Disclaimer: The characters in this story, except for Molly, are not mine. They
belong to Nintendo and Gamefreak.

The Vampire Pokémon

By: ClrBear430

One day at the Team Rocket headquarters, as Giovanni stands in front of a
blackboard, Giovanni said, "I had a brilliant idea to get even more pokemon!"
All the Team Rocket members leaned forward excitedly. Giovanni drew a picture
of several pokemon, all having large fangs. "We figured out a way to make a
pokemon to become a vampire!"
"And how are these 'vampire' pokemon going to help us?" one Team Rocket member asked.
"We have filled their fangs with paralyzing liquid. When we shout out,
'Biters!' to the pokemon, it will bite the other pokemon's trainer, thus
paralyzing him/her. When the trainer is paralyzed, we will snatch their
pokemon and hide the trainer somewhere until we can use them, somehow.The
reason we took your pokemon before the meeting was to equip them with the
attack. Oh! I almost forgot. The attack will also make the bitten trainers
obey you. The meeting is adjourned. You can have your pokemon back."
Jessie and James took their pokemon back quickly. "This is the perfect
way to get pikachu!" Jessie said. "Yeah, and now it's foolproof! " James
said. "And think of it! The brats could be our slaves, permanately! Oh, we
would be in paradise!" Meowth exclaimed.

Meanwhile, Ash and friends were lost (again). "There's got to be a
landmark somewhere!" Misty said. "I'm tired and hungry and thirsty." Ash and Brock agreed.
Jessie, James, and Meowth were up in their meowth balloon. "Now don't
mess this up!" Jessie said. "Arbok is taking Misty, Meowth is taking Ash, and
Weezing is taking Brock. Understood?" "Yes," the others agreed. "And don't
say the mottto!" said Meowth.
Team Rocket came in and did precisely as Jessie said. "Hey! Your supposed
to bite the pokemon not us!" was the last thing Ash, Misty and Brock said
before getting paralyzed.
"Finally we did something right!" Meowth said. "Now, who gets who as a slave?"
They quarreled for a while, figuring out who would boss around who. They
ended up doing it exactly as who's pokemon bit who. Meowth got Ash because
Meowth bit him. And you know what I mean.
"Let's hide them in this school, under the stage in the secret area I
found when I went here." James said. "Yeah, we gotta turn in all these stolen
pokemon before the officer Jennys find out." Jessie agreed.

So Ash and friends were left under the stage of the school, which wasn't
too comfortable and when the band and orchestra played, it really hurt their
ears. Finally, one Thursday, a girl with blonde hair and green eyes named
Molly discovered the hiding place. She had stumbled over the trap door and
discovered Ash, Misty and Brock there. "Oh goodness." she said, because being
Sabrina's sister, she was psychic too. Molly found out by simply looking at
them. Using her psychic powers, she teleported them all to her secret hiding
place in the woods near her house, where she always went when Sabrina bossed
her around. Then she teleported in front of the pokemart and got a whole
bunch of paralyze heal, then teleported back and gave them the paralyze heal.
"Gosh, we were really scared, I though I would have to be a slave to team
rocket forever." Ash said. "Ooh. A pretty girl saved us." Brock said
dreamily. "Well, we've got one more thing to do. We have to get our pokemon
back." Misty said. "Easily done," said Molly. She clapped her hands and an
assortment of pokeballs and pikachu appeared.
"I don't think we could thank you enough." Ash said. "Molly, your so
cute!" Brock said. Misty slapped him. "Snap out of it!" she yelled at him. "I
can do one more thing for you." Molly said. "Where were you headed?"
"To Pallet town to get directions for Indigo Plateau. But you could just
teleport us there." "Ok! Molly said. "I'll also leave you with a memory of
how to get back." said Molly. Ash, Misty and Brock disappeared as Molly
teleported them to Indigo Plateau.

"How could you have failed me, Jessie and James! You are being demoted
again! One more failure and I'll have to get my pokemon to bite YOU!"
Giovanni was yelling at Jessie and James. "Y-Y-Y- yes, Giovanni." Jessie said.

The End


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