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It’s finally happened! "Pokemon- The Lost Episodes" has broken down into two fanfics. This fanfic focuses on Ash and his friends. It’ll be great! (I hope.) Here are the characters ages for new readers-

Ash- 12 / Amber- 12 / Jane- 12 / Lily- 13

And now, on with the sequel


Looking Back


Narrator: Last time, on "Pokemon- The Lost Episodes"…

Ash: (groggily) Ow, my head… what happened?

Misty: (smiles) It’s okay. We’re in the cabin.

Ash: That’s good to know. Why are we still here?

Brock: Let me tackle this one Misty.

Misty: Fine Brock.

Brock: Ash, do you remember the giant wave that was coming towards us?

Ash: Oh yeah, the wave of snow…

Brock: When it hit the cabin it shook it like crazy, and you landed on your head. It also covered the whole cabin with snow.

Ash: (gasps in horror) Is there a way out?

Brock: (shakes his head) No, and I’m afraid that’s the least of our worries.

Ash: Huh?

Jessie: The cabin has only a limited amount of oxygen. With 7 people inside, it’ll take another hour or so for the cabin to run out of air.

Ash: Well, what do we do?

Misty: We can’t do anything, Ash. We’re trapped. (snuggles close to him) And I’m cold.

Ash: (wraps his arms around Misty) It’ll be o.k. Misty… I think.

Brock: Eww, mushy stuff…

Ash & Misty: SHUT UP, BROCK!

Brock: (backs away) O.K, o.k…

Ash: Misty, there’s something I need to tell you.

Misty: (smiles) What is it Ash?

Ash: (thinking) How should I tell her that I love her? Maybe ‘I love you’…? No, too used. I got it! ‘I think I’m in love with you!’ Perfect! (out-loud) Misty, I think I’m-

Suddenly, the floor beneath them starts to rumble. Everyone yells the same thing-


Jessie: The cabin roof is collapsing!

Misty: We’re gonna die!

Ash: NO!

The cabin roof suddenly gives way. All the snow falls through the roof. Misty grabs onto Ash and Mary does the same with James as everything goes black (or should I say white?).

Its many hours later. Policemen, ambulances, and fire trucks have arrived on the scene. They search through the snow, looking for survivors.

Policeman 1: (stops digging) Hey, I found something!

Three policemen rush over to the first guy. They look and see two hands latched on together.

Policeman 2: What should we do?

Policeman 1: Maybe we should dig…

Policeman 4: Yeah, I’ll get a shovel!

Policeman 3: I’ll get one too!

All four policemen start digging near the hands. Suddenly, Mary’s head is visible. The second policeman checks her pulse.

Policeman 2: She’s dead. Let’s check out the other hand.

Policeman 1: (stops digging) Here’s the second one. It’s a guy, and he’s still alive.

Policeman 3: (yelling over to the ambulances) We need a stretcher for a 20-year-old male, stat!

Ash: (closes his eyes) I remember us grabbing hands… then when the snow shook the cabin again she flew to my right… so… (points to a spot over on the ground) she must be over there!

Policeman 3: O.K. guys, let’s dig!

The four policemen dig really fast, and, sure enough, Misty’s red hair is visible from above. The policemen pull her out, and she gasps for air.

Ash: (sits next to Misty) Misty, are you okay?

Misty: (starts to cry) No! (hugs Ash)

As Ash tries to comfort Misty, the cops look around on the ground.

Ash: (rubs Misty’s back) It’s okay… (blushes)

Misty: (laughs) You’ve done this once before Ash… what are we gonna do now?

Ash: (let’s go of Misty) What I should have done in the first place.

Ash then kisses Misty on the lips. Misty is in total shock, but she recovers and kisses back. The cops all blush a deep red.

Policeman 5: (gets out of car) Come on you guys, you need to find the others!

Policemen 1-4: (stand at attention) Right!

The four policemen rush around, attempting to find Brock and Jessie. Ash and Misty stop kissing and Misty starts to laugh again.

Ash: What’s so funny now?

Misty: (laughing) I always thought when the day came we would kiss, that I’D start the first kiss…

Ash: (chuckles) Well that’s what you get for thinking.

They both sit down at a table next to the window of the parlor.

Misty: So Ash, how are you gonna beat the Viridian City gym leader? I hear he has ground-type pokemon. (takes a scoop of her ice cream) The only pokemon you have that have an advantage against ground-types are Bulbasaur and Squirtle.

Ash: And what’s wrong with them?

Misty: Well, Bulbasaur is still a little weak…

Ash: (squints left eye at her) Weak?

Misty: (takes another scoop of ice cream) Yeah, and Squirtle can’t handle the job all by itself. I thought you might want to use one of my pokemon…

Ash: (starting to get angry) For your information Misty, my pokemon have always got the job done and they will again today!

Misty: (smiles) I know Ash. I just don’t want you to lose. You are my… friend after all.

Ash: (squints the other eye) You still have trouble saying it don’t you?

Misty: Saying what?

Ash: That I’m your boyfriend.

Misty: (sighs) Ash, we still haven’t decided what we are yet.

Ash: I was hoping that we were a little more than friends by now Misty… (stands up) but if we aren’t… (slaps some money on the table) then I guess I should be running to the gym.

Misty: Ash, don’t…

Ash: (turns around) You can enjoy the rest of your meal. I’ll be at the gym winning a badge.

Ash then walks away. Misty just sits there, wondering what just happened.

As the trio is resting, a girl runs up to Ash.

Girl: (nervous) Hi…

Ash: (looks up) Huh? Who are you?

The girl standing before him is about a year older than him, with brown hair.

