need to do something first.

The gym leader then walks out of the arena. Ash sighs and sits back down.

Ash: I guess I just wait now.

Inside the gym halls, the gym leader walks inside his office and sits down. When he turns around, he reveals himself to be Giovanni, the head of Team Rocket. Suddenly, James, Jessie, Scott and Meowth come charging into the room with Pikachu in its cage.

Giovanni: What is the meaning of this?

Jessie: We have the Pikachu, sir!

James: We finally captured it!

Scott: And nobody knows where it is!

Meowth: I told ya we’d get it sooner or later, boss!

Giovanni grins evilly at the Pikachu. He then takes the cage.

Giovanni: Good work. I have a reward for the four of you.

The four thieves laugh and then stand at attention. Giovanni stands up.

Giovanni: You four are now the gym leaders of this gym for today. You’ll get a bigger promotion if you don’t lose once.

Jessie: Don’t you worry sir, nobody will beat us!

Giovanni: Since you guys captured it, I’ll give you the Pikachu to use for now.

James: But, it won’t obey our commands!

Giovanni: I’ll be right back.

Giovanni walks outside for a second, then comes back it. A bandage is on Pikachu’s forehead.

Giovanni: I have inserted the mind-control chip prototype into the Pikachu. It should obey your commands and nobody else’s.

Scott: Cool!

Giovanni: Now go. Some dumb-looking boy wants to be beaten out there.

Jessie James Scott & Meowth: Yes sir!

The four of them then run out into the gym arena. They quickly get on the gym platform.

Ash: (shocked) Team Rocket, what are you doing here?

Jessie: We’re the gym leaders! And we’re fighting you!

James: Let’s get it on!

Meowth (on the intercom): The challenger, Ash, is fighting against the gym leaders, Jessie, James and Scott. Four pokemon each! Let the battle commence!

Ash: (grabs a pokeball) Pidgeotto, I choose you!

Jessie: Arbok, go!

Ash and Jessie both release they’re pokemon. Ash laughs at Jessie.

Ash: You still have that Arbok? Pidgeotto, use your Drill Peck attack!

Pidgeotto flies into Arbok, and spins like a drill, sending it into the wall, knocking it out. Jessie growls as she returns Arbok.

James: Go Pikachu! (throws out a pokeball)

Out of the pokeball comes the Pikachu. Ash looks at the Pikachu for a second.

Ash: (angry) Hey that looks like mine!

Brock suddenly rushes into the gym. He’s panting very hard.

Brock: (panting) Ash! Team Rocket… they have Pikachu…

Ash: (angry) So that IS my Pikachu! Give it back now!

James: Sorry sucker, but he only listens to us now! Pikachu, Thunderbolt attack!

Pikachu sends its attack into Pidgeotto, knocking it out. Ash growls loudly.

Ash: (growls angrily) Pidgeotto, return! (returns Pidgeotto) Give me back Pikachu NOW.

Scott: Only if you can beat us!

Ash: Fine! Go Charizard! (throws Charizard’s pokeball)

When the pokeball lands, Charizard appears. Pikachu just stands there.

Ash: Charizard, Fire Blast!

Brock: Ash, no! You’ll kill Pikachu!

Ash: Not if I know my Pikachu!

Charizard launches its attack at Pikachu, and Pikachu dodges. It counters with a thundershock, which Charizard counters against with a Flame-thrower. The line of flames hits Pikachu and it falls down, barely hanging on.

James: Pikachu, try the Thunder attack!

Pikachu, using its last ounce of energy, launches a large bolt of electricity at Charizard, sending it into the platform Ash was standing on. Ash flies backwards and barely stays on the platform.

Brock: Ash!

Ash: (stands up) I’m okay. Charizard, return! (returns Charizard) Go Squirtle!

James: Return Pikachu! (returns Pikachu)

Scott: Go Onix! (throws a pokeball)

Out of the pokeballs come Squirtle and Onix. Ash is a little shocked.

Ash: You’re using an Onix?

Scott: (sweatdrops) Just attack already!

Ash: Squirtle, water gun!

Squirtle flies up and blasts Onix with the water gun attack. It falls down, quickly defeated.

James: That was fast, eh Scott?

Scott: Shut up James. (returns Onix)

James: Go Wheezing! (throws the pokeball)

James throws out the pokeball and Wheezing comes out. Ash smirks.

Ash: This is your fourth pokemon? Squirtle, Skull Bash now!

Squirtle dashes forward and smashes Wheezing with its head, sending Wheezing into James. James, with great skill (luck in my opinion) catches Wheezing. Sadly, as a last ditch effort, Wheezing explodes in James’s arms, sending Team Rocket…

Team Rocket: …blasting off again! (ding)

Suddenly, from the sky, a pokeball and another object fall down and land on the ground. Ash runs to see what it is.

Ash: (picks up the pokeball) Its Pikachu’s pokeball! (looks at the other object and picks it up) And an Earth Badge! All right! (does his pose) I won an Earth Badge!

Brock: But what about Pikachu?

Ash: You’re right. I’ll bring it to a pokemon center right away!

Ash then runs off towards the pokemon center. Brock follows close behind.

At the pokemon center, Pikachu has just been moved from the Intensive Care ward to the main rooms. Ash has finally been permitted to visit Pikachu. He quickly goes to Pikachu’s room and enters.

Ash: (happily) Pikachu!

Pikachu has a few tubes and things attached to it. Its head is a little swollen, but its ears perk up when it hears Ash.

Pikachu: Pika pi! {Ash!}

Ash walks up to Pikachu and gives it a hug, trying not to touch any of the tubes.

Pikachu: Pika pika chu! {I’m sorry Ash!}

Ash: (lets Pikachu go) It’s okay Pikachu. Somebody stuck a mind-control thing in your head. You didn’t know what you were doing.

Pikachu: Pika? Pikachu pika? {Ash? Where’s Misty?}

Ash: I don’t know Pikachu. We got in a little disagreement, and I feel kinda bad about it.

Pikachu: Pika chu pika. Pika chu. {Don’t tell me. Tell her.}

Pikachu then points behind Ash. Standing in the doorway was Misty, half-smiling and half-grinning.

Ash: Misty… I…

Misty: No Ash, I should apologize. I’m the one who couldn’t even call you my boyfriend.

Ash: (smiles and talks sarcastically) Wow, you said it Misty…

Misty: (sits down next to Ash) Very funny. Still Ash, I’m sorry.

Ash: I’m sorry too. (kisses Misty)

The two teens start to kiss but Pikachu clears its throat. (Wow, a Pikachu can do that?)
Pikachu: Pika chu pikachu pika, chu? {Can you guys make-out somewhere else, please?}

Ash: (laughs) O.K. Pikachu.

Misty: (grabs Ash’s hand) C’mon Ash. I’ll treat you to an ice cream.

Ash then laughs as him and Misty walk out of the room.

Narrator: Well, Pikachu has been rescued, Ash has made amends with Misty, and Brock has got a date with Nurse Joy! Ash even got his badge today! Maybe this was a good day after all… for some people.

The four TR members are hanging from a tree. Jessie hits James for the fourth time.

Jessie: You and that stupid Wheezing! Now we’re stuck in this tree!

James: I’m SORRY!




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