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The Outing


Narrator: Last time on "At The Pokemon League" and "Stuck With Brock"…

Ash: (sees a Pokébelt on Karen) Hey, are you a pokemon trainer?

Karen: Sure am. I’m gonna be competing in the Pokemon League in a day or so. What about you?

Ash: I’m a trainer, and I’ll be competing too.

Karen: (laughs) Well, I hope you don’t come across me. I’m pretty good.

Ash: I’m not too bad myself. But I doubt you’d be able to beat me.

Karen: (irritated) Is that so? Well, I challenge you to a match, Ash!

Ash: I’m game! Tomorrow morning, at 9:30 a.m.!

Karen: Fine!

Ash: Fine!

Both trainers fold they’re arms and lean against the wall. Pikachu luckily stays asleep. The elevator then stops and the doors open. Both Karen and Ash get out.

Ash: This is your floor too?

Karen: Yeah! I’m staying at 502. What about you?

Ash looks down at his key. He gulps when he sees the numbers.

Ash: 504. That’s the one next to yours.

Karen: (smirks and walks up to her room) Then I guess I’ll see you tomorrow morning then, hmm?

Ash: (walks up to his room) Yeah. Good night.

Karen: Good night.

Ash and Karen both walk into they’re rooms, and slam the doors behind them.

Ash: where is she?

Videophone: (voice of Brock) She’s at dinner with John.

Ash: (curious) Who’s John?

Videophone: (voice of Brock) Just a boy who’s been helping out with Misty, that’s all.

Ash: (raises eyebrows) And why is she at dinner with him?

Videophone: (voice of Brock) Just a recovery dinner. Nothing you need to worry about Ash.

Ash: (sighs) Anyway, when will she be back?

Videophone: (voice of Brock) In an hour or two. I think you should get to bed Ash.

Ash: You’re right. I’ve got competition tomorrow. See you in the morn’ Brock!

Videophone: (voice of Brock) Good night! (hangs up)

Ash: (hangs up) Well, I hope she can make it to see the first round.

Misty: (happy) I didn’t know you were a pokemon trainer!

Brock: (laughs happily) Just as long as he saved us now… I’m happy.

Misty: (hugs John) Oh John, how can I repay you?

John: (blushing and in shock) Uh… (regains senses) You can go with me to dinner tonight.

Misty then lets go of John. She gets ready to say something, but John anticipates it.

John: Just to celebrate your getting better. Nothing else.

Misty: (sighs) All right then. At 8:00.

John: Fine with me.

John then waves goodbye. Misty sighs again, then, with Brock’s help, makes her way back to her room inside the hospital.

Narrator: And now, the continuation.

Misty Introducing Title: The Outing!

Fanfic Date: Same day as "Contact..." of "At The Pokemon League", at 7:45 p.m.

Misty is inside her room. She’s changed into some nice clothes for her ‘date’ with John. She looks once more around the room, as she is checking out after dinner.

Misty: (looks at the videophone) Maybe I should call Ash… nah. He’s probably at the Indigo Plateau by now…

Suddenly, somebody knocks at the door. Misty fixes her dress once again, and opens the door. John is standing there, wearing a tuxedo. Misty blushes.

Misty: John, you’re… wearing a tuxedo.

John: (smiling) Well, you’re wearing a dress, so… it’s only fair.

Misty smiles back at John.

Misty: (thinking) He’s so cute in that tuxedo… not as cute as Ash would be… (laughs in her thoughts) …Ash’d probably never wear a tuxedo…

John: (waving hand in front of Misty’s face) Misty? Hello, you in there?

Misty suddenly ‘wakes up’ and blushes.

Misty: (laughing nervously) Sorry, just got all wrapped up in my thoughts.

John: (sweatdrops) Sure… let’s go.

John then takes Misty’s hand and leaves with her. They both pass by Brock in the hallway, who looks at Misty sternly as they pass. Brock then walks into Misty’s room to finish packing her stuff, and the two teenagers walk out of the hospital.

Misty and John finally arrive at "The Seel" (a restaurant nearby the hospital).

Misty: Wow, this sure is a nice place.

