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The US Journey
part 3: And so it begins

by Xen


As we recall Ash had received funding form the most unlikely of sources, and now that he has funding he can finally go to America to compete in the US league. After resigning his master title for the Indigo Isle Ash set off to the airport. We see Ash and Pikachu waving good bye to his mother.

"Take Ash. And remember to change your underwear." Ash sweat drops.

"I will mother." Ash and Pikachu head to the airport.

We now go the airport to see Ash, Misty, Jessie, James, and Pikachu awaiting their flight. "So what time is the plane going to leave." Misty asked.

"In about a hour." James noticed Ash’s large bag that he was holding. "Say Ash what’s in the bag?"

"Oh that’s my pokeball bag. All my pokemon are in this bag. When we reach Prof. Oak niece I’ll drop them off there."

"That’s a very large bag."

"Yeah I have gotten many pokemon over the years."

"How many do you have in there."

"I have about 60 species, but I have over 135 individual pokemon."

"My that is a lot of pokemon." Jessie said eyeing the bag strangely.

"Jessie!" James yelled at Jessie.

"Sorry. Old habit."

"Say I didn’t ask this before, but where is Meowth."

"We don’t know. When team rocket was busted they took all the pokemon we had. We haven’t even seen our own pokemon let alone Meowth for years." Jessie said.

"I see so you don’t have any pokemon."

"No we have two on us. I have the Hypno I used on Jessiebell and Jessie has her Vileplume. Also I still have Growly but he’s staying behind to keep a eye on my parents in case they start acting strange."

"Wow. To be separated form the pokemon you raised. I guess you know what it feels like when you steal a pokemon from someone."

"I guess. And we can’t replace them because no pokemon could be like Arbok or Weezing." James starts to sob and Jessie argues with him. Ash looks over to Misty who hasn’t said anything for a few minutes.

"Say Misty what you staring at." Ash asks.

"That women over there." Ash turns to look. "No don’t look it’s rude." Ash was going to say something but thought against it.

"So what about the women."

"She just looks really familiar, that’s all." Misty quickly looks away. "Oh man she saw me look at her. She’s coming this way." The strange women walked over.

"Say aren’t you Ash Ketchum the pokemon master?" The women says.

"I was pokemon master. I resigned recently to compete in the US league."

"Same old Ashy boy." The two gave the women a strange look. "I see you don’t remember me. It’s me Duplica." The two give a shocked look.

"Wow you grown Duplica." Ash was right. Form the little girl to she was, Duplica became a very gorgeous women. Her face looked much the same, but she wore her hair straight down unlike her previous hair style. "So how you been doing."

"Well I’m heading to the US to further me career in the entertainment field. Me and Ditto are going to start a career as a comedy act."

"Wow that’s nice for you. I hope we can see your act sometime." Misty said.

"Say you two the planes are boarding and we don’t want to miss it." James said taking his bags.

"Well we’ll see you later Duplica." Ash said.

"I don’t it will be that soon. Were on the same flight." Duplica pointed out.

"Well then it will be sooner then expected." Misty laughed. The group of trainers entered the plane and took off headed toward America.

When the plane landed they found themselves in LA. "So this is LA. Wow it’s so beautiful." Misty said as she looked out the window.

"Um...Misty before you can look upon paradise you must go though hell." Duplica said as she pointed at the torment known as the airport safety check.

"This is nuts! This is going to take forever." Actually it took about two hours but doesn’t it seem forever. After they went though customs and found there bags we find in the parking lot.

"So do go find a rental car." Ash asked. James slightly chucked.

"You must be kidding. Remember your our sponsor now. We have things like this planned out." James points to a large van with a guy standing next to it holding a sign. On the sign reed ‘James Silph.’

"That’s our ride. Why does the sign say ‘James Silph’." Ash asked. The rest face vaulted.

"That’s my name Ash. I am James Silph future head of Silph Co."

"All this time your family owned the pokemon industry and you joined team rocket??" Misty asked.

"What can I say. Pokemon is in my blood."

To be continued....

Stay tuned for US Journey part 4

Note: If you follow the series this can make sense. Since Silph Co. was never part of series one can guess that the richest family in the world would own the richest industry in the world. And what is the most successful industry in there world? Why no other then Silph Co., So James parents must be the owners of Silph Co. thus making him the future owner of Silph Co. Does it make any sense? Who cares it goes with the fanfic, so it really does matter.

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