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Ages for new readers-

Misty- 12 / Brock- 16

Here we go!


Making Misty Happy


Narrator: It’s been a week since Ash left for the Pokemon League with Jane, Amber and Lily. Misty has finally healed up, and is walking down the path with Brock.

Brock Introducing Title: Making Misty Happy!

Misty and Brock are walking outside. Misty has a very depressed look on her face.

Brock: Hey Misty, don’t you want to go catch up with Ash? I’m sure he’d be glad to see you.

Misty: (depressed tone) No. He’s probably having fun with his friends.

Brock sighs. It’s been impossible to get Misty to even smile. Brock had summed up Misty’s condition-

Brock: (thinking) AWD- Ash Withdrawal Disease.

But there wasn’t anything he could do to make Misty happy. He sighed again as they kept walking.

On the side of the road, in the bushes, three people were watching the group.

Scott: I’m tired! Can’t we eat something?

James: Yeah Jessie, I’m hungry too!

Jessie got extremely angry and whacked both Scott and James with her trusty paper fan. The two hold they’re heads in pain.

Jessie: (irritated) Am I the only one who thinks that capturing pokemon is more important than food?!?

Scott & James: Yes.

Jessie whacks them both again. They once again groan in pain.

Jessie: Both of you be quiet! If the girl and her friend hear us, we’ll lose the element of surprise!

James: But we’re hungry! Let’s forget about capturing pokemon and capture some lunch!

Scott: Yeah!

Jessie whacks them both AGAIN. They both fall down.

Jessie: SHH! Now, when I say go, we ambush them!

Scott & James: Right!

Jessie: And… go!

The three of them spring out of the bush.

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation!

James: To unite-

Jessie, James and Scott look around. Misty and Brock are nowhere to be seen. The three TR members fall in stupidity.

Boy: Hey girl!

Misty turns around from walking and looks. A kid her age is standing there with two other boys.

Boy 2: (whistles) Wow, what a looker!

Boy 3: I’d sure like to get my hands on that!

Boy 1: C’mon men, let’s GET her!

As the three boys walk towards Misty, she backs away slowly. Brock then walks in front of the boys.

Brock: (angry) You three better back off now!

Boy 2: And why should we?

Misty: Because, I already have a boyfriend!

Boy 3: Big deal. We just want to play around…

Misty: You sick creeps! Don’t make me use my pokemon on you!

Boy 1: (baby voice) Oh gee, does the girl have some weak pokemon?

Brock: BACK OFF!

As Brock gets ready to beat the mortal… crud out of the three boys, Misty grabs Brock.

Misty: Brock… (winks at Brock) maybe I want to play.

Brock: Huh? Oh, right…

Boy 1: All right! Me first, me first!

The first boy runs up to Misty and starts to drag her behind a large rock. When the two are out of sight, a large whack sound is heard, followed by the boy falling from behind the rock, unconscious. Misty then walks out from behind the rock, with a smirk on her face.

Misty: Now, does anybody else want to play?

Boy 2 & 3: NO!

The two other boys grab the first boy and run off really fast, away from Brock and Misty. Brock and Misty then both laugh they’re heads off.

Misty: (laughing) Ha ha ha! That sure was worth it! Ha!

Brock: (laughing) It sure was!

Misty: (sighs) Oh, I needed that Brock. I’ve just been so sad lately, having Ash gone and all.

Brock: Well, if we hurry, we might be able to catch up to Ash, Amber, Jane and Lily in a day or so.

Misty: (very happy) Really? Let’s go!

Female voice: Not so fast.

Misty & Brock: Huh?

Misty and Brock both turn around. You can guess who’s there.

Jessie: Prepare for trouble!

James: And make it triple!

Misty: (gasps) Not Team Rocket!

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation!

James: To unite all peoples within our nation!

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love!

James: To extend our reach to the stars above!

Jessie: Jessie…

James: James…

Scott: And Scott!

Jessie: Team Rocket, we’re the triple threat tonight!

Scott: If you know what’s best you’ll surrender the fight!

James: That’s right!

Brock: Hey, shouldn’t Meowth say ‘That’s right’?

Jessie: (sweatdrop) Um… he’s busy somewhere else!

James: Actually, he’s taking care of the twe-

Jessie: (whacks James) Don’t give away all the secrets! The author can’t give away all this info yet!

Misty: What?

Scott: His ‘friends’ are working for us. And Meowth is helping them.

Brock: (gasps) You mean Amber, Jane and Lily are-

Misty: -members of Team Rocket?

James: That’s right! And now, to get you two before you tell the twerp! (grabs a pokeball) Go Wheezing!

Jessie: Go Arbok!

Scott: (grabs a pokeball) Golem, go!

Team Rocket sends out they’re pokemon. Misty and Brock both grab a pokeball.

Misty: You won’t win! Go Staryu!

Brock: Geodude, go!

Staryu and Geodude are both released. Scott grins.

Scott: Golem, Spark Roll, now!

Golem uses his spark roll and turns into a fireball, rolling into Geodude, knocking it out cold.

Brock: No!

Misty: Staryu, use your Water Gun on Golem!

Staryu’s water gun not only puts out the fire around Golem, it KOs it.

Misty: Great! Now, Double Edge!

Staryu flies through the air, and spins into Arbok and Wheezing. They both hit Jessie and James, which hit Scott, and send them…

Team Rocket: …blasting off again! (ding)

Misty: Well, at least they’re gone for now.

Brock: Yeah. Hey, we better hurry! Ash is traveling with that Amber, Jane and Lily!

Misty: You’re right! Let’s go!

Misty and Brock both rocket off towards the path that would hopefully lead to Ash.

Narrator: Well, with a new spirit, Misty and Brock now must find Ash, before it’s too late! Will they make it in time? Find put what happens in our next part of "Stuck With Brock"!




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