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Narrator: Previously on Pokemon…

At the hospital…

Misty hangs up the phone. She sighs and lies back in the bed.

Boy: Who was that?

Misty almost jumps in the bed. She turns around and looks at the boy.

Misty: It was Ash, my boyfriend.

Boy: Oh. (laughs nervously) Sorry, just curious.

The boy then walks out of the room. Misty lies back down in bed.

Misty: (sighs deeply, quietly) Oh Ash…

Narrator: And now, the continuation.

Misty Introducing Title: John!

It’s nighttime at the hospital, and Misty is sleeping in her bed. A young boy, about Misty’s age, is walking through the halls. A shade of light from a window in the hallway reveals himself to be the same boy from the hospital earlier. He finally reaches Misty’s room. He slowly creaks the door open, and pops his head in.

Boy: (thinking) She’s so cute when she’s sleeping. (looks down) But… she has a boyfriend… and I can’t just steal this girl away from this "Ash" kid, can I? (looks back up) No. I have to be her friend. She already told me about this "Scott" guy and he tried to steal her away. I’ll just be her friend that’s all. (sighs out-loud) Still, what I wouldn’t give to just hold her.

The boy sighs again, then slowly shuts the door.

That morning, Misty is being served breakfast by Brock. Togepi is resting in Misty’s bed.

Misty: So, did you find out more about John?

Brock: (sets the spoon down) That boy? No Misty, I didn’t. (raises an eyebrow) Why are you so curious?

Misty: I don’t know. He’s so nice and… perfect… but I can’t cheat on Ash. I love him.

Brock: So don’t.

Misty looks down and sighs. Brock raises the other eyebrow.

Brock: Oh no…

Misty: (looks up at Brock) Oh geez, I didn’t do anything with him!

Brock: Good, and let it stay that way. (starting to get irritated) You know, Ash is my friend too, and he would be CRUSHED if you did anything behind his back. Just like you would be.

Misty: (defensively) Brock, I told you I’m not cheating on Ash, and I don’t plan too!

Brock: (sighs) I know. I just don’t want you to throw away what you have with Ash. I mean, what kind of boyfriend calls you everyday?

Boy: One on a short leash.

Misty and Brock jerk they’re heads around. The boy (obviously John, if you figured that out by now) is standing there in the doorway. Brock laughs but Misty denies.

Misty: John, I do not have Ash call me everyday! He just does.

John: Do you like it?

Misty: (smiles) Of course. I think it’s sweet.

John: (thinking) Note to self- be sure to call her everyday if you ever get her as a girlfriend. (out-loud) Anyway, how are you doing today?

Misty: Pretty good, thanks to Brock and his soup here.

Brock: It’s my special recipe.

John: Cool, can I try some? (walks inside and shuts door)

Brock: Sure.

Brock then takes out a thermos and a small bowl. He opens the thermos and puts some soup in the bowl, and hands the bowl to John. John grabs a spoon and takes a sip of the soup. He coughs and sets the bowl back down.

John: No offense Brock, (coughs) but that stuff (coughs) is really thick. (coughs)

Misty: Well, I like it that way.

Just then, a phone rings in the room. Misty rolls over to pick it up.

Videophone: Ring ring ring, ring ring ring, phone call, phone call.

Misty: I hope its Ash. (pushes a button on the videophone)

An image of Ash appears on the screen. He looks beat up (if you read "At The Pokemon League" you’d know why) and tired. Misty’s face goes from a happy one to a worried one.

Misty: (worried) Hey, are you O.K.?

Videophone: (voice of Ash, weakly) Yeah, I’m fine… but Pikachu isn’t.

Misty: What happened to Pikachu?

Videophone: (voice of Ash) You remember Butch and Cassidy of Team Rocket?

Misty: I thought they were in jail?

Videophone: (voice of Ash) Yeah, that’s what I thought too… until they attacked me and stole Pikachu.

Misty: (gasps) Team Rocket has Pikachu?

Videophone: (voice of Ash) Yeah, but Butch and Cassidy are still in town.

Misty: How are you so sure?

Officer Jenny suddenly appears next to Ash. Brock blushes a deep red and John sweatdrops from Brock.

Videophone: (voice of Jenny) We’ve barricaded the whole town. Nobody is going in or out.

Brock: (snaps out of girl-dreamy mode) Why are you being so careful about a pokemon theft?

Videophone: (voice of Jenny) We heard about what happened to the Viridian City pokemon center a year back and if this Pikachu is captured by Team Rocket, then that could happen to any building anywhere on this island. (voice of Ash) So, we’re all trying to find them.

Misty: Well, you just be careful. If they hurt you I’ll have to go kill them.

Videophone: (voice of Ash, laughs) Ha, don’t you worry about me Mist. You just worry about getting better soon, O.K.?

Misty: (smiles) O.K. Bye!

Videophone: (voice of Ash) Bye! (hangs up)

Misty: (hangs up) Well, I hope they find Pikachu.

Brock: I’m pretty sure they will Misty. If Ash doesn’t find Pikachu he’ll go crazy.

John: (under his breath) That might not be such a bad thing…

Misty: What was that John?

John: (nervous) Nothing, nothing.

Narrator: Well, it looks like Ash has double the trouble! With John at Misty’s heels and Team Rocket, he might just GO crazy. Find out what happens next time!




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