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Narrator: Last time, Ash arrived at Helen Village, a small area near the Indigo Plateau. After a good night’s sleep, Ash must now head for Indigo Plateau. But first, he has a battle against Karen.

Ash Introducing Title: Roadblock!

Ash is outside of the hotel at a small open area in a park. Karen is on the other side of they’re small battlefield. A kid on the side rings the bell, signifying the beginning of the match.

Ash: (grabs a pokeball) Go Charizard! (throws pokeball)

Karen: (grabs a pokeball) Go Raichu! (throws pokeball)

Both pokeballs hit the ground and both pokemon come out. Karen is the first to attack.

Karen: Raichu, give Charizard a Thunderbolt!

Raichu charges up and sends a powerful electric blast at Charizard.

Ash: Charizard, Flame-thrower!

Charizard sends a stream of flames into the electric blast. Not only does the blast get hit and knocked out, but the flames keep moving and hit Raichu, who faints on impact. Karen gasps.

Karen: NO! (growls) Return Raichu! (returns Raichu and grabs another pokeball) Go Magnemite!

Karen throws out the pokeball, and Magnemite comes out.

Ash: (laughs) THAT’S your second pokemon? Ha! Charizard, Fire Blast attack!

Charizard sends a large bunch of flames at Magnemite. On impact, Magnemite goes flying into a tree, bounces off, and lands right in front of Karen. Obviously, Magnemite is KO’ed.

Boy on Sidelines: Ash wins!

Karen: (sighs) Magnemite, return. (returns Magnemite) Good battle Ash. I’ll see you at the Indigo Plateau. (starts to walk off)

Ash: Yeah.

Later, at the main entrance to Indigo Plateau, three girls suddenly appear. Pokeballs go flying. Lots of pokemon come out, and before long, a major pokemon roadblock is at the main gate. Lots of trainers try to defeat the pokemon, but nobody can seem to get through. The three girls laugh behind the roadblock.

Meanwhile, Ash is almost to the main gates. Suddenly, he sees the roadblock.

Ash: What the…

Suddenly, Karen runs up to him. A few trainers keep passing by.

Karen: Team Rocket has blocked the entrance to the stadium! We can’t get in or out!

Ash: (growls) Those girls are up to it again. We’ll have to beat them!

Karen: Ash, look. They have some huge Blastoise, an even bigger Venusaur, and some weird Marowak.

Ash: (gasps) That’s Deathhead! But James has…

Suddenly, six Team Rocket members jump from behind the pokemon. Ash and Karen both gasp.

Jessie, James & Scott: Prepare for trouble!

Amber, Jane & Lily: Make it double!

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation!

James: To unite all peoples within our nation!

Amber: To denounce the evils of truth and love!

Scott: To extend our reach to the stars above!

Jessie & Amber: Jessie and Amber…

James & Scott: James and Scott…

Jane & Lily: Jane and Lily!

Jane: Team Rocket, we’re the big trouble tonight!

Lily: If you know what’s best you’ll surrender the fight!

Meowth then jumps from behind the pokemon.

Meowth: That’s right!

Ash: Team Rocket! But… why are all of you together?

James: We figured it would be more evil.

Jane: Anyway, if we win, then we’ll all be Team Rocket champions!

Team Rocket: (laughs evilly)

Karen: (quietly to Ash) Ash… we’ll never beat them, even with all our pokemon put together.

Girl: Then maybe I could help.

Ash and Karen both turn around to reveal…




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