The Return of Primeape

by: jstriker

    One day Ash and his friend were on their way to Cinnabar Island. They were trying to find a way to get there. They stopped to rest for a while. Ash sat down, Misty looks at him and noticed he looked unhappy.   "What's wrong Ash?" Misty asked.  "Well, I missed Primeape since the day he started to follow my orders." Ash said.  "Yea, I know what you mean, I won't forget the day when he chased us for miles" Brock said. "And gave you quite a beating" Misty said.  "I'm sure he's doing fine with his new trainer" Brock said. 

    While they were resting, Ash heard something moving around in the bushes. "Who's there?" Ash shouted. There was no answer. Ash ran to take a look in the bushes and found nothing. Brock and Misty noticed Ash by the bushes and asked him "What are you looking for Ash?" "I thought I heard something moving in the bushes, but there's nothing here." "Maybe it was the wind" Misty said. "It wasn't the wind, there was something here I know there was!" Ash shouted. "Chill out guys" Brock said. They decided to get moving on. "Come on Pikachu." Ash said. "Pikachu? Hey where's Pikachu?" "Brock, Misty do you see Pikachu anywhere?" Ash said. "I saw him sitting there a while ago Ash" Misty said. "Come on let's go look for him" Brock said.

    Meanwhile, in the another part of the forest. Team Rocket was waiting for James to return. He came back running. "He looks very happy about something Meowth" said Jessie. James was carring a plastic bag with him. I did it, I did it. "Just what did you do now James?" Jessie asked.   "I caught Pikachu, while the brats was checking something in the bushes."   "You did what??" Jessie yelled. "Prove it!" Meowth said.   "Ok, I will." James said.  He grabbed the cage  that they made for Pikachu. (It's a special cage that can absorb electricity).  James opened the bag and dumped Pikachu into the cage. "I don't believe it, you finally did something right for a change." Jessie said. PIKACHUUUUUU!!!! Pikachu did a thunderbolt inside the cage, but it didn't do any good. It won't work Pikachu, this cage just absorbs your electricity.  "Chu", Pikachu said sadly. Pikachu was wondering where Ash is. Ha ha ha, now we can bring Pikachu to the Boss.

    "Any luck yet you guys?" Ash said. "Nothing here" Brock said. "I know he wouldn't run away from you Ash, because he likes you a lot." Misty said. Thanks Misty. But where did he go, Ash said. Hey Ash, I found something over here, Brock said. Ash and Misty quickly ran over to see what Brock found. It was a red rose. That's funny, we didn't past any roses along the way. Hmmmmm, Brock said. I got it, hey Ash who's the only person who alway carry a red rose with him. James!! And that mean...... TEAM ROCKET!! they all shouted. So they got Pikachu, Ash yelled. Come on Brock and Misty let's get Pikachu back before it's to late.

    Team Rocket was very happy now that they got Pikachu. I can't believe it we finally got Pikachu. PIKACHU WHERE ARE YOUUU!!! Ash called. Pika Pika (Over here) Rats, it the brats again. Come on let's get out of here. But it was too late. Ash, Misty, and Brock came running to them. They call their pokemons to battle. But this time Team Rocket got the upper hand. Call back your pokemons, or Pikachu will get it Jessie said. She was holding a huge rock over her head ready to drop it on the cage with Pikachu inside. All right you win, this time. Just don't hurt Pikachu. Ash said. Come on, we're all going for a walk. Just don't try anything funny or Pikachu will get it. Jessie said. After walking for a while, they came to a cave. "Perfect, Meowth go inside to make sure there's no other exit in there" Jessie said. "With pleasure", Meowth said and went inside, then came out a little while later. "Nope there's no other exit in there" Meowth said. "Okay, you brats get inside, but first give us your pokemons so you can't escape with their help. Brock, Misty, and Ash had no choice with Pikachu as their hostage. "Get inside you brats and James get ready to blast some rocks to block the opening to the cave. "Right", James went to get to work and to put some dynamite up above the cave. There it's all set to blow. So, long you brats by the time you dig out we'll be long gone Jessie said. BOOM!!!! Tons of rock came pouring down and covered up the opening.

    Brock had a lantern in his backpack and turned it on. There now we can see how we are going to get out of here. We're never going to get out of here and save Pikachu now. Ash said sadly. Suddenly they all heard a sound behind them. They looked and saw a pairs of eye in the dark coming at them. Oh no what is it, Misty said. Guess we'll find out soon, Brock said.

