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The US Journey
part 7: The Joy’s of Waiting
(Not the nurse)

by Xen


When we last left off our heroes they won there first battle against team rocket and Jessie and James get some ‘new’ pokemon.

"So where are we heading again?" Misty asked the others.

"To the Illusion gym in Hollywood. Deborah Oak said that was the first gym and is closest to where we are." Ash said to Misty.

"Um say Dulpica?" James said.


"Don’t you have to go to your agent?"

"Oh don’t worry. He isn’t expecting me for a least two days and anyway I want to see Ash fight at the gym. It’s going to be good."

"Thank you Dulpica. It’s nice to know people respect me."

"No it’s not that. I just want to see your face when you face the gym leader." Ash sweat dropped.

"What, do you know something about this gym." Misty asked trying to now more.

"I do in fact. My cousin works there or he did till he took over the house of imate. The only thing I can tell you that the Illusion gym doubles as a stage for magicians, entertainers, and a night club." (This is a hint)

"Why is it that everyone I know have a relative here in the US. Does anyone else have relatives we should know about now?" Misty and James nod no. Jessie just ignored the question because she was driving.

"Well where here." Jessie said as she parked in front of a large building. The building was a two story yellow building with the front placed with mirrors and two magic wands above the door.

"Wow I’m impressed. This Gym sure knows how to decorate." James said as he stared in wonder.

"I didn’t now they made mirrors that size." Misty said as she looked at the tall mirrors.
"James, when we get back remind me to get some of these for the mansion." Jessie said as she thought what she could do with mirrors that size.

"OK enough with the mirrors lets go in." Ash walked up to the entrance, but was stopped by a women in a ticket booth.

"And where do you think your going?" The women said.

"I’m going inside to challenge the gym leader."
"Sorry but you’ll have to wait till tomorrow."
"But why?"

"The gym half is closed till tomorrow. The gym can only be challenge form nine till five."

"What time is it."
"Eight thirty." James said as he checked his watch.

"You can stay in the hotel across the street till tomorrow."

"OK thanks." Ash and company went to the hotel where they got some rooms. At the room Jessie and Misty got into a little agreement.

"What do you mean I have no style." Misty stated.

"What I said is what I mean that it wouldn’t hurt to wear something different once in a while."

"That’s true. It couldn’t hurt to change our outfit." James said pointing at her outfit.

"There right Misty. You really should of changed your looks a little." Ash said agreeing with the others. Everyone in the group had changed their outfits except Misty. The only difference was that she let her hair grow out and put it into a proper ponytail. Misty looked over the other and was right. James was dressed in a black dress pants and blue shirt with a red vest (not like Brock’s but the one he wears in the series). Jessie was in a tan pants and a white blouse. Even Ash’s changed his shirt form the generic black shirt to one with a league symbol of a pokemon master and his jacket just being a longer version of his old one.

"I know what." Jessie said as she patted Misty on the back. "Will go shopping tomorrow and find something better."

"But what the gym." James asked.

"Well me and Misty can go shopping while you and Ash go get the badge."

"OK then. Now can we all get some sleep." Ash said going to his rooms

"Pika." The little pokemon followed his master who was tried as well. Times passes and we find Ash, James, Dulpica, and Pikachu in front of the gym.

"Well lets go in." Ash said as he and the others walked inside in the gym. Inside the gym it looked like a theater/dance hall. "Is anybody here." A screen of smoke appears.

"Ahh that being back memories." James said with a sigh. Ash was going to say something but thought against it. When the smoke vanished a lone figure stood.

"Why have you come to the gym of illusion!" The figure said. The figure looked to be about seventeen and his outfit was that of typical magician.

"I came here to challenge the gym leader for there badge."

"Well you have to face me first if you wish to meet the masters of illusion."

"Bring it on."

Ash vs. Mystery magician

Ash uses Pikachu HP 320

Magician uses Kadabra HP 254

Kadabra: confusion-miss

Pikachu: quick attack-183

Pikachu: thunder shock-Kadabra fainted

Magician uses Drowzee HP 278

Pikachu: thunder bolt-TKO

Magician use Magimn HP 290

"What’s that?" Ash points Dexter at the pokemon. The pokemon was about waist height and it’s skin was a dark gray. It wore the top of a magician outfit and a cape that went down to it’s ankles. On it’s head was a top hat that went over it’s head and it’s eyes where shown though the hat. In it’s hand it held a magicians wand.

"Magimn the magic pokemon. It has the power to cast powerful illusions. This pokemon can rival any magician with it’s natural talent."

Magimn: flame thrower-80

Pikachu: swift- 90

Magimn: flame thrower-miss

Pikachu: thunder shock-Magimn fainted.

"That can’t be! My Magimn couldn’t be defeated so easily." The magician was in shock.

"That’s why you your still a trainer Isaac. Can’t you see that is no ordinary Pikachu, because that is no ordinary trainer. I’m I right Mr. Ketchum." A voice said from behind Ash. The three turned around to see a man standing behind them. The man was young looking and had dressed also in a magician outfit minus the hat and cape. "My name is Mat Mirror. I am the gym leader of Illusions. Do you wish to fight me former pokemon master?"


"Well then." Mat clapped his hands and Mat and Isaac switched places. The group looked confused. "I simple trick compared to what going to happen next. Now prepare to fight."


To be continued....

Next time on the US journey: the Battle of Illusions,

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