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Narrator: It’s a great day for our heroes. Ash just earned his Earth Badge in a fight against Team Rocket, and, he’s now ready to compete in the Pokemon League! But, will somebody sidetrack him?

Ash Introducing Title: Lily!

Ash and the group are all sitting outside on a bench. Misty is feeding Togepi and Ash is playing with Pikachu. Brock sighs knowing he won’t have to deal with any mushy stuff between Ash and Misty for awhile.

Ash: (pretending to be fighting with Pikachu) C’mon Pikachu, put ‘em up!

Pikachu: Pika pi, chu pikachu! {Ash, I don’t wanna hurt you!}

Misty: (holding Togepi) Here Togepi, some nice food!

Togepi: (happily) Togi! {Yay!)

As the trio is resting, a girl runs up to Ash.

Girl: (nervous) Hi…

Ash: (looks up) Huh? Who are you?

The girl standing before him is about a year older than him, with brown hair.

Girl: Hi, I’m Lily.

Ash: (shakes her hand) Hi Lily… um, may I ask why you’re here?

Lily: I was wondering if you were single…

Misty perks her head up.

Misty: (stands up) Um, no, he’s not…

Ash: Lily, meet my girlfriend, Misty.

Lily: (blushing) Oh, THIS is the girlfriend? (looks toward Ash) Oh please, I’m MUCH better than she is…

Ash: I guess you’re right… bye Misty! (grabs Lily’s hand and starts to walk away)

Misty: (really, really, really angry) WHAT?!?!?!?

After taking a few more steps forward, Lily and Ash stop walking and break out in laughter. Ash runs over to Misty.

Ash: (still laughing) I’m sorry Misty… I couldn’t help myself!

Lily: Don’t worry Misty, I’m one of his old friends. We were just playing an old trick we agreed we’d play on his first girlfriend when he was 5.

Misty: (cooling down) Oh really? (looks at Ash and points her finger) You are SO lucky I’m in a good mood… (grabs him) …or I’d have to kill you.

Misty and Ash then share a kiss. Brock groans behind them.

Brock: I ALMOST made it through the day without… THIS…

Pikachu: (sweatdrops) Pika… pika pi chu. {Brock… give it up.}

Lily: Well Ash, I’m glad you found somebody after all these years.

Ash: (breaks away from Misty) Yeah, me too.

Misty: (under her breath) Ha, he better say that… (out-loud) So Lily, you’ve known each other since he was…?

Lily: 3. I used to play over at his house with him, Amber and Jane. The four of us were best friends until we all lost touch. Amber just found me recently and said you guys were at Cinnabar Island, getting badges, so I knew you guys would have to come to get an Earth Badge.

Misty: Wow… that’s a long time!

Ash: Yep. We all promised we’d meet up again someday when we all had won 8 badges.

Lily: Well, I got my 8… and Amber and Jane are coming today to battle for they’re 8th badges…

Brock: That’s great! Now the three of you can reunite together again!

Ash: Um, Brock…

Lily: What is it Ash?

Misty: Yeah Ash?

Ash looks down at the ground in a sad manner.

Ash: (sadly) When Amber and Jane win they’re 8th badge, I have to leave you guys.

Misty and Brock both gasp in shock. Misty is the first to speak.

Misty: (still in shock) What do you mean Ash? I thought we were gonna stay together forever…

As if by magical cue, "Together Forever" starts to play in the background.

Singer: You’ve been such a good friend; I’ve known you since I don’t know when…

Ash: We made a pact that we’d go to the Indigo Plateau together to battle for the title of Pokemon Master.

Lily: I didn’t even remember that Ash…

Misty: (tears building up) But Ash… we…

Ash: (sniffles) I know Misty… but… I can’t break a promise…

Misty: (angry and sad) What about our promise? That we’d stay together forever and ever Ash? I thought you loved me!

Misty then breaks into tears and runs away from the group. Ash goes chasing after her, followed by Lily and Brock.

Singer: Always gone that extra mile; depended on you all the while; even in the good and bad times, you will see. From now until our journey’s end… you know you can always count on me…

Ash: (shouting) MISTY! Come back here!


Misty keeps running until she trips over a rock on the road, falling flat on face. Ash runs over to her.

Ash: Misty! (starts to pick her up) Are you okay?

Singer: No matter where our destiny leads; I’ll be there for you, always come through… and that you can believe…

The music then dies down, and Misty looks up at Ash. She moans.

Misty: Ash, I think I hurt my back…

Ash: By tripping over a rock? (sarcastically) And I thought I was clumsy…

Misty: (no tone) Shut up…

Brock and Lily run up to Ash and Misty. Brock bends over and examines Misty.

Brock: Hmm… I think she’s hurt Ash.

Ash: (angry) I can see that Brock!

Two female voices: Ash!

Ash jerks his head around and sees Amber and Jane standing there. Amber smacks him in the face.

Amber: (angry) How dare you hurt her! She was you’re best friend!

Ash: (his turn to be angry) I didn’t do this to her! Well, at least I don’t think so…

Misty: (no tone) Ash…

Ash looks down at Misty. They just stare at each other for a few seconds.

Misty: (no tone) Please get me to a hospital Ash.

Ash: (nods) I’ll try.

Ash then picks Misty up and runs toward the hospital at Viridian City, and Brock follows him.

At a small back alley in Viridian, three figures are standing around. Three girls then run into the alley.

Male 1: Did you decide?

The three girls turn out to be Lily, Amber and Jane.

Amber: Yes. We’ll help you.

Male 2: Good. I hope Lily told you what we’re doing?

Lily: Yes, I informed them.

Female: Then we’re all set. All you have to do now is wait for the girl to get to the hospital.

Jane: And then we start?

Male 1: Yes. Then we start.

Amber & Lily: Roger!

The three girls then run out of the alley. The three shrouded figures then snicker.

Narrator: Who are these three people? What will happen now? And where is Team Rocket? Find out in part 18 of "The Lost Episodes"!




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