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Battle Royal


Narrator: Last time on "At the Pokemon League"…

Suddenly, he sees the roadblock.

Ash: What the…

Suddenly, Karen runs up to him. A few trainers keep passing by.

Karen: Team Rocket has blocked the entrance to the stadium! We can’t get in or out!

Ash: (growls) Those girls are up to it again. We’ll have to beat them!

Karen: Ash, look. They have some huge Blastoise, an even bigger Venusaur, and some weird Marowak.

Ash: (gasps) That’s Deathhead! But James has…

Suddenly, six Team Rocket members jump from behind the pokemon. Ash and Karen both gasp.

Jessie, James & Scott: Prepare for trouble!

Amber, Jane & Lily: Make it double!

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation!

James: To unite all peoples within our nation!

Amber: To denounce the evils of truth and love!

Scott: To extend our reach to the stars above!

Jessie & Amber: Jessie and Amber…

James & Scott: James and Scott…

Jane & Lily: Jane and Lily!

Jane: Team Rocket, we’re the big trouble tonight!

Lily: If you know what’s best you’ll surrender the fight!

Meowth then jumps from behind the pokemon.

Meowth: That’s right!

Ash: Team Rocket! But… why are all of you together?

James: We figured it would be more evil.

Jane: Anyway, if we win, then we’ll all be Team Rocket champions!

Team Rocket: (laughs evilly)

Karen: (quietly to Ash) Ash… we’ll never beat them, even with all our pokemon put together.

Girl: Then maybe I could help.

Narrator: And now, the final part of "Stuck With Brock".

Ash, Misty and Brock Introducing Title: Battle Royal!

Ash and Karen both turn around to reveal…

Ash: (surprised) Misty!

Karen: (confused) Who?

Misty: (narrows eyes) This isn’t what I think it is, is it?

Ash: (laughs nervously) No Misty, of course not… she’s just a friend.

Karen: (rolls eyes, under her breath) Like that’d ever happen.

Ash & Misty: (slightly angry) We heard that!

Jessie: Um, excuse me? We’re gonna hurt you now, K?

Brock: (runs up) Misty, I told you to slow down. (sees the other pokemon) Oh my…

Misty: (grabs a hold of Ash) What are those things Ash?

Ash: I don’t know… (grabs a pokeball) …but they’re still pokemon!

Brock: What? Are you crazy Ash? We can’t fight them!

Karen: But we have to. We can’t get through!

Misty & Brock: (grab they’re pokeballs) Fine.

Karen: (grabs a pokeball) Then let’s do it! Go Sandslash! (throws pokeball)

Misty: Go Starmie! (throws pokeball)

Ash: I choose you… Squirtle! (throws pokeball)

Brock: Geodude, go! (throws pokeball)

James: Get ready Deathhead!

Jessie: Venusaur, charge up!

Scott: Blastoise, get ready to rumble!

Amber, Jane & Lily: (grab they’re pokeballs) Pokemon, go! (throw pokeballs)

Ash, Misty, Brock and Karen’s pokemon come out, and Amber releases Ivysaur, Lily releases Dratini, and Jane sends out Clefairy. At that time, the main Pokemon Theme begins to play in the background.

Ash: Squirtle, Skull Bash!

Squirtle goes charging into Ivysaur, who goes flying backwards.

Jane: Clefairy, slap Squirtle around a bit!

As Clefairy starts to smack around Squirtle, Geodude pops up.

Brock: Geodude, Body Slam!

Geodude flies up and down onto Clefairy, scoring a KO. Jane growls and returns Clefairy.

Lily: Dratini, Hyper Beam!

Jessie: Blastoise, show that Squirtle a REAL skull bash!

Blastoise goes running towards Squirtle as Dratini charges up. Right before Blastoise hits Squirtle, Squirtle jumps over to the side. Dratini- at the very same moment- launches its Hyper Beam attack. The beam hits Blastoise, causing it to topple over, fainted. Falling down, Blastoise lands on Ivysaur and Dratini, knocking them both out. Blastoise, also knocked out, gets return along with Ivysaur and Dratini.

Ash: Everyone, get ready…

Karen: Get set…

Ash, Misty, Brock & Karen: GO!

At that moment, Squirtle uses Water Gun, Geodude uses Tackle, Sandslash uses Fury Swipes, and Starmie uses Swift. The combined attacks cause a large drain on Venusaur, who barely hangs on.

Ash: All right! Just one more time… (looks at all the pokemon) Huh?

All the pokemon are on the ground, tired. Everyone falls down anime style. They all return they’re pokemon.

Ash: Pikachu, go!

Pikachu: PIKA! {BYE!} (charges up)

Pikachu then launches a Thunder attack on Venusaur. The electric energy knocks out Venusaur, who gets returned.

Jessie: But we can’t lose!

James: It isn’t fair!

Ash: Pikachu, THUNDERBOLT!

Pikachu: Pika pikachu! {Bye Team Rocket!)

Pikachu then uses its Thunderbolt on Team Rocket, sending them…

Team Rocket: …BLASTING OFF AGAIN! (ding)

It’s an hour after the battle. Ash and the group are inside the Indigo Plateau village, at a restaurant, sitting at a table.

Karen: (stands up) Well, I better be off. I’ve gotta train a little more before the League games tomorrow.

Ash: (stands up) Hey, Karen…

Karen: Hmm?

Ash: (extends hand) Good luck.

Karen: (shakes Ash’s hand) Same to you, Ash.

Karen then walks outside. Ash sits back down.

Misty: (smiles) So, what happened while you were traveling?

Ash: Well…

Narrator: Well, tomorrow is the beginning of more than one event.

Author: What’s that?

Narrator: (shocked) You don’t know?

Author: Hey, I just write this stuff.

Narrator: (sweatdrops) Anyway, tomorrow starts the Pokemon League games… and, Season 2 of "The Lost Episodes"! Be sure to check back here tomorrow- it’s gonna be a heck of a time!




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