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The US Journey
part 6: First battle

by Xen


As we last left off Ash and crew began to battle the new team rocket.

Battle mode: Ash vs. Tiger

Ash uses Charizard HP 320

Tiger uses Pinsir HP 250

Charizard-flame thrower: miss

Pinsir-slash: 30

Charizard-flame thrower: 120

Charizard-slash: 80

Pinsir vicegrip: 150

Charizard-fire breath: Pinsir fainted.

Misty vs. Kitty

Misty uses Starmie HP 285

Kitty uses Scyther HP 250

Starmie-tackle: 60

Scyther-quick attack: 29

Scyther-slash: 75

Starmie-water gun: 80

Starmie- water gun: miss

Scyther-quick attack: 29

Starmie- hydro pump: Scyther fainted.

"Is that the best you got." Ash said as he laughed a little.

"We just got started. Pokeball go!" Kitty and Tiger threw two more pokeballs in.

Tiger uses Fearow HP 290

Kitty uses Dewgong HP 270

Charizard vs. Fearow

Fearow-drill peck: TKO: Charizard fainted.

Ash use Pikachu HP 320

Fearow-drill peck: miss

Pikachu-Thunder bolt: TKO: Fearow fainted.

Starmie vs. Dewgong

Dewgong-ice beam TKO: Starmie frozen.

"Your pokemon are good at Dewgong. Let me try." Duplica throws her pokeball as Misty recalled her pokemon.

Duplica uses Ditto (You where expecting something else) HP 276

Ditto vs. Dewgong

Ditto-Transform into Charizard

Dewgong-ice beam: miss

Charizard- flame thrower 85

Dewgong-aurora beam: 95

Charizard-flame blast: Dewgong fainted.

"Give up now. You two can’t win." Ash said to the two rockets trying to reason with them.

"No you better surrender, because now our strongest pokemon are going to defeat the whole lot of you." Tiger said as the two held a pokeball.

"No you fools not those." Meowth said, but it was two late for they threw there pokeballs. The pokeballs hit the ground and opened to reveal the two pokemon we all know and love (maybe).




"Weezing!" Jessie and James run to their pokemon but the two pokemon avoid there former masters.
"What’s wrong Arbok? Don’t you know me?" Jessie said trying to get close to her pokemon.

"Weezing what’s wrong buddy?" James tried to reach Weezing but he was too high.

"Charbok char char bok."

"What do you mean we abandoned you. We never did such things."

"Yeah we were in jail and we couldn’t find you."

"Meowth lied to you two. They really do care about you two. The only reason they left you behind is was they weren’t allowed to keep you. If they would they would of kept you." Ash said.

"Ash is right. If you don’t listen to us listen to him. You he is honest and cares for pokemon." Jessie said almost begging to the pokemon.

"Don’t listen to them." Meowth said getting in the way of the human and pokemon. "Remember the pain of being lonely, remember that they are the ones that mistreated you and left you for behind alone."

"Don’t listen to him. Listen to your heart. Remember the good times you had with Jessie and James. Just let your heart decide." As Ash said this we she Arbok and Weezing thinking about how Jessie and James treated them. Arbok and Weezing look back and forth between Jessie and James and Meowth.

"Well what is your choice." Arbok and Weezing go up to team rocket.

"I’m glad you made the right choice." Meowth said as he patted Arbok. Suddenly to everyone’s surprise Arbok wraps his tails around Meowth and hurls him into Tiger and Kitty. Weezing then blasted them with his smog attack.

"Pikachu thunder bolt." Pikachu fired a large thunder bolt which sent team rocket blasting off again. Arbok and Weezing went over to there former masters and they all had a group hug (if Arbok and Weezing could really hug).

"You really do care about us." Jessie said as she held her Arbok.

"Umm I hate to interrupted, but I think you we should be going now." Misty said.

"Um OK. Does anyone have two extra pokeballs?" Jessie as she searched her pockets. Everyone else face vaulted. Ash handed Jessie and James a pokeball.

"OK everybody in." James said as the two the pokeballs catching there pokemon. So we find our heroes leaving in the van with Deborah waving them good bye. Suddenly she just remembered something. "Wait a minute." She said as she turned around to reveal the huge mess of her home laboratory. "I think I going to need a mop." Deborah sighed and started to fix her lab.


To be continued....

Stay tuned for the US Journey part 7.

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