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Battle For Pikachu


Narrator: Previously on "Stuck With Brock" and "At The Pokemon League"…

Later that night at Pewter City, Ash is walking through the park. It’s dark out, so little streetlights light the park. Pikachu is resting on his cap.

Ash: (yawns) Oh, I should go back to the hotel and get to bed. Let’s go Pikachu.

Female voice: I don’t think so.

Ash turns around, and gasps.

Ash: (shocked) It… can’t be…!

Two figures are standing there. It’s Cassidy and Butch.

Cassidy & Butch: Prepare for trouble and make it double!

Cassidy: To infect the world with devastation!

Butch: To blight all peoples in every nation!

Cassidy: To denounce the goodness of truth and love!

Butch: To extend our wrath to the stars above!

Cassidy: Cassidy…

Butch: And Butch.

Cassidy: Team Rocket, we circle the earth all day and night!

Butch: Surrender to us now, or you will surely lose the fight!

Cassidy & Butch: That’s right!

Raticate suddenly appears out of nowhere. It flies in front of Butch and Cassidy.

Raticate: Cate! {Yep!}

Ash: But… I thought you two were in jail…?

Butch: We got out on bail from the boss, and he gave us this assignment-

Cassidy: (points finger at Pikachu) To capture you’re Pikachu!

Ash: Well, you two can’t have him! He’s mine!

Cassidy: Oh please little boy, we’re not like those bumbling buffoons…

Butch: WE’LL actually get the job done right!

Pikachu finally wakes up. It looks at Butch and Cassidy, and then jumps into Ash’s arms. Ash grabs a pokeball.

Ash: Do you want to fight?

Cassidy: (grabs a ball from her pocket) Actually, no.

Cassidy then throws the ball from her pocket to the ground in front of Ash. Smoke comes out of it, and Ash falls down, fast asleep. Butch grabs the also-sleeping Pikachu.

Butch: That was TOO easy.

Cassidy: All I know is, when we return this pokemon to the boss, we’re gonna get promoted.

Butch: Let’s go!

Cassidy and Butch then laugh evilly as they walk away. They leave Ash laying they’re, asleep.

Misty: What happened to Pikachu?

Videophone: (voice of Ash) You remember Butch and Cassidy of Team Rocket?

Misty: I thought they were in jail?

Videophone: (voice of Ash) Yeah, that’s what I thought too… until they attacked me and stole Pikachu.

Misty: (gasps) Team Rocket has Pikachu?

Videophone: (voice of Ash) Yeah, but Butch and Cassidy are still in town.

Misty: How are you so sure?

Officer Jenny suddenly appears next to Ash. Brock blushes a deep red and John sweatdrops from Brock.

Videophone: (voice of Jenny) We’ve barricaded the whole town. Nobody is going in or out.

Brock: (snaps out of girl-dreamy mode) Why are you being so careful about a pokemon theft?

Videophone: (voice of Jenny) We heard about what happened to the Viridian City pokemon center a year back and if this Pikachu is captured by Team Rocket, then that could happen to any building anywhere on this island. (voice of Ash) So, we’re all trying to find them.

Misty: Well, you just be careful. If they hurt you I’ll have to go kill them.

Videophone: (voice of Ash, laughs) Ha, don’t you worry about me Mist. You just worry about getting better soon, O.K.?

Misty: (smiles) O.K. Bye!

Videophone: (voice of Ash) Bye! (hangs up)

Narrator: And now, the continuation.

Ash Introducing Title: Battle For Pikachu!

Ash is walking around Pewter City, searching for Pikachu. It’s nighttime again, and cops are still at the various exit points around the city, blocking all traffic in or out of Pewter.

Ash: I’ve just GOT to find Butch and Cassidy… and Pikachu.

Girl 1: Do you really want to find them?

Ash turns around. He gasps and backs away from the girl, who happens to be Amber.

Ash: (angry, but still shocked) What are YOU doing here?

Amber: (giggles) I’m here to help you Ash. (laughs) To help you help me.

Ash: What do you mean?

Amber: (steps closer to him) If Butch and Cassidy get that promotion, then I’ll be kicked off Team Rocket. If I help you find Pikachu, then they’ll never get it to the boss.

Ash: Do you know where they are?

Girl 2: Why would we be here if we didn’t?

Ash looks over to his left. Lily is standing there with her hips on her sides.

Amber: Anyway, if you help us… (fixes his vest in a seductive manner) then we’ll help you.

Ash: (pushes Amber away) I’ll help you, but if you EVER touch me again…

Amber: (giggles mischievously) What, you didn’t like it?

Lily: (teasingly) No, it’s just that only his girlfriend can touch him. He’s on a short leash.

