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Other Sites of Interest
Here's just a handful of links to other sites on the 'net that I thought were either pretty good, to excellent, as far as anime information and news is concerned.

If you want to link your page/site to mine, see below

Linking My Page:

If you have taken any MIDI files from the MIDI archive, borrowed any information, or if you just think my site looks worthy to be linked to your page/site, email me first to let me if you're using anything and/or just want to link.   Use the banner or button below for your page.

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to one of these URLs:

Pokémon Links

Pokémon World

Pokémon on MSN

The Universal Pokemon Network

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The Pocket Realm


The Psychic Pokemon Connection

Vaporeon2K's Pokemon Site

Digimon Links

Digimon-Digital Monsters @ Fox Kids

The Digi-Realm

Digimon Network

Digidestiny - A Digimon Image Archive

Digimon Connection

Monster Rancher Links

Monster Rancher

Samurai Pizza Cats Links

Polly Esther's Shrine

Princess Vi's Spiffy Diffy WebPage

SPC On-Line

HeroBoy's SPC Page
(This is where I got the KNT opening and closing MIDIs.  All credit goes to him for making those.)

Anime & Related Links

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Anime Web Turnpike

Anime Pitstop
(Pokemon, Digimon, DBZ, Gundam & Monster Rancher -- All In One Place)

The Right Stuf Intl.
(Anime News & On-line Anime store)

(Anime News & On-line Anime store)

My Little Niche Online
(Well, it's not really 'my' site.  It's actually a site owned by an online friend.  Go and check it out!)


Disclaimer / Copyrights
 All titles mentioned, and all likenesses (Character designs, logos, names, etc, etc.) related to them are copyrights of their respected owners as described in the Disclaimer page.  This is a non profit fansite.  No challenge of ownership has been made, so don't come suing me....I dont have that kind of money.

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