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Anime Timeline

Anime has come a long way since it's beginnings in the early-mid 1960s.  From the classics "Astro Boy" and "Speed Racer", to today's 'monster' (pun intended) hits "Pokémon" and "Digimon", each generation had it's share of anime on the TV airwaves.

We can split the timeline into 4 segments:

1: The Classics (1960-1970)

2: The "Golden Age" of Anime (1978-1988)

3: Generation Y Anime (1990-1997)

4: The New Millennium and Beyond (1998-2001)

There are 2 charts below.  The first will give you chronology of anime on U.S. TV, including the year it started, what network it aired on or if it was in syndication, and the companies who produced and/or distributed them.

The second chart, lists some of the more important anime movies and some of the more popular TV series that you can only get in VHS/DVD format.  Eventually I'll add the original authors of their respective series in that chart

If you do have a question on a title I haven't listed here, ask, as I may know.  Also any corrections/additions to the table below, would be most appreciated.

With all that said, below is the timeline  See if you spot an old favorite. :)

Note that the "Year" is when the series first appeared in the USA, not necessarily when it was created in Japan.


Major Anime Titles That Ran on U.S. TV.

  Anime Title: Year Network or Syndicated Production Company(s)
The 'Classics' Astro Boy 1963 Synd. NBC
  Gigantor 1965 Synd.  
  Kimba, The White Lion 1967 Synd.  
  Speed Racer
(Mach Go Go Go)
1967 Synd. Tatsunoko Prod.
  Battle of the Planets (Gatchaman) 1978 Synd. Sandy Frank Prod.
  Star Blazers
(Space Battleship Yamato)
1978 Synd. Clastar / Voyager Ent.
  Mobile Suit Gundam 1979



Cartoon Network

Sunrise Studios

Sunrise / Bandai

The 'Golden Age' G Force 1980 Synd.  
  Robotech 1984 Synd. Harmony Gold / Streamline Ent.
  Voltron: Defender of the Universe
(Go Lion)
1984 Synd. World Events Prod. 
TOEI Animation Ltd.
(not anime, but inspired by it.)
1985 Synd. Rankin-Bass / Lorimar
Dist. by Telepictures
The 'Y Generation' Dragon Warrior 1990 Synd Saban - Fox
  Sailor Moon 1994 Synd. DIC / TOEI Animation
Seagull Ent.
  Dragon Ball 1995 Synd. FUNimation / Seagull Ent. / TOEI Animation
  Ronin Warriors 1995 Synd. Graz Entertainment / Clastar Ent.
  Saban's Eagle Riders (Gatchaman II) 1996 Synd. UPN WB Saban - Fox / Tatsunoko Prod / Sotsu Agency
  Saban's Samurai Pizza Cats 
(Kyattou Ninden Teyandee)
1996 Synd.UPN  WB Saban - Fox / Tatsunoko Prod. / Sotsu Agency
  Dragon Ball Z 
(first 53 episodes)
1997 2000 Synd. FUNimation / Saban - Fox TOEI / Program Exchange
The 'Millenium' Pokémon 1998
4Kids Ent. - Summit Media Kids WB / TVTokyo -SoftX
  DragonBall Z
(ep 54 - present)
1998 Cartoon Network FUNimation / TOEI
(Season 3, onward)
1998 Cartoon Network DIC (98-fall 99) Cloverway (99-present)  TOEI Animation Ltd.
  Digimon: Digital Monsters 1999 FOX Saban - Fox / TOEI
  Monster Rancher 1999




BKN / TMS - K / Dentsu Agency / TECMO
  Flint The Time Detective 2000 FOX Saban - Fox
  DinoZaurs 2000 FOX Saban - Fox
  Gundam Wing / Endless Waltz 2000 Cartoon Network Sunrise / Bandai / Sotsu Agency.
  Tenchi Muyo 
(Tenchi Universe & Tenchi In Tokyo)
2000 Cartoon Network Pioneer Animation Ltd. Cartoon Network
  Digimon 'Zero Two' 2000 FOX Saban - Fox / TOEI
  (The Vision Of) Escaflowne  2000 FOX Sunrise / Bandai / Fox
  Pokemon: The Johto Journeys 
(Pokemon G/S)
2000 WB 4Kids - Kids WB / TV Tokyo -SoftX
  Card Captors 
(Card Captor Sakura)
2000 WB CLAMP / Kids WB / NELVANA Ent.

I repeated some titles like Pokemon, because of either a name change to the series, and/or a change of networks or producers.  This way, I wouldn't have to clump all the information for one series as a whole, together...thus making it more confusing than it already seems.


Other Significant Anime Movies & TV Shows

  Title Year  Movie
TV Series
Production Company (Distributor in the USA)
Some Significant Anime Flicks Akira 1988




Streamline (Orion/MGM-UA)

Pioneer Animation Ltd.

  Ghost In The Shell 1995 Movie  
  Princess Mononoke (Mononoke Hime) 1999 Movie Studio Ghibli 
Significant Anime not on U.S. TV  Ranma 1/2 1994 TV Series Fuji TV / Kitty Films
(VIZ Video)
  The Slayers
(Uncut Dub/Sub)
1997 TV Series TV Tokyo / SoftX
(Software Sculptors / CPM)
  Rurouni Kenshin

Samurai X 
(RK OAV series)



TV series


Fuji TV
(Media Blasters)

ADV Films

  Fushigi Yuugi 
(The Mysterious Play)
1999 TV Series Pioneer Animation Ltd.

I apologize for not crediting the authors.  If you know who made what already, that's great  If you dont, ask me.  These are just examples of what they have done, as listing every series they've developed would take ages.


Well, as you can see, anime has grown with time.  The last decade has especially seen major strides in the medium when it comes to what is aired on TV.  With digital TV on the horizon, I'm sure we'll see even more titles, both older and favorite classics, and new cutting-edge anime utilizing CGI that looks as if it was colored and drawn by hand.  

In short, it looks as if anime will be around to stay.  Even when the most current wave dies out, the next generation will bring in another wave of anime for their generation to enjoy, just like past ones have enjoyed what was around in their time.  Hopefully, future generations will also look back upon what has happened with anime, and enjoy the classics as well.


Disclaimer / Copyrights
 All titles mentioned, and all likenesses (Character designs, logos, names, etc, etc.) related to them are copyrights of their respected owners as described in the Disclaimer page.  This is a non profit fansite.  No challenge of ownership has been made, so don't come suing me....I dont have that kind of money.

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