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New Digimon eps on Saturday / New Anime for Cartoon Network / more...
2 / 23 / 01 - Updated by "animefan25"

Cartoon Network Acquires 6 New Anime:

There's some big news from the Cartoon Network front.  During the summer of this year, they are going to debut 6 (SIX) new anime series.  They are:

Mobile Suit Gundam (First Gundam series)
Pilot Candidate
Gundam 8's (Gundam OAV series)
Outlaw Star (Already completed it's run, and is in reruns)
The Big O
Dragon Ball (Original)

Add to this, 96 new episodes of DBZ, and Toonami fans should be well satisfied.  I was very surprised to see Dragon Ball on this list, much more that FUNimation, who still owns rights to the series, wants to FINALLY press on with it.  Originally, it ran in syndication via SeaGull Entertainment (now defunct...most of it's programs have gone to Program Exchange) in 1995-1996.  I guess as long as they have rights to it....they can do what they wish.  

Source - UMJAMS Anime News

Escaflowne (Fox Kids) edit videos scrapped:

Bandai has announced that it will discontinue production of the Escaflowne videos that contain the Fox Kids edited version.  Vol. 4 will be the final volume....about where the series got axed in the USA.  Fans of Escaflowne will have to continue on with the uncut dub if they wish to pursue onward to the grand finale of this excellent (but poorly edited by Fox) series.

No reason is given, but a fair assumption is poor sales, as the reason for this edit being scrapped.

Source - The Right Stuf Intl.

New Digimon 02 eps This Saturday:

Don't forget Digi-fans!  2 new Digimon ep's this weekend.  Also this is the final weekend of February sweeps, so may the best 'mon' series, that is.....Digimon vs.

Nelvana Acquires another Anime series:

Nelvana Animation Co. (of Canada) will have another series to go along with their highly successful (and heavily criticized by anime die-hards) "Card Captor Sakura" edit.  The series is called "Medarot".  Below is a bit of info that I cut and pasted from the source page....

"Nelvana, best known in anime circles for the Card Captors adaptation of Card Captor Sakura has acquired another anime series."

"According to the press release "At MIP-TV, Nelvana International will debut the futuristic Medabot: Techno Robot Battle Adventures, a high-powered action-adventure series for six- to 12-year olds, featuring over 375 robots, lots of techno wizardry and promising merchandising potential. The company holds the worldwide distribution and merchandise licensing rights (excluding Italy and Asia) to the Japanese anime series, produced by NAS/Kodansha in association with TV Tokyo. Nelvana also has North American and U.K. distribution and merchandise licensing rights to the hit CLAMP/Kodansha/NEP21-produced Cardcaptors, now airing on Kids' WB! and Teletoon."

"Medabot tells the story of ``good guys'' Ikki, Metabee, Rokusho, Koji and Arika and ``bad guys'' Fishface, Calamari, Gillguy and Squidguts, pitted in a world where robots rule with super-charged brawn and brains, brought to life with special pieces of hardware called ``medallions''.

Nelvana International will also highlight the charming kids series, Pecola. Co-produced by Nelvana with Japan's Milky Cartoon and Yomiko Advertising in association with Teletoon, Pecola is the third production from Nelvana's state-of-the-art 3D facility in Toronto. "

Also of note:
" In Japan, Nelvana's partnership with Kodansha will generate the publication of at least 10 Babar books in 2001, including a continuing serial in two of the multi-media company's consumer magazines. Babar: King of the Elephants debuts on NHK this year, and Franklin, Little Bear and Elliot Moose are now airing on Japan's TV Asahi's digital satellite channel. "

Source - UMJAMS Anime New

Well, I think that's it for now.  Have a great weekend, and enjoy the new Digimon episods. ^_^

Feb. 10, 2001 Sweeps Results / Site news:
2 / 20 / 01 - Updated by "animefan25"

Digimon, with a little help from the new Power Rangers series on Fox has helped it to get a ratings win in the 6-11 age demographic for it's second week in 'sweeps'.  The 9:30 AM time did slightly better than the 8 AM timeslot, but it was very close.  The 2-11 age demographic, however, seems to still enjoy Pikachu & Co. giving Pokemon a slight edge (about a point's worth) over the Digidestined in it's respective timeslots.  

Results for this past weekend will come when I see them.

Source - UMJAMS Anime News

I'm still doing a bit of image hunting for Digimon 02 pics (not easy to come by).  Other than that, there's not much else to report on.

