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The US Journey
part 4: New friends, New foes, New rival.

by Xen


"So This van is ours." Ash said eyeing their new ride. The van was black and quite large.

"Yes it is. And of course it’s full of extra’s features." James opens the van to reveal a large interior.

"What are those machines for?" Misty asked pointing to a machine on the right side of the van. The machine was in two parts. One part had a small screen and the other had buttons and dials and on top had a little area that looked like it could hold a pokeball.

"That one with the screen is a pokemon radar."

"What’s a pokemon radar?" Ash asked.

"A pokemon radar is a device which can find a pokemon within a 100 foot radius. When we where in team rocket we used this to track you."

"You mean you tracked us with this." Ash said examining the machine.

"Like you think we actually followed you everywhere."

"Well then what this do."

"That’s a mini pokecenter. It can heal one pokemon at a time like the machine at a pokecenter does."

"We also have AC, power steering, and a lot of extra features in this van."

"So what do we do now?" Misty asked.

"First we have to go to Prof. Oak’s niece to drop off my pokemon."

"Say can I come too?" Duplica asked.

"Why do you want to come." Jessie asked.

"Well I need to get to my new agent and I need a ride. So can you just drop me off there?" Duplica says acting as cute as possible.

"Well I don’t see what harm there could be in that. You can come, but first we have to drop off the pokemon." Ash said.

"Okay everybody in." Jessie said as she hopped in the driver’s chair.

About a hour later Ash and crew reached the address of Prof. Oak nice. Ash walked up to door and knocked. The women that opened the door looked to be in her mid thirties. "Hello you be Ash. I’m Prof. Oak’s Niece Deborah. Come in." We cut away to inside the house where the rest of the gang is there. "So Ash you wish compete in the US pokemon league."

"Why yes I do..."
"You can me Deborah. Even though my name is Prof. Oak I prefer being called Deborah."

"Well OK. Yes I do wish to compete in the league."

"Well I going to tell you the rules."
"But we already know the league rules." Misty said confused.

"I know, but there are some different then Indigo league."

"Like what?"

"Instead of carrying six pokemon, the league allows you to carry seven. Also I’ll warn you that the gym here will be much tougher then the Indigo Isles."
"How can they that different."

"The gym here are not based on type, but on fighting styles or themes."

"Like what themes." Ash asked.

"Like my mother would give all my secrets to a loser like you." A voice said. The group turn to the voice to see a young kid at about seventeen years of age.

"Roy! You know better then to talk like that." Deborah sighed. "I like you meet my son Roy Oak. He just started going on his pokemon journey."

"Aren’t you a bit old to be starting our journey." Jessie said eyeing the young kid.

"I would of started sooner, but you have to be at least sixteen to start collecting badges."

"Does he seem familiar or what." Misty whispered to Ash. Ash nodded in agreement.

"Well I like to stay and chat, but I got to become the new pokemon master. Smell ya later." Roy said as he left. "It’s like a younger version of Gary." Ash said.

"Sorry about that. Roy always idolize Gary and always blamed you for not letting Gary become pokemon master."

"Just what I need. A rival that wants to defeat me with a vengeance." Ash muttered.

"That’s true. All that Roy’s ever done is train his pokemon nonstop for the last few years. He wants to be pokemon master so you can’t."

"Don’t worry I don’t think he’ll be that much of a brother to us." James says.

"Well I think we should be heading to the first gym, so I can get my first badge."

"Wait you forgot something." Deborah yelled.

"What is it?" Ash asked.

"I forgot to update your pokedex. Can I have it." Ash handed over his pokedex and Deborah put it into a machine. A few seconds later the machine split out the pokedex. "There. Now your pokedex has been updated to the new species that are found in the US. We found quite a few species but there are rumor of newer ones undiscovered ."

"Gee thanks." Ash said taking back his pokedex. The gang headed to front door when they heard a strange sound.

"What’s that sound." Misty said.

"It almost sounds like a missile or something." James said. Just as James finished saying that the right wall of the house blew open. The gang ducked form the debris. When the dust settled two figures where standing at the hole in the wall.

"In the name of team rocket surrender your pokemon." One of two said.

"Or face the consciences." The other said

"What in the. Team rocket I thought you guys said that your the only member that escaped jail."

"That can’t be the only member that couldn’t of been captured would..."

"Would be me." A third said. A small figure emerged form the hole.

"It’s Meowth." They all said.

"That’s right."


To be continued....

Stay tuned for the next Part of the US Journey.

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