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Narrator: Last time on "At The Pokemon League" and "Stuck With Brock"…

At a small apartment in Pewter, Butch and Cassidy are relaxing in chairs next to a small table with Pikachu in a glass-case. They both sigh in relaxation.

Butch: We sure put the snooze on that twerp, didn’t we?

Cassidy: We sure did! (laughs)

Suddenly, the phone rings. (It’s an old fashioned, ‘today’ phone, not a videophone.) Butch picks it up.

Butch: Hello? (listens for a second, then giggles mischievously) Really? (pauses)

Cassidy: Who’s on the phone?

Butch: (covers the mouth-end) Some majorly drunk teenage girl.

Cassidy: (narrows eyebrows) Doing what?

Butch: (laughs nervously) Oh, nothing special. (under his breath) For a drunk teenage girl, that is.

Cassidy: What?

Suddenly, the door to the room busts open. Butch and Cassidy both look at the ‘door smasher’.

Ash: Hello.

Cassidy: (shocked) Its-

Butch: (shocked) –the twerp!

Ash: (grabs a pokeball) You so are gonna pay for capturing Pikachu. Go Squirtle!

Ash throws out Squirtle’s pokeball, and Squirtle appears. Cassidy and Butch both grab they’re pokeballs.

Cassidy: Give them trouble Raticate! (throws the pokeball)

Butch: Make it double Hitmonchan! (throws the pokeball)

Butch and Cassidy both release they’re pokemon. Pikachu suddenly sees Ash (finally…).

Pikachu: (happily through the glass) Pika pi! {Ash!}

Ash: Squirtle, water gun NOW!

Squirtle launches a blast of water at Raticate, sending it through the window and onto the ground. Officer Jenny passes by and sees Raticate on the ground.

Officer Jenny: This is Team Rocket’s pokemon. (looks at the building) It came from the 2nd story! Let’s go!

Officer Jenny and a few occupying officers run inside the apartment complex.

Butch: Hitmonchan, Thunder Punch!

Hitmonchan launches an electric-punch right at Squirtle, shocking it and sending it to the ground, KO’ed. Butch laughs as Ash returns it.

Ash: (grabs a pokeball) Go Bulbasaur! (throws the pokeball)

Bulbasaur comes out of its pokeball. Cassidy is on the sidelines, cheering on Butch with little Team Rocket flags.

Butch: Hitmonchan, Fire Punch!

Ash: Quick Bulbasaur, use your Leech Seed to stop Hitmonchan!

Bulbasaur quickly launches its Leech Seed attack right as Hitmonchan jabs at Bulbasaur. The result- the seed sticks right into Hitmonchan’s glove, draining its energy. Butch yells in defeat.

Butch: No, Hitmonchan! (growls) Return! (returns Hitmonchan) I’ll just have to hurt you myself! (lunges at Ash)

Just as Ash ducks and waits to be beat up by Butch, four guns suddenly cock to Ash’s left. Butch, Cassidy and Ash all look to the left and see Officer Jenny and three other officers pointing they’re guns at Butch and Cassidy. They both gulp.

Officer Jenny: You’re under arrest for Pokemon theft. Put your hands up!

Butch & Cassidy: Oh…

Later, Ash is standing with Pikachu at his side. Officer Jenny is also standing next to him as Butch and Cassidy are carted off in a police car.

Officer Jenny: I’m glad you have you’re pokemon back, Ash. We can open up the roads in and out of Pewter City now.

Ash: I’m heading for Indigo Plateau. I hope you keep Butch and Cassidy in jail long enough for me to win my title.

Officer Jenny: (laughs) Don’t you worry about Team Rocket Ash.

Misty: (happy) I didn’t know you were a pokemon trainer!

Brock: (laughs happily) Just as long as he saved us now… I’m happy.

Misty: (hugs John) Oh John, how can I repay you?

John: (blushing and in shock) Uh… (regains senses) You can go with me to dinner tonight.

Misty then lets go of John. She gets ready to say something, but John anticipates it.

John: Just to celebrate your getting better. Nothing else.

Misty: (sighs) All right then. At 8:00.

John: Fine with me.

John then waves goodbye. Misty sighs again, then, with Brock’s help, makes her way back to her room inside the hospital.

Narrator: And now, the continuation.

Ash Introducing Title: Contact…?