Ja ne...till next time. ^_^

Digimon eps / Other news:
2 / 18 / 01 - Updated by "animefan25"

Well, I hope those of you who follow Digimon enjoyed the new episodes yesterday.  Unfortunately for me, I slept in, so I missed them....add to that I forgot to set my VCR to record them.....whoops.  Pretty much you can tell from that, how I felt.  Now I have to wait for them to re-run.....which may not be till this Spring or early Summer.

Remember, Digimon is also on @ 4:30 PM on most Fox Kids affiliates.  They're re-running Season 02 in order, so if you've missed anything, catch it now.  

The 3rd Pokémon movie is set to run on Wednesday, April 11.  I don't konw the full title yet, but part of it is "Pokemon - The Movie 3".  Also unsure if it's to include a short feature before the main one like with the previous 2 Poké-flicks, so I'll keep a lookout for any other details on it.

As for site stuff, I've added profiles for Wallace (Willis) and Michael (both from Digimon) in the Digimon 02 "The New" Characters page.  I never realized I forgot those 2.  Also I'm starting to collect Digimon 02 images for the pix gallery to that series.

Finally, keep those votes coming, anime fans.  I plan to stick up another poll under the SPC poll sometime later this week.

Ja ne...till next time. ^_^

New Digimon episodes Tomorrow:
2 / 16 / 01 - Updated by "animefan25"

Don't forget Digimon fans.  There are 2 new episodes on tomorrow morning.  They are "Opposites Attract" and "If I Only Had A Heart".  Please note, I don't give spoilers out.....there are already too many sites that do this, and to me, it ruins the purpose of watching Digimon....or any anime for that matter.  See for yourself what happens, or record the episodes if you're going to miss them.

Slayers on Fox / Site updates...
2 / 15 / 01 - Updated by "animefan25"

Hi again anime fans. ^_^

First off, I have good news about the Slayers TV series dub that Fox is working on.  They ARE using the Software Sculptors masters for this.  All names will stay the same, but a title ("The Slayers" or something else) is yet to be determined, and of course, editing will be done to conform with the censors.  At least they won't have to re-dub the series.....saves them a lot of work.

I will keep the "SPC on DVD" poll up for at least a month or so.  To those who have voted, thanks a bunch. :)  When I decide to close the poll, I will tally results and will announce the final count.  Expect another poll to be started soon.

I pushed the SPC section to the top of the nav. bar also.  I felt that Pokémon had taken that spot long enough.  Also, I moved the Guestbook links up above the Site Stats, so visitors would be able to find it.

Finally, I have begun on the "Dragon Ball" page, and grabbing Digimon 02 images to put up into a gallery for that series.

The Voting Polls are Open / DragonBall Revisited / New Digimon eps / more...:
2 / 10 / 01 - Updated by "animefan25"

Lots of news flying around this weekend here in the anime realm, so lets get right down to it.

Site News:
I have put up a new area on this page.  It's a little polling area, which will be changed every 2 weeks or so depending on responses. 

Fox Kids Drops Plans for "Detective Conan" dub:
I pulled this bit from the newsgroup I participate in.  It seems as Saban/Fox has lost interest after taking a hard look at "Detective Conan", into dubbing the series for a US release, and thus, has terminated all licenses to it.  Kind of a smart move by Fox, because the series is quite violent, and possibly uneditable in some areas without runing the plot.  

Guess it's off to looking for another distributor.

Source: rec.arts.anime.misc (Newsgroup)

FUNimation News:
The folks who brought us 'DragonBall / DBZ', have acquired rights to not one......But TWO anime series.  They are 'Yu Yu Hakusho' and 'Blue Gender'.  
'Hakusho' will be edited and dubbed for a broadcast TV release, while 'Blue Gender' will most likely see a more direct translation and 'direct-to-video' release, which would make it FUNimation's first venture into anime aimed at more of an older audience, and it would also be their first direct video release.


'Slayers' Fox Kids issues:
There have been some misunderstandings, and I believe I also stated in a past update that the Fox Kids run of Slayers, would be handled by CPM.  It seems that this is misleading.  Enoki Films has the rights to edit Slayers down to an accpetible level for broadcast TV here, despite CPM already having made a dubbed/subbed release on VHS/DVD.  Thus the Fox version may vary from the CPM version.  

Stay tuned...


Big Screen news:
Akira's re-issue is to be distributed by Warner Bros, the same folks who brought us the 2 previous Pokémon movies, and the forthcoming one this Spring.  Akira will also be released to theatres this Spring.

Also, 'Princess Mononoke' is FINALLY getting a VHS (dubbed only) release into the consumer market.  It'll retail for around $20.....much lower than the ridiculous $100 pricetag for the rental market issuing.


