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The US Journey
part1: Ash’s Wish

by Xen


Ages: Ash-18  /  Misty-19  /   Borck-22

"Ash wake! Today’s your birthday and your friends have arrived." Ash’s mother was trying to wake her son up. "Pikachu. Can you wake up Ash." Pikachu nodded and jumped on to bed.

"Pikkkkaaaaaaaaaaaachuuuuuuuuu." Pikachu shocked Ash into waking up.

"Uh...What is it? Good morning Mom. Morning Pikachu....what time is it?"

"It’s Ten o’clock." Ash jumped out of bed sending Pikachu flying.

"Ten. I got to get to Prof. Oak in a half hour. I got to get ready." Ash rushed into the bathroom. Ash mother shakes her head.

It was five after eleven when Ash and Pikachu arrived. When they got there, they found Prof. Oak waiting for them at the door. "Oh, hi Ash. I see that you’re late as usual. I guess your going to be late for own wedding if you keep this up."

"Sorry I’m late. Have the others waited long."

"No. There out in back. Let’s go see them." Ash, Pikachu, and Prof. Oak go in a room where Misty, Brock, and Gary Oak where waiting. Ever since Ash beat Gary for the title of pokemon master, he humbled and quit pokemon training for acting. However Gary still acted like a jerk.

"Hey Ash. We thought you would never arrive. For the greatest pokemon master you have very poor timing." Gary said.

"Hey quit Gary. Or do you want to challenge my timing in a pokemon battle." Ash replied. Gary mummers something and shut up down.

"Say Ash happy birthday." Brock says.

"Yah, happy birthday."

"Thanks guys."

"Say you look a bit depressed. What’s bothering you." Brock asked.

"It’s just that I’m getting bored, that’s all. I mean all that I do now is just defend my title. I can’t even go looking for new pokemon with the media following me."

"That’s right me and Ash can’t go anywhere with out a photographer following us." Misty said.

"It’s just that I miss the adventures that we used to go on. Our journey was sure fun. Would you believe that I actually miss team rocket trying to steal Pikachu."

"Pika!" Pikachu said.

"No I don’t you kidnapped."

"You must really be bored then." Brock nodded knowingly.

"I just wish I could go another journey to be a pokemon master." Ash sighed.

"Well then Ash, I might have your answer." Prof. Oak said.

"What is Prof. Oak." Ash asked with hopes rising.

"Well I found out that there is a new pokemon league."

"A new league? Where is it?" Ash was getting excited.

"The league is in the US. Over the past few years pokemon has started to appear in the US, as well as some new species. Also since there enough trainers there, they started a pokemon league."

"A new league. A new challenge. That sounds just like what I need." Ash stands up and starts pacing. "I’m going to the US and become there new champion."

"Ash." Misty interrupted his dramatic speech. "Are you nuts. Not only are still champion here, but you can’t afford the trip there." Ash’s hopes where just then shot down.

"Your right. I haven’t thought about that." Suddenly the door bell rings.

"I wonder who that could be?" Prof. Oak went to the door. "Ash there are some people here to see you."

"I wonder who is here to see me?" Two figures appear in the room.

"What in the?"

"It can’t be!"

"Team rocket!!"


To be continued....

Is it really team rocket? Will Ash go to America? How will he get there? Find out in The US Journey part 2.

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