Girl: Hi, I’m Lily.

Ash: (shakes her hand) Hi Lily… um, may I ask why you’re here?

Lily: I was wondering if you were single…

Misty perks her head up.

Misty: (stands up) Um, no, he’s not…

Ash: Lily, meet my girlfriend, Misty.

Lily: (blushing) Oh, THIS is the girlfriend? (looks toward Ash) Oh please, I’m MUCH better than she is…

Ash: I guess you’re right… bye Misty! (grabs Lily’s hand and starts to walk away)

Misty: (really, really, really angry) WHAT?!?!?!?

After taking a few more steps forward, Lily and Ash stop walking and break out in laughter. Ash runs over to Misty.

Ash: (still laughing) I’m sorry Misty… I couldn’t help myself!

Lily: Don’t worry Misty, I’m one of his old friends. We were just playing an old trick we agreed we’d play on his first girlfriend when he was 5.

Misty: (cooling down) Oh really? (looks at Ash and points her finger) You are SO lucky I’m in a good mood… (grabs him) …or I’d have to kill you.

Misty and Ash then share a kiss. Brock groans behind them.

Ash: (sadly) When Amber and Jane win they’re 8th badge, I have to leave you guys.

Misty and Brock both gasp in shock. Misty is the first to speak.

Misty: (still in shock) What do you mean Ash? I thought we were gonna stay together forever…

As if by magical cue, "Together Forever" starts to play in the background.

Singer: You’ve been such a good friend; I’ve known you since I don’t know when…

Ash: We made a pact that we’d go to the Indigo Plateau together to battle for the title of Pokemon Master.

Lily: I didn’t even remember that Ash…

Misty: (tears building up) But Ash… we…

Ash: (sniffles) I know Misty… but… I can’t break a promise…

Misty: (angry and sad) What about our promise? That we’d stay together forever and ever Ash? I thought you loved me!

Misty then breaks into tears and runs away from the group. Ash goes chasing after her, followed by Lily and Brock.

Misty: So, you’re gonna leave?

Ash: Only until I win at the league, which won’t take too long…

Misty: (sweatdrop) So, you really think you’re gonna win?

Ash: Quickly and easily, (grabs Misty’s hand) so I can get back to you.

Misty blushes and gives Ash a kiss. Now it’s Ash’s turn to blush.

Misty: Well, I can’t hold you back Ash… but I’m gonna miss you… a lot.

Ash: Don’t worry. Once I win at the league, I’ll find you.

Misty: (narrows eyes) Well, that won’t be too hard… I’m kinda DISABLED…

Ash: Oh… hehe, sorry about that…

Misty: It’s okay Ashy… I just wish I could come with you and you’re friends…

Ash: Just as long as you watch me win at the league… then I’ll be happy.

Misty: I’m sure they’ll let me get a TV in here.

Ash smiles. He then lets go of Misty’s hand and stands up, and walks toward the door.

Misty: Where are you going Ash?

Ash: (turns around) I’m gonna find Lily, Amber and Jane and get ready to leave. I’ll be back to say goodbye.

Misty then nods. Ash walks out of the room, and shuts the door behind him.

Narrator: And now…

Ash Introducing Title: Looking Back!

Ash is currently battling another trainer, with his new traveling companions, Amber, Jane and Lily watching.

Ash: (throws out a pokeball) Go Bulbasaur!

Trainer: (throws his pokeball) Go Graveler!

The two trainers release they’re pokemon. Ash growls.

Ash: This should be easy. Bulbasaur, Razor Leaf!

Bulbasaur launches a wave of leaves at Graveler. The leaves just bounce off of it.

Trainer: Ha! You think that can beat my Graveler? Graveler, Rock Throw now!

Graveler jumps up in the air and lands on Bulbasaur, sending it flying. Bulbasaur lands with a splat, and Ash runs up to it.

Ash: (grabs Bulbasaur) Bulbasaur, are you okay?

Bulbasaur: (weakly) Bulba… {Yeah…}

Ash: All right then. (grabs Bulbasaur’s pokeball) Bulbasaur, return!

Bulbasaur is returned into its pokeball. Ash grabs another one.

Ash: Squirtle, go!

Ash throws out Squirtle’s pokeball. Squirtle comes out, ready to battle.

Trainer: I have to beat up on this weakling now? All right then Graveler, use your Hyper Beam!

Ash: (shocked) Hyper Beam?

Pikachu: Pika?!? {What?!?}

Graveler places both of its hands together and builds up energy. Ash growls.

Amber: Ash, you’ve gotta do something! Hyper Beam’ll kill Squirtle!

Jane: Yeah, switch to Pikachu!

Ash: Not so fast. Squirtle, quick, run behind Graveler and use Water Gun!

Squirtle nods. Before Graveler can fire off the beam, Squirtle runs behind Graveler. It then launches off it’s Water Gun, causing the energy Graveler built up to explode, and Graveler to be sent flying to the ground.

Trainer: No! (growls) Graveler, return! (returns Graveler) Good job.

Ash: (returns hat to normal position) Thanks. You did a good job.

Squirtle: Squirt squirt! {I did too!}

Ash: (laughs) I know Squirtle. (grabs its pokeball) Return!

The beam of red energy went to Squirtle and sucked it back inside the pokeball.

Trainer: (waves goodbye) Good luck to you!

Ash: To you too friend!

The other trainer then walks away. Ash jumps for joy.

Ash: I won! All right!

Amber: Good job Ash!

Jane: Yeah, good job!

Narrator: So it looks like Ash is happy. But what about Misty… how is she holding up? Find out what happens for Misty in "Stuck With Brock", and be sure to come back here soon!




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