TV Series news / Misc.:
There are new Digimon eps running this February on Saturdays.  We're now into a whole new arc, and BlackWarGreymon has been unleashed on the Digi-Destined.  Considering how they did against him the first time around, it looks like it's going to be a long hard fight.

Gundam Wing will be returning to Cartoon Network in March.  This time, they're only running the edit though, because the unedited Midnight Run version had fairly poor ratings.

....and....speaking of Ratings.....

The first results of "Sweeps' are in.  Last weekend (2/3/01) on the broadcast side of the dial, Digimon 02 and Los Luchadores both toppled the competition in the 2 -11 and 8 -11 demographic.  However, Pokemon is following close behind, so this could be yet another tight race during February sweeps.

Of course, for cable/satellite.....Nickelodeon took top honors (nothing new there), followed by The WB, and Fox Kids.  ABC in all demographics fell dead last in ratings.

I'll have second week results (2/10/01) up late next week.  Lets see if Digimon and Luchadores pull it off again.

I recently purchased the entire "DragonBall" (USA / FUNimation run) TV series in a 2 DVD set.  It includes the 13 episodes that were run weekly on TV in 1995/1996, and a full length movie called "Curse of the Bloodrubies" which is really good.  

This was the first anime to introduce me to the anime medium.  I highly recommend it, as it is full of comedy, and there's also a good amount of action, but not as much as DB's successor, DBZ.  I myself, am enjoying it all over again, and finally getting to see the episodes I missed.

Once I have finished watching DB, it will be the first section I work on in the 'Other Anime Titles' section.  Be forewarned DBZ fans.....this will focus ONLY on Dragonball, the original series.  If you're looking for DBZ info, there's hundreds of sites out there to satisfy your hunger that you can search for @ Anime Web Turnpike, Yahoo, and just about any search engine you choose.

Well that should do it for now.  Next update to come soon.  :)

SPC section moved / Digimon Movie is Now Out:
2 / 08 / 01 - Updated by "animefan25"

I've decided to move the SPC section up between the Pokemon and Digimon sections so it gets some more exposure.

Also, the Digimon Movie is out now on VHS/DVD.  There are no cut scenes added, but the DVD includes English and Spanish subtitles, the theatrical preview, and the "Kids In America" music video.  Both VHS and DVD include a mini poster.

I took a look through the site and noticed that the "Pokemon Johto" story page is not finished, and also I have to collect some good Digimon 02 Images for the image gallery to that section.  I'll start doing that as soon as time allows.

Switching Instant Messanging::
2 / 02 / 01 - Updated by "animefan25"

I know it's only been a few days since I first re-opened, but I've already decided to switch to a different IM service, thus more of you should be able to reach me.

I am now on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) and my screen name if you wish to contact me is 'SpeedySPC22'.  

Also, that darn groundhog saw its shadow today.  You know what that means.....6 more weeks of winter ahead of us.  Lets just hope it goes quickly.

One more bit of news.  If you haven't heard already, the Digimon Movie that flopped at theatres this past fall, is getting released on DVD/VHS this coming Tuesday.  They say it is going to be a 'special full length feature edition', but I'm not keeping my hopes up that they're going to add in the scenes that were cut out of the theatre release.

Assorted Anime News Bytes:
2 / 01 / 01 - Updated by "animefan25"

Slayers Coming to Fox Kids:
At first, I thought this was just a rumor, but reports say that "The Slayers", originally released by Central Park Media, is coming to Fox Kids this month.....abelt being edited using the original dub master tapes to suit a younger viewing audience.

Check your local listings for time and channel.


Akira to get a Re-issue:
The anime cult-classic "Akira" is finally seeing a reissue onto VHS/DVD.  Pioneer Animation Ltd. has picked up the rights to reissue Akira, first in theatres this Spring in a totally new re-dubbing which will cost them over $1 million to produce, and then a VHS/DVD re-issue this Fall.  This is great news as the original Orion/Streamline issuing has been out-of-print for quite a long time now.


Monster Rancher Back in Fox Kids lineup:
'Monster Rancher', which hasn't been on Fox Kids since the demise of their "Anime Invasion" block, has returned for a second season.  The last 28 episodes are scheduled to air.  

You can catch Monster Rancher on Tue.- Fri. on Fox Kids.  Check your listings for stations and times.

Poké-Digi Palace reopens as "Animefan's Anime Palace"
2 / 01 / 01 - Updated by "animefan25"

Woah.  I can't believe I left this place go for so long.  Well, I hope you enjoy the new color scheme (I feel darker colors are easier on the eyes) and the new sections.

Any animé related news I find from various sources (eg: TRSI, AnimeNation, etc) will go in this section.  After a week it will be archived in the 'News Archive' page, which you'll find a link to below.