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The Fight of A Lifetime


Narrator: Last time, on "At The Pokemon League"…

Ash: Well, it’s your turn Amber! Truth or dare?

Amber: Dare!

Ash thinks for a second, then laughs evilly.

Ash: I dare you to… act like an Eevee.

Amber gets down on all fours. She then makes the most perfect impression of an Eevee, making Jane, Ash and Lily to fall down laughing.

Amber: (imitating an Eevee) Vee? Vee!

Ash: (laughing) Ha! That’s really good Amber! How did you get so good acting as an Eevee?

Amber: They trained us at-

Lily, at that moment, flies through the air and covers Amber’s mouth. Lily giggles nervously.

Lily: At Prof. Oak’s. He’s the one who trained us.

Female voice: Like hell!

Narrator: And now, the continuation on "Stuck With Brock"!

Ash Introducing Title: The Fight of A Lifetime!

Ash, Amber, Jane and Lily all turn around to see Misty standing there with Brock, both with angry looks on they’re faces.

Ash: (surprised) Misty?!?

Misty: (angry) That’s right! And I’ve come to take care of three little traitors!

Amber: Damn! How did you find out?

Misty: We had a run-in with Team Rocket today, and they told us- before we beat them.

Lily: Well, Ms. Scrawny, you’ll never beat us!

Jane: Yeah! (grabs a pokeball) Go Jigglypuff!

Lily: (grabs a pokeball) Go Dratini!

Amber: (grabs a pokeball) Ivysaur, I choose you!

Amber, Jane and Lily all throw they’re pokeballs, and they’re pokemon come out. Misty, Ash and Brock grab they’re pokeballs.

Brock: Vulpix, go!

Misty: Misty calls Starmie!

Ash: Squirtle, I choose you!

Brock, Misty and Ash all release Vulpix, Starmie and Squirtle. The three girls attack first.

Amber: Ivysaur, use your Vine Whip attack!

Ivysaur launches its Vine Whip at Squirtle, who jumps and dodges.

Ash: Squirtle, use Water Gun on Ivysaur!

Squirtle uses Water Gun, but when it hits Ivysaur, it just stands there, unaffected.

Ash: (shocked) What?

Amber: Sorry Ashy-boy, but water attacks won’t hurt Ivysaur!

Brock: But fire will! Vulpix, Flame-thrower!

Amber gasps as Vulpix shoots a stream of flames at Ivysaur, knocking it out. Amber returns Ivysaur and grabs another pokeball.

Lily: Dratini, wrap that Vulpix up!

Dratini flies over and wraps up Vulpix, squeezing its energy out.

Brock: Vulpix!

Misty: Starmie, use your Water Blast attack on Jigglypuff!

Ash: (confused) Water Blast?

Starmie jumps in the air, and points all five sides at Jigglypuff. Water comes blasting out of the sides, hitting Jigglypuff and sending it into a tree, KO’ing it.

Jane: Jigglypuff!

Brock: Vulpix, try to hang on!

But to no avail. Dratini’s wrap attack finally gets to Vulpix, and it faints. Brock recalls it.

Amber: Go Diglett! (throws Diglett’s pokeball)

Diglett comes out of the pokeball, and ducks underground. Ash laughs.

Ash: Ha! Water is super affective against Ground! Go Squirtle; use your Water Gun attack again on Diglett!

Squirtle tries to shoot Diglett, but it quickly ducks its head under ground each time Squirtle attacks. Amber laughs this time.

Amber: Diglett may be weak against Water-types, but it’s super fast! Diglett, Earthquake!

Ash & Misty: (grimly) Earthquake?

Diglett goes under ground again. The ground underneath Squirtle and Starmie starts to shake and Squirtle and Starmie fall down back-to-back.

Lily: Now Dratini, use your Hyper Beam!

Ash: No!

Dratini powers up and shoots off the beam, hitting both Squirtle and Starmie, KO’ing them both. Misty and Ash both quickly return they’re pokemon.

Misty: (quietly to Ash) What now Ash?

Ash: (quietly to Misty) I’ll have to use another pokemon.

Misty: But Ash, if you choose the wrong one and you lose, then we all lose!

Ash: (winks at Misty) Just trust me. (turns to Amber) All right Amber, you want to fight me?

Amber: Bring it on, WIMP.

Ash: (grabs a pokeball) Bulbasaur, I choose you! (throws the pokeball)

Ash throws out Bulbasaur and it comes out. Amber laughs.

Amber: Ha! You couldn’t even evolve it! This should be easy, Ashy-boy. Diglett, just dodge it for awhile.

Ash: We’ll just see about that. Bulbasaur, use your Leech Seed!

Bulbasaur launches its Leech Seed attack. The seed rockets at Diglett, hitting it right in the forehead, and the vines from the seed wrap around Diglett. Diglett squeals in pain as its energy is sucked up.

Amber: Diglett!

Ash: (laughs) Ha ha! Leech Seed was just too powerful for you, Amber!

Diglett finally faints, and the seed goes back to Bulbasaur. Amber growls and returns Diglett.

Amber: You might have won today Ash, but we’ll get you, even if I have to play dirty! (grabs a pokeball) Go Voltorb!

Amber releases Voltorb right it front of Ash and the gang. They all gasp.

Amber: (laughs evilly) Ha ha ha! Voltorb, EXPLOSION!

Voltorb then explodes, sending Ash, Misty, Brock and Bulbasaur flying into the distance. The three girls then run off the other direction, laughing.

Meanwhile, Ash, Misty and Brock finally land. They all groan as they get up, expect for Misty, who tries to get up but grabs her back. Ash runs to help her.

Misty: (yelping in pain) Ahh, my back is out again! OW!

Ash: (helps Misty to get up) Are you okay?

Misty: (quietly) No…

Ash: (looks into the sky and yells) If I EVER catch up with Amber, Jane and Lily, I’ll make them PAY for this!

Narrator: Well, with Misty’s back out again, it looks like Ash will have to leave without her, again. But, with so many Team Rocket members out there, who can say Ash will make it through the journey to Indigo Plateau alive? Keep reading and find out!




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