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Truth Or Dare


Narrator: Last time, Ash fought a trainer and won, with Amber, Jane and Lily right behind him. The trio has stopped to rest, and it’s time for a round of truth or dare!

Fanfic Date: Same Night as Part 19B Of "Stuck With Brock"

Ash Introducing Title: Truth Or Dare!

Ash, Amber, Jane and Lily are all next to a small river, sitting down by the fire.

Ash: So, what happened next?

Jane: Then he came up to me and said, ‘How would you like to go on a date with Gary Oak?’. I told him I’d rather eat a Caterpie. (laughs)

Amber, Ash and Lily all laugh with her. Jane then speaks up again.

Jane: All right Lily, truth or dare?

Lily: Uhh… (pauses) Dare.

Jane: (giggles) Hehe, let’s see now… I dare you to… pretend to be Misty!

Ash: Oh no…

Lily then stands up. She then clears her throat.

Lily: (imitating Misty) Oh Ash, my dearest, please give me your love! Oh!

Ash is a very bright red. He just hides his face with his hands as the others laugh.

Lily: (imitating Misty) Don’t you love me! I know you love meeeeeee! Please love ME!

Ash: (stands up) THAT’S ENOUGH Lily…

Lily falls over laughing. Amber and Jane join her.

Ash: Anyway, Misty doesn’t act like that!

Lily: Oh, be a good sport. Anyway, it’s time for you to choose truth or dare!

Ash: Umm… truth!

Lily: Do you think Misty is beautiful?

Ash: That’s a stupid question!

Lily: Is not!

Ash: Is too!

Lily: Is not!

Ash: Is too, and she is beautiful!

Lily: Is not, and she’s ugly!

Ash: (angry) What? Misty is not ugly! She the most beautiful girl on the planet!

Lily: More like the ugliest! I don’t see what you see in that scrawny dame!

Ash: DAME?!? You’re the ugly one, anyway…

Lily: No, you are!

Ash: You are!

Lily: You are!

During this whole time, Amber and Jane have both developed several sweatdrops. Amber finally decides to break it up.

Amber: (stands up and yells) BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP!

Ash and Lily both look at Amber. They giggle nervously and both sit down. Amber and Jane sigh in relief.

Ash: Well, it’s your turn Amber! Truth or dare?

Amber: Dare!

Ash thinks for a second, then laughs evilly.

Ash: I dare you to… act like an Eevee.

Amber gets down on all fours. She then makes the most perfect impression of an Eevee, making Jane, Ash and Lily to fall down laughing.

Amber: (imitating an Eevee) Vee? Vee!

Ash: (laughing) Ha! That’s really good Amber! How did you get so good acting as an Eevee?

Amber: They trained us at-

Lily, at that moment, flies through the air and covers Amber’s mouth. Lily giggles nervously.

Lily: At Prof. Oak’s. He’s the one who trained us.

Female voice: Like hell!

Ash, Amber, Jane and Lily all turn around to see…




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