Inside, the restaurant is like an eloquent ballroom, only smaller and without the dance floor. John then walks up to a small podium.

Worker at Podium: Do you have a reservation, sir?

John: Yes. Glinti at 8:15?

The worker looks at the small pad filled with reservations. He then looks back up at John.

Worker at Podium: One second Mr. Glinti. (walks away)

Misty: (from behind John) That’s your last name?

John turns around and faces Misty. He laughs in embarrassment.

John: That’s it.

Misty: (smiles and giggles) It’s okay John. I like it.

Misty then turns back around to wait. John turns and faces the podium.

John: (thinking) I hope she likes the name Misty Glinti then. (giggles in thoughts)

A few hours later, Misty and John are both sitting at the table. They’ve both finished and are talking to each other.

Misty: So that’s when it evolved into Blastoise?

John: Yep. It was really nice, since I ran into a rock-type trainer the next day. It was the same day my friend got attacked by a crazy-redhead.

Misty: By a crazy-redhead?

John: Yeah. My friends and me played a trick on the girl. She then took him behind the rock and beat him up.

Misty: (thinking) Could it… be?


Boy: Hey girl!

Misty turns around from walking and looks. A kid her age is standing there with two other boys.

Boy 2: (whistles) Wow, what a looker!

Boy 3: I’d sure like to get my hands on that!

Boy 1: C’mon men, let’s GET her!

As the three boys walk towards Misty, she backs away slowly. Brock then walks in front of the boys.

Brock: (angry) You three better back off now!

Boy 2: And why should we?

Misty: Because, I already have a boyfriend!

Boy 3: Big deal. We just want to play around…

Misty: You sick creeps! Don’t make me use my pokemon on you!

Boy 1: (baby voice) Oh gee, does the girl have some weak pokemon?

Brock: BACK OFF!

As Brock gets ready to beat the mortal… crud out of the three boys, Misty grabs Brock.

Misty: Brock… (winks at Brock) maybe I want to play.

Brock: Huh? Oh, right…

Boy 1: All right! Me first, me first!

The first boy runs up to Misty and starts to drag her behind a large rock. When the two are out of sight, a large whack sound is heard, followed by the boy falling from behind the rock, unconscious. Misty then walks out from behind the rock, with a smirk on her face.

Misty: Now, does anybody else want to play?

Boy 2 & 3: NO!

The two other boys grab the first boy and run off really fast, away from Brock and Misty. Brock and Misty then both laugh they’re heads off.

Misty: (laughing) Ha ha ha! That sure was worth it! Ha!

Brock: (laughing) It sure was!


Misty: By any chance did the girl already have a boyfriend?

John: (slowly realizing his mistake) Yes…

Misty: And did the girl threaten to attack with her pokemon?

John: (figured it out) Yeah… um, oops.

Misty: (suddenly angry) HOW DARE YOU!

Misty then slaps him right across the face, grabs her things and stomps out.

Random People: Ooo! That guy got SLAPPED! Beat up by a girl!

John just sits there in shock. The view fades out.

Back at the hospital, Brock has finished packing up Misty’s things. Misty, at this moment, rages into her room and lands on the bed.

Brock: Something go wrong Misty?

Misty: Yes. Remember those three boys that came about that one-day?

Brock: (still confused) Yes…

Misty: Well, it so happens that John was one of the three.

Brock: (shocked) Him? But then why would he treat you like this?

Misty: I’m not sure. Either he didn’t recognize me, or he was trying to make up for the incident. Anyway, we’re leaving tonight.

Brock: Why?

Misty: (smiles) So I can catch up to Ash before Round 1 of the Pokemon League games. I’ve gotta cheer him on- I promised him I would.

Brock: (smiles) All right then. We’re all ready to go- that is, after you change.

Misty then looks down at her clothes. She then sweatdrops.

Misty: Oh, I forgot I was wearing this.

Brock then falls over in stupidity. Misty runs out to change.

Narrator: Well, after ‘ridding’ themselves of John, Misty and Brock are now leaving to catch up to Ash. Will they make it in time? Find out next time in the last part of "Stuck With Brock"!




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