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First Steps


Narrator: Last time on "Stuck With Brock" and "At The Pokemon League"…

Misty: So, did you find out more about John?

Brock: (sets the spoon down) That boy? No Misty, I didn’t. (raises an eyebrow) Why are you so curious?

Misty: I don’t know. He’s so nice and… perfect… but I can’t cheat on Ash. I love him.

Brock: So don’t.

Misty looks down and sighs. Brock raises the other eyebrow.

Brock: Oh no…

Misty: (looks up at Brock) Oh geez, I didn’t do anything with him!

Brock: Good, and let it stay that way. (starting to get irritated) You know, Ash is my friend too, and he would be CRUSHED if you did anything behind his back. Just like you would be.

Misty: (defensively) Brock, I told you I’m not cheating on Ash, and I don’t plan too!

Brock: (sighs) I know. I just don’t want you to throw away what you have with Ash. I mean, what kind of boyfriend calls you everyday?

Boy: One on a short leash.

Misty and Brock jerk they’re heads around. The boy (obviously John, if you figured that out by now) is standing there in the doorway. Brock laughs but Misty denies.

Misty: John, I do not have Ash call me everyday! He just does.

John: Do you like it?

Misty: (smiles) Of course. I think it’s sweet.

John: (thinking) Note to self- be sure to call her everyday if you ever get her as a girlfriend.

Videophone: (voice of Jenny) We’ve barricaded the whole town. Nobody is going in or out.

Brock: (snaps out of girl-dreamy mode) Why are you being so careful about a pokemon theft?

Videophone: (voice of Jenny) We heard about what happened to the Viridian City pokemon center a year back and if this Pikachu is captured by Team Rocket, then that could happen to any building anywhere on this island. (voice of Ash) So, we’re all trying to find them.

Misty: Well, you just be careful. If they hurt you I’ll have to go kill them.

Videophone: (voice of Ash, laughs) Ha, don’t you worry about me Mist. You just worry about getting better soon, O.K.?

Misty: (smiles) O.K. Bye!

Videophone: (voice of Ash) Bye! (hangs up)

Misty: (hangs up) Well, I hope they find Pikachu.

Brock: I’m pretty sure they will Misty. If Ash doesn’t find Pikachu he’ll go crazy.

John: (under his breath) That might not be such a bad thing…

Misty: What was that John?

John: (nervous) Nothing, nothing.

Later, Ash is standing with Pikachu at his side. Officer Jenny is also standing next to him as Butch and Cassidy are carted off in a police car.

Officer Jenny: I’m glad you have you’re pokemon back, Ash. We can open up the roads in and out of Pewter City now.

Ash: I’m heading for Indigo Plateau. I hope you keep Butch and Cassidy in jail long enough for me to win my title.

Officer Jenny: (laughs) Don’t you worry about Team Rocket Ash.

Narrator: And now, the continuation.

John Introducing Title: First Steps!

Misty is in her bed, with her feet dangling off the side. She’s has a smile on her face.

Misty: Finally, I can go outside. (stretches) It’s been a few days.

At that moment, John walks inside and shuts the door behind him. Misty greets him.

Misty: What’s up John?

John: (sits down next to Misty) Are you ready to go outside today?

Misty: I sure hope so. (smiles) The sooner I get better, the sooner I can catch up with Ash.

John: Yeah, about Ash…

Misty: Yeah?

John looks up at Misty. He sighs and gets his courage up.

John: Well, I think he-

Just before John can finish, Brock comes into the room. He stops talking and looks at Brock.

Brock: Hey Misty. It’s time for your little trip.

Misty: (happily) Yay! (stands up and grabs John’s hand) Let’s go!

Misty walks out with both Brock and John. John sighs from not being able to tell Misty what he wanted to say. The three of them then disappear.

Outside, in the hospital’s center garden, Misty is carefully walking around. She sighs in content as she walks outside for the first time in a few days. John and Brock both smile. But, above the trio, another trio is spying on them from the roof.

James: There she is! We’ll have to attack NOW.

Scott: What? When she’s with Brock? No, we should wait.

James: But if we wait too long, she’ll get away and by the time we get another chance, she’ll be back to full health. We can’t risk that.

Jessie: I’m shocked James. How did you develop such an intelligence in such a short period of time?

James: (does Ash’s pose) It’s E-Z. Ha!

Jessie gets a sweatdrop, but then whacks James with her paper fan. He falls down.

