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The US Journey
part 5: Rocket Reunion

by Xen


When we last left off Ash had dropped off his pokemon at Prof. Oak’s nice Deborah. Just as the gang was about to leave they discovered the biggest surprise. The surprise being that there is a new team rocket and Meowth is back. We find our heroes standing on one side of the room and team rocket stand on the side blocking the entrance.

"Meowth your alive." Jessie said looking at her former comrade. "As you can see I am very much alive and doing very well." The cat pokemon replied.

"I thought all of team rocket had been asserted." Misty said.

"That is true. All human members of team rocket had been asserted, but I wasn’t because I’m a pokemon."

"And who are they?" James said point at the new rockets.

"You mean Tiger and Kitty?" Meowth said walking up to his servants.

"Why don’t you know your own kids daddy?" Kitty said looking at James. This sent the group into shock. "And your our Mommy?" She pointed to Jessie.

"Dad? You don’t look a thing like me." James was right about that. Tiger was a tall man and very well muscled. His hair was black that had a military cut and face hard like stone. Kitty was smaller and leaner then Tiger but also well muscled. Her hair was a pale silver and went down to her point (like a blade) and her face was soft but her cold blue eyes didn’t show the same thing.

"How can I be there mother."

"Actually you would be Kitty’s mother and you be Tiger’s father." Jessie pointed to Jessie first then James second. "You see after team rocket was asserted all the gang’s pokemon was put into a pokemon center to keep us safe, but little did they know I had all this planned out. I was able to convince the pokemon that the humans had tried to use us as their weapons and that now we would you them like did us"

"That’s not true. You know that pokemon would never do evil on possible." Ash said.

"That would of been true, but even the situation the pokemon believed me and I started the new team rocket."
"But what about them? And why do they calls use their parents?" Jessie said getting ticked off at this stand still.

"I was about to get to that. You see now that I have troops I needed some technology and a base to start ruling the world. Luckily I happen to know the location of the team rocket labs that the cops never found out."

"That’s true. It was rumored that the lab of team rocket had never been discovered." Misty said.

"Well it did exist and I knew it’s location. When I was there I discovered these two." Meowth points to Kitty and Tiger. "You see in a way there are your kids. It seems team rocket was trying to create it own army using the DNA of former members."

"You mean there clones."

"In a way they are. But these where the only two created, so I had to make do. I reprogrammed them to obey and named them myself. But enough of this, hand over the pokemon and we may just let you live."

"Meowth you never killed anyone." James said with a slight hint of fear in his voice.

"That was before. I have abandoned the weak and useless ways of the old team rocket and created a team rocket that will win because we won’t lose no matter what.

"You know if these are your friends I hate to see your enemies." Duplica said sacristy.

"Well I’m not going to let take my pokemon. Lets battle." Ash said as he threw a pokeball.

"There is no way were going to let you take our pokemon." Misty said as she joining Ash.

"Well then it looks like play time begin." Kitty said as threw in a pokeball.

"Where going to beat you down." Tiger threw one as well.


To be continued....

Next time on US Journey part 6 the first battle.

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