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The US Journey
part 2: The Proposal

by Xen


"Team rocket! I thought you where in Jail." Ash said as he saw his former villains.

"Wait a minute. That’s James, but that’s not Jessie It’s Jessiebell." Misty pointed out. She was right. James was there and the woman he was with was really Jessiebell and they both weren’t wearing the team rocket uniforms. James just smiled at them.

"I was in jail, but I’ll explain later. There is something else that we wish to discuss." They whole gang was too confused to say anything, so he just continued. "Jessiebell honey why don’t you explain."

"We would like to, being James and I would like to fund, that being Ash, to complete in the US pokemon league as our sponsor."

"Wait." Ash finally managed to speak. "Why would you guys want to sponsor me and how did you get out of jail and." He pointed to James. "We thought you hated her." He points over to Jessiebell.

"When sugar it looks like we have to tell them our story." Jessiebell said. James sighed.

"Well OK I’ll fill you in our little story. You see when team rocket was asserted, me and Jessie had a plan to avoid jail time. Using me one phone call, I called my parents saying that if they want me to continue the family line they best get me out of jail. So with the help of some fancy lawyers I got out of jail. Also as a bonus they also eased my criminal records so as not to ruin the family line."

"And justice has once again is severed." Misty said in a mock tone.

"I still don’t see what this has to do me. And why you married Jessiebell."

"I was getting to that. Since I was freed, I stated phase two of our plan. I asked my parents if I could see my partner one last time. Of course they agreed, but only if Jessiebell came with me. Of course this was part of our plan. You our plan was to switch Jessiebell with Jessie, thus getting rid of her and getting my partner back. Two birds with one stone." We see a flashback showing a James and Jessiebell in jail meeting Jessie.

"So your saying that Jessiebell here is really...." Brock was sentence was cut off.

"Is really Jessie we all know and love." Jessie pulled a pin form her hair and it converted back into her hairstyle.

"Wait then what happened to Jessiebell." Misty asked.

"Well now she is now serving my prison sentence."

"And I couldn’t be happier." James chimed in happily.

"Then how come Jessiebell didn’t say anything about going to prison or switching places." Ash said.

"Well before I picked up Jessie I got a Hypno. With it I hypnotized Jessiebell into thinking she was Jessie and that she belonged in prison."

"I’m actually surprised that one of your plan worked. But I don’t see what this has to do with you two wanting to sponsor Ash in the US pokemon league." Brock said.

"Well both of us thought that we put you kids though a lot of trouble and we would like to pay you back. When we heard that a new league had started we thought funding Ash be prefect. But if you accept we have one thing to ask." James said.

"And that would be?" Ash said.

Jessie and James kneeling said. "If guys don’t mind can we join you." The gang face vaults.

"Why would want to join us?" Misty asked. Jessie and James stood up.

"You see first off, James parents are driving us crazy and second is that we think it would fun to go off into a adventure once again. It really is boring being rich. We can’t do any thing even remotely fun."

"Wow I guess Ash wasn’t the only ones bored with settling down." Gary said.

"So what do you say. Allow us to sponsor you?" James said again begging in front of Ash.

"A chance to have another pokemon journey. Another chance to have a adventure." Ash said to himself. "OK I accept your offer."

"Thank you Ash. This would be our first step to righting our past wrongs. Also the offer’s up to the others if they want to join." James said.

"There is no way I’m letting you go Ash. Beside I always wanted to see the US. I’m in." Misty said.

"Well I like to join you, but I staring in a new series and I wouldn’t want to miss that." Gary said as he left.

"I have my breeding center to take care, so I can’t leave. I guess I’m out on this adventure."

"Well it wouldn’t be the same without you buddy." Ash said.

"You kids know I’m too old for travel, as well as I have my research. But I can give you the address to my niece in the US. She is also a pokemon researcher and can store your pokeballs for you, since the transport system won’t work over such distances. But when your there Ash, can you catch me some new pokemon for me to examine."

"OK Prof. I’ll do that."

"But Ash what about your title." Misty asked.

"Oh I can resign the title and the league will hold a tournament to find a new champion."

"Well then if all major details are over with I guess where starting a new adventure." Jessie and James smiled.

"I guess were off on to a new adventure."


To be continued...

Well then don’t it looks like the gang is off to a new adventure. Find out what happen to them in the next part of the US Journey."

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