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Ash Introducing Title: Splits!

Ash is sitting beside Misty’s bed inside the Viridian Hospital. Pikachu and Togepi are elsewhere, and Brock is ‘talking’ to Nurse Joy. Ash grabs his hat and takes it off. Misty, at the moment, is sleeping.

Ash: (thinking) I shouldn’t have told Misty about the agreement I made with Amber, Jane and Lily. Now she’s hurt and I can’t do anything about it. (out-loud, but quietly) I’m sorry Misty… I’ll always love you… but, I made a promise to them too.

Ash then smiles at Misty. He gives her a light peck on the forehead, then walks out of the room. Misty wakes up when he leaves.

Misty: (confused) Wha… where am I? (closes eyes) I was with Ash… we were at a bench… that girl… she was his friend… (opens eyes wide) THE PROMISE!

Misty tries to get out of the bed, but yelps in pain when she moves. Ash comes running (very fast) into the room when he hears her.

Ash: (opens the door and rushes in) Misty, are you O.K?

Misty: (still wincing in pain) No… my back is really sore! Ow!

Ash: (closes the door) Just lay back down.

Misty carefully lays her body back on the bed, and sighs. Ash sits down next to Misty.

Misty: Ash… why did you make that promise?

Ash: We we’re the best of friends, Misty. It was hard to make good friends in such a small town.

Misty: You’d think it’d be easier… since everybody knew everybody…

Ash: Yeah, and everybody also knew Gary.

Misty: Oh… he was a big-shot back then too?

Ash: Yep. And he made sure that I didn’t get many friends… and most of the friends I did get he quickly took away.

Misty: So how did you meet Amber, Jane and Lily?

Ash: Well, when I was really bored, I’d go to the dock near my house. One day, these three girls came up to me. I was at the age where it didn’t matter if girls had cooties or anything… a person was a person.

Misty: So you guys became friends?

Ash: Yeah, and when Gary found out, he tried to take them away from me. But Amber, Jane and Lily found him disgusting. So, I kept the three of them as friends.

Misty: What about when the ‘cootie’ age set in?

Ash: By then I had already known them for 2 years. I didn’t care. (blushes) The other girls had cooties, though…

Misty: (sweatdrops) Oh god…

Ash: So, when we all became ten, we all made a promise- and singed a paper- saying when we all had 8 badges, we would head for the Pokemon League, together.

Misty: I know. All know you have 8 and so does Lily.

Ash: Yep. And Amber and Jane are probably battling right now.

Ash and Misty are silent for a moment. Misty then speaks up.

Misty: So, you’re gonna leave?

Ash: Only until I win at the league, which won’t take too long…

Misty: (sweatdrop) So, you really think you’re gonna win?

Ash: Quickly and easily, (grabs Misty’s hand) so I can get back to you.

Misty blushes and gives Ash a kiss. Now it’s Ash’s turn to blush.

Misty: Well, I can’t hold you back Ash… but I’m gonna miss you… a lot.

Ash: Don’t worry. Once I win at the league, I’ll find you.

Misty: (narrows eyes) Well, that won’t be too hard… I’m kinda DISABLED…

Ash: Oh… hehe, sorry about that…

Misty: It’s okay Ashy… I just wish I could come with you and you’re friends…

Ash: Just as long as you watch me win at the league… then I’ll be happy.

Misty: I’m sure they’ll let me get a TV in here.

Ash smiles. He then lets go of Misty’s hand and stands up, and walks toward the door.

Misty: Where are you going Ash?

Ash: (turns around) I’m gonna find Lily, Amber and Jane and get ready to leave. I’ll be back to say goodbye.

Misty then nods. Ash walks out of the room, and shuts the door behind him.

Narrator: Well, Ash is finally leaving the group. Misty will watch him on the TV, but will she miss him? I think we all know the awnser to THAT… see you next season!




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