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All the Animé titles mentioned within 'Animefan's Anime Palace' are all copyrights of their respected owners.  This includes, but is not limited to, any logos, character names and their likenesses (what they look like), plot changes, and a whole mess of other things.  No challenge or claim to ownership of any titles mentioned have been made.  The Anime History pages were complied by me through lots of online research and my own views of anime.

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Images for this site were taken from various sites on the WWW.  There are no direct links to any of the images on this site from other sites.  I downloaded them to my hard drive first, enhanced them with Photoshop v. 5.5, and then uploaded them to my host server (Tripod).  Any and all the people's sites who I saved images, backgrounds, or borrowed information from, have their site links on my Links page.  Screenshot (anime) images are the copyright of their respectful owners (as stated above), and should only be used for personal, non-profit use.  "Kids WB" watermark is ™ of AOL-Time-Warner.  "UPN" watermark is a ™ of Viacom, and the "Fox Kids" icon a ™ of Fox/News Corp.

The MIDI files in the MIDI page were all sequenced and/or remixed by me.  I used Cakewalk Home Studio to sequence and mix them, and then tested them through a Creative Labs 'SoundBlaster Live Value' soundcard / wavetable.   I believe MIDI is public domain, as there is no way to make a MIDI composition of a song sound EXACTLY like what you may hear in the original song on TV or on the radio, but I still warn you to only download them for PERSONAL AND NON-PROFIT USES.  I will NOT be held responsible for what you do with them.  If you plan on using ANY files for your webpage, CONTACT ME FIRST.

Fan fics in the "Fan fic Archive" are the works of their respectful authors.  I do not own them, nor are they my creation.  I only give the authors space to host them.

Finally, thanks to Tripod.  They, along with their sponsors, allow me to have the free space for my site.


This site is a non-profit, non-commercial site.  It's purpose is to show the animé newbies out there what they can discover in this popular genre of entertainment, and for those animé otaku (the die-hard fans) out there who wish to re-live past animé favorites.


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