Fanfic Date: 7:55 p.m., the day after Part 22B of "Stuck With Brock"

Narrator: Ash arrives in Helen Village, a small place right outside the main path to Indigo Plateau. With only a little bit longer to go, Ash decides to take a rest break at the hotel.

Ash is inside the hotel, checking in. Pikachu is resting on his cap.

Hotel Clerk: I hope you enjoy you’re stay Mr. Ketchum.

Ash: (laughs) I’m sure I will. Let’s go Pikachu.

Ash then walks toward the elevator. He presses a button, and the doors open. He walks inside the elevator. The doors start to close when suddenly…

Girl: Hey, hold the elevator!

Ash: Sure. (presses a button on the console, doors stop closing) Come on.

The girl walks inside the elevator. Ash looks over the girl. She’s wearing a pair of blue jeans, a neon green shirt, and has a purplish backpack. Her hair appears to be in a short ponytail, with the color of auburn. The girl smiles at Ash as the door closes.

Girl: Thanks for holding the elevator.

Ash: (smiles) It’s okay. I didn’t mind. What’s your name?

Girl: Karen Rosalie. What’s yours?

Ash: Ash Ketchum. (sees a pokébelt on Karen) Hey, are you a pokemon trainer?

Karen: Sure am. I’m gonna be competing in the Pokemon League in a day or so. What about you?

Ash: I’m a trainer, and I’ll be competing too.

Karen: (laughs) Well, I hope you don’t come across me. I’m pretty good.

Ash: I’m not too bad myself. But I doubt you’d be able to beat me.

Karen: (irritated) Is that so? Well, I challenge you to a match, Ash!

Ash: I’m game! Tomorrow morning, at 9:30 a.m.!

Karen: Fine!

Ash: Fine!

Both trainers fold they’re arms and lean against the wall. Pikachu luckily stays asleep. The elevator then stops and the doors open. Both Karen and Ash get out.

Ash: This is your floor too?

Karen: Yeah! I’m staying at 502. What about you?

Ash looks down at his key. He gulps when he sees the numbers.

Ash: 504. That’s the one next to yours.

Karen: (smirks and walks up to her room) Then I guess I’ll see you tomorrow morning then, hmm?

Ash: (walks up to his room) Yeah. Good night.

Karen: Good night.

Ash and Karen both walk into they’re rooms, and slam the doors behind them.

Inside Karen’s room, Karen walks into the bathroom with a stack of clothes and a few other things. She closes the door behind her and starts the shower. In a few minutes, she walks back out, dry and in her bedclothes. She quickly turns off the light and hops into bed.

Meanwhile, inside Ash’s room, Ash looks at the clock. It says 9:31.

Ash: (talking to himself) I hope she’s still awake. I’d hate to wake her up at this hour.

Ash picks up the hotel phone. After pressing a few random numbers, he finally dials the number at the hospital. He then gets transferred to Misty’s room. The phone rings a few times, and then Brock picks up.

Videophone: (voice of Brock) Hey Ash!

Ash: Hey Brocko! Where’s Misty?

Videophone: (voice of Brock, slyly) Checking up on your girlfriend, eh Ash?

Ash: (sweatdrops) Yes… now, where is she?

Videophone: (voice of Brock) She’s at dinner with John.

Ash: (curious) Who’s John?

Videophone: (voice of Brock) Just a boy who’s been helping out with Misty, that’s all.

Ash: (raises eyebrows) And why is she at dinner with him?

Videophone: (voice of Brock) Just a recovery dinner. Nothing you need to worry about Ash.

Ash: (sighs) Anyway, when will she be back?

Videophone: (voice of Brock) In an hour or two. I think you should get to bed Ash.

Ash: You’re right. I’ve got competition tomorrow. See you in the morn’ Brock!

Videophone: (voice of Brock) Good night! (hangs up)

Ash: (hangs up) Well, I hope she can make it to see the first round.

Ash then gets a few pieces of clothes and walks into the bathroom to get ready for bed.

Narrator: Well, with a new friend- or, competitor, I mean- Ash will be finally arriving at the Indigo Plateau tomorrow. But, will this new girl Karen join Team Rocket and double-cross Ash like the others?

Author: Do I really make that happen?

Narrator: Much too often.

Author: Sorry…

Narrator: Oh well.




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