Tale of a Pikachu

by: Dana

   "Pika pi!" I yelled. I was so excited. Tomorrow I would get married to a
beautiful Pikachu! Her fur was so bright, her cheeks so pink, that pikachu
was so beautiful! The pikachu's name was Pika. Her mom and her were shopping
in Pika Mall for a dress. I, on the other hand, got a suit the day before and
was now ordering the flowers for the wedding. My friend, Kachu, was buying
the food. Oh yeah, my name is Pikachu. I have yellow fur and bright red
cheeks. Well, everyone knows what a pikachu looks like! I ordered the flowers
and put them up with the help of Kachu in the church. Kachu and I then set up
the food. It was 11:00 pm. Time to sleep!

   I woke up to the morning sun. Today was the day! I jumped out of bed, took
a half an hour shower, and put on a cute black suit and a little red bowtie.
I called Kachu up and told him to be there at 10:00 am. The wedding would
start at 10:30 am. At 10:00, Kachu and I were talking to the priest. The
clock kept ticking. At 10:25, Kachu and I walked up to the front of the
church. Five minutes later, music played. Pika walked down the aisle with her
parents. My eyes practically popped out of their sockets upon seeing Pika!
Her dress was a soft lavender color, it was up to her ankles. She had a
beautiful pink veil.I was speechless. Pika walked to me and we held hands.
The priest said what he had to and said "Kiss the bride".but then a crash was

   "AHHHHH!" Pika, Kachu, and I screamed. These men in black suits with an R
on them was grabbing the all the pikachu and stuffing them in a truck. All of
a sudden, one man and woman, with white suits on, grabbed Pika.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I screamed as they stuffed Pika into the truck. I ran
up and threw a giant bottle of blue food coloring I had found the week before
at the man. His hair was blond.and then changed color upon the food coloring.
"JAMES! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR!" screamed the woman. "Jessssieeee.that
pikachu messed it up." James said. Jessie tried to snatch me, but snatched
Kachu instead. "NOOO!' I screamed again. I looked at Pika and Kachu in the
truck as the R people drove away. "I'LL SAVE YOU SOMEDAY!!!!!!" I screamed.
One R person was just about to shoot me with a rubber balloon gun, but I used
thunder and the man was no more.

   As I walked down the road in Route 1, I thought about Pika. How we could
have lived together forever. How we could have had kids.cute pikachu.I
started to cry. Out of nowhere, an old man looked at me and threw a red and
white ball at me. Oh no.the dreaded pokéball!  I started to run, but the
pokéball hit me. I was sucked in and shrunk. That's all I remember from that day.

   A few weeks later, I was in a lab. Still in a pokéball. I heard commotion
outside and my pokéball was opened. There stood the old man and a young boy
in his pajamas. The young boy said, "It's so cute! I'll take it!" He hugged
me, but thinking he was from the R group too, I shocked him. Well, he was ok
I guess. The old man gave him pokéballs and a red thing. After a while, the
boy, whose name I learned was Ash, took me outside. Some lady said I looked
weird. "WEIRD!" I thought. "I'LL SHOW YOU WEIRD!" I shocked everyone in
sight. Well, maybe I shouldn't have, but I did. Before I knew it, Ash and I
were walking on Route 1. My hometown.

  He found a Pidgey, and told me to battle it. I was feeling too depressed
and didn't. He tried to catch it but failed. Some time went by. He threw a
rock at a spearow, thinking it was a pidgey. The spearow flew and kept trying
to attack ME!!!!!! I just thunder bolted it and it went down. It called out,
and more spearows came! I ran with Ash behind me. He took me and we jumped
off a waterfall. Ouch, it hurt when we hit the water. A red head girl pulled
us up.  She asked if I was ok, but I was very weak. Ash grabbed me and put me
in the basket on a bicycle. He was driving off with me. We fell off and the
spearows were approaching. I thought this would be the end. Ash told me to
get into my pokeball to be safe. I didn't know what to do.

   Then, Ash stood up, faced the spearows and screamed, "I am Ash Ketchum
from Pallet Town! I will become a pokémon master and will not be defeated by
the likes of you! I will defeat you all! Come and get me!" Oh my gosh, he
wasn't an R person, he was an actual trainer, and he CARED about me! I was
surprised. The spearows were just about to get him when I jumped on him and
jumped toward the spearows. Then I used thunder. After a while, I woke up and
it was sunny. I was lying on the floor, as was Ash. "We did it Pikachu..." he
said. "Pika." I responded weakly. He took me in his arms and started walking,
All of a sudden, a giant gold bird was flying over the rainbow. Ash's red
thing, it was called a Pokédex, said there was no info. We continued walking.
I knew that Ash would stick with me in the good times and bad. Ash and I had
many adventures up to this day. And someday soon, I WILL save Kachu and my Pika.



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