    Team Rocket was looking at what they done. Why don't we spend the night here before we get moving on? James said. Why not, beside they are not going to be out of there for a while Jessie said. Pika Pika Pika (let me out of here) Pikachu said. We finally won for a change, Meowth said. We failed so many times, but now we finally did it James said.

    Inside the cave, the pair of eyes was coming closer and closer. Until it came into the light. PRIMEAPE!! Ash ran to hug him and was very glad to see his pokemon again. What are you doing here Primeape? Ash asked. Hey, Ash look like he's holding a piece of paper there. Primeape gave the paper to Ash. Ash started reading the paper. It's a letter from the trainer who said he will train Primeape to be a true P-1 champion. He said "Primeape worked so hard and he won the champion. But, a few weeks later he started to act strange. I took him to the Pokemon Center. They said he missed his trainer. So, I asked Primeape "Do you want to look for Ash, Primeape?" He nodded yes. So, before he left to look for you. He looked at Hitmonchan. Walked up to him and gave him the P-1 championship belt and went out to look for you. Ash, you got one great Pokemon there. Take good care of him. Ash finished reading the letter and looked at Primeape and hug him. "Welcome back Primeape" Ash said with a tear in his eye. Hey, Ash now that you got Primeape back, how are we going to get out of here? Misty said. Ash looked at the rocks and at Primeape. Hmmmmmm, I got an idea guys. Primeape would you like to help us out of here?

    Team Rocket was still outside the cave. "Look at all the Pokeballs we got from them hee hee hee" James said. "Too bad they don't have a Pokemon in there with them" Jessie said. "If they did, they be out of there by now" Meowth said. "Are you sure there was no other way out of there Meowth?" Jesse said. "The only thing that was in there was a funny looking white bush" Meowth said. Well, it won't be much help for them in there.

    Prime Prime Primeape. He going to help us get out of here you guys, Ash said. Alright!! Brock and Misty said together. Primeape walked up to the rocks and waiting for a command from Ash. Ash, Brock and Misty went for cover. Ash yelled out "PRIMEAPE FURY ATTACK NOW!!!" Primeape started to hit the rock with the Fury attack so fast. It didn't take Primeape long to get out of the cave. Light was pouring in. You did it Primeape, now want to help us get our Pokemon back? Prime Prime, Primeape nodded. Okay, first we need a plan. I got one Ash, Brock said. He told Ash, Primeape, and Misty the plan.

    Meanwhile, Team Rocket was walking away with the Pokemons that they gotten from Ash, Brock and Misty. Suddenly, Ash, Brock, and Misty was in front of them. How did you brats get out? Jesse said. Let's say that we had a little help from one of my Pokemon, Ash said. But, that's impossible we got all of your Pokemons here, James said. Yes, you did get all of our Pokemons. I just had a reunion with one of my Pokemon in the cave. You Did, Who??? Team Rocket said. Look behind you and meet him, Ash said with a smile. They turned around and they were shocked to see who Ash was talking about. OH NO ITS PRIMEAPE!!!!! They all yelled.

    Give us our Pokemons back and give me Pikachu or I tell Primeape to beat you up. Team Rocket had no choice. They remember the last time they met Primeape. They gotten beaten up so bad, Primeape uppercut them into the air. When they landed they met a lot of Primeapes. They didn't want that again. Here are your Pokemons Jessie said. Ash, Brock, and Misty got their Pokemons back. They even let Pikachu out of the cage, who then ran and jumped into Ash's arm. Great to have you back Pikachu. Ash said. Ok, Primeape come here to me Ash said. Primeape walked over to Ash. Whew, Team Rocket was glad Primeape wasn't going to beat them up. Oh, I almost forgot, Ash said. Primeape, would you like to beat Team Rocket up? Ash said. Primeape nodded. Okay, go and give them good thrashing. WHAT??, you said if we give you your Pokemons back, Primeape wouldn't beat us up. Jessie said. Oh, did I say that? I guess I told you a lie. Ha ha ha, Ash said with a smile. Go for it Primeape. Primeape ran straight to Team Rocket and jumped at them. He gave them a good thrashing and then he uppercut them up into the air. IT LOOKS LIKE TEAM ROCKET IS BLASTING OFF AGAINNNNNN! Great work Primeape. Primeape looked at Ash. He was very happy to be with his trainer again and never want to leave him again. Welcome back to the group, Primeape. With that Ash toss his pokeball to Primeape. Primeape touch the ball and went into the pokeball. I sure was glad that Primeape is on our side, Brock said. He sure got us out of that cave, Misty said. It's good to have Primeape back with me Ash said. Pika Pika Pika (Me too, Ash)



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