Jessie: Let’s just GO!

Jessie then flies off the roof. James and Scott follow suit. They all land just in front of Misty and the boys.

Misty: (shocked) What the…?

James: (pulls out a stereo) Let’s rap!

Jessie & Scott: Right!

James presses a button on the stereo. The background music from the first time they sung the song (on the episode "The Song of Jigglypuff") starts to play. Brock and Misty moan.

John: What the heck are they doing?

Jessie, James & Scott: (rapping) You know us as Team Rocket and we fight for what is wrong; we’re tired of our motto so we thought we’d try a song!

Jessie: Jessie-

James: James-

Scott: and Scott!

Jessie & James: At the speed of light; prepare to fight!

Scott: And you know its riiiiiight!

James: I am the handsome one…

Jessie: I’m the gorgeous one…

Scott: I’m doing what has got to be done…

Jessie, James & Scott: We get some things wrong but we rolling along!

The three of them form several stupid poses. Now Misty, John and Brock all have 50 sweatdrops apiece.

Jessie, James & Scott: We want to capture Pikachu; we hope to do it soon. And when we do we’ll be the new stars of this… cartoooooon!

The camera looks from Jessie, James and Scott’s feet and quickly dashes to they’re heads. The music then stops.

Brock: (grabs a pokeball) What do you three want?

Jessie: We want the girl’s pokemon- oh, and yours too.

James: (grabs a pokeball) And now, for your viewing pleasure, go Deathhead! (throws the pokeball)

Brock: Go Geodude! (throws the pokeball)

John: What’s a Deathhead?

Misty: It’s a genetic Pokemon Team Rocket made.

Deathhead and Geodude both come out. (For more info on Deathhead, see the part entitled "Camp-Out by The River".) James laughs.

James: That’s all you have? Deathhead, Fire Staff Blast!

Deathhead points its staff at Geodude. Suddenly, about 20 floating fire staffs appear next to Deathhead, and launch themselves at Geodude. All the staffs hit Geodude, and it faints easily.

Misty & John: (gasp) Ouch.

Brock: (shocked) Geodude! (growls) Return! (returns Geodude, and grabs another pokeball) Vulpix, go!

Brock throws out the pokeball, and Vulpix pops out.

Brock: Vulpix, Agility!

Vulpix’s eyes glow yellow. It then starts running REALLY FAST around Deathhead. James laughs again.

James: Please. Give me a break Brock! This won’t help you… here, let me slow you down… Deathhead, Staff Swipe!

Deathhead whacks its staff right onto Vulpix’s head with perfect precision, KO’ing it.

Brock: (yelling) NO!

Jessie: You can’t win. Just hand over all your pokemon and we’ll leave.

John: (steps up) Not on your life, slut.

Jessie: (gets those weird irritated spots on her head) WHAT… DID… HE… SAY?!? YOU’RE SO DEAD! James, kill him!

James: With pleasure.

John: (scoffs) I don’t think so. (grabs a pokeball) Go Blastoise! (throws a pokeball)

Misty: (quietly but shocked) He’s… a trainer?

James: That stupid Blastoise can’t beat me.

John: Just watch! Blastoise, Water Blast- but attack the staff!

Blastoise nods. It launches the attack at Deathhead’s staff. The staff gets extinguished. James growls.

John: Now, Charging Head Butt!

Blastoise goes running into Deathhead, sending it flying into a wall. With no attacks available (it can only use its staff), Deathhead was helpless.

Jessie: James, it can’t do anything! Return it before that Blastoise kills IT!

James: (sigh) Return Deathhead! (returns Deathhead) What now?

Scott: (grabs Jessie and James) We… run.

The three TR members go running off. John returns Blastoise.

Jessie, James & Scott: Looks like Team Rocket is running off again!

Team Rocket then disappears from sight. Misty and Brock both congratulate John.

Misty: (happy) I didn’t know you were a pokemon trainer!

Brock: (laughs happily) Just as long as he saved us now… I’m happy.

Misty: (hugs John) Oh John, how can I repay you?

John: (blushing and in shock) Uh… (regains senses) You can go with me to dinner tonight.

Misty then lets go of John. She gets ready to say something, but John anticipates it.

John: Just to celebrate your getting better. Nothing else.

Misty: (sighs) All right then. At 8:00.

John: Fine with me.

John then waves goodbye. Misty sighs again, then, with Brock’s help, makes her way back to her room inside the hospital.




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