Ash: (puts hands on head) Why does everybody keep saying that?

Amber: (giggles) Cause it’s true.

Ash: (defeated sigh) Anyway, are you gonna lead me to Butch and Cassidy or not?

Girl 3: Remember…

Ash turns to his right, and Jane is standing there, smiling.

Jane: …that’s all we’re doing.

Ash: (confused) Huh?

Amber: Ash, if Butch and Cassidy figure out we we’re in charge of shutting down the nabbing of Pikachu, then we’d be kicked off of Team Rocket for sure.

Jane: So, we’re gonna lead you to them. After that, you’re on your own.

Lily: (confused) Wait. I thought we were gonna use the ‘distraction’ on Butch?

Amber: (sighs) If you really want to, Lily.

Ash: What ‘distraction’?

Lily: (winks at Ash) You’ll see, short-leashed.

Ash moans at the name, but follows Amber, Jane, and Lily.

At a small apartment in Pewter, Butch and Cassidy are relaxing in chairs next to a small table with Pikachu in a glass-case. They both sigh in relaxation.

Butch: We sure put the snooze on that twerp, didn’t we?

Cassidy: We sure did! (laughs)

Suddenly, the phone rings. (It’s an old fashioned, ‘today’ phone, not a videophone.) Butch picks it up.

Butch: Hello? (listens for a second, then giggles mischievously) Really? (pauses)

Cassidy: Who’s on the phone?

Butch: (covers the mouth-end) Some majorly drunk teenage girl.

Cassidy: (narrows eyebrows) Doing what?

Butch: (laughs nervously) Oh, nothing special. (under his breath) For a drunk teenage girl, that is.

Cassidy: What?

Suddenly, the door to the room busts open. Butch and Cassidy both look at the ‘door smasher’.

Ash: Hello.

Cassidy: (shocked) Its-

Butch: (shocked) –the twerp!

Ash: (grabs a pokeball) You so are gonna pay for capturing Pikachu. Go Squirtle!

Ash throws out Squirtle’s pokeball, and Squirtle appears. Cassidy and Butch both grab they’re pokeballs.

Cassidy: Give them trouble Raticate! (throws the pokeball)

Butch: Make it double Hitmonchan! (throws the pokeball)

Butch and Cassidy both release they’re pokemon. Pikachu suddenly sees Ash (finally…).

Pikachu: (happily through the glass) Pika pi! {Ash!}

Ash: Squirtle, water gun NOW!

Squirtle launches a blast of water at Raticate, sending it through the window and onto the ground. Officer Jenny passes by and sees Raticate on the ground.

Officer Jenny: This is Team Rocket’s pokemon. (looks at the building) It came from the 2nd story! Let’s go!

Officer Jenny and a few occupying officers run inside the apartment complex.

Butch: Hitmonchan, Thunder Punch!

Hitmonchan launches an electric-punch right at Squirtle, shocking it and sending it to the ground, KO’ed. Butch laughs as Ash returns it.

Ash: (grabs a pokeball) Go Bulbasaur! (throws the pokeball)

Bulbasaur comes out of its pokeball. Cassidy is on the sidelines, cheering on Butch with little Team Rocket flags.

Butch: Hitmonchan, Fire Punch!

Ash: Quick Bulbasaur, use your Leech Seed to stop Hitmonchan!

Bulbasaur quickly launches its Leech Seed attack right as Hitmonchan jabs at Bulbasaur. The result- the seed sticks right into Hitmonchan’s glove, draining its energy. Butch yells in defeat.

Butch: No, Hitmonchan! (growls) Return! (returns Hitmonchan) I’ll just have to hurt you myself! (lunges at Ash)

Just as Ash ducks and waits to be beat up by Butch, four guns suddenly cock to Ash’s left. Butch, Cassidy and Ash all look to the left and see Officer Jenny and three other officers pointing they’re guns at Butch and Cassidy. They both gulp.

Officer Jenny: You’re under arrest for Pokemon theft. Put your hands up!

Butch & Cassidy: Oh…

Later, Ash is standing with Pikachu at his side. Officer Jenny is also standing next to him as Butch and Cassidy are carted off in a police car.

Officer Jenny: I’m glad you have you’re pokemon back, Ash. We can open up the roads in and out of Pewter City now.

Ash: I’m heading for Indigo Plateau. I hope you keep Butch and Cassidy in jail long enough for me to win my title.

Officer Jenny: (laughs) Don’t you worry about Team Rocket Ash.

Narrator: With his best friend back, Ash must now leave Pewter City, and move on to the Indigo Plateau, and the Pokemon League! Will he make it in time? Find out soon!




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