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Digimon 02 'Zero-Two'

The second series of "Digimon" takes place 4 years later, after Tai and the other 7 original Digi-destined defeated Apocalymon and saved both the Earth and the Digi-World from certain destruction.

However, a new nemesis was to pose a threat to the peace that the Digi-World had enjoyed for those 4 years.  For a while, the 'Digimon Kaizer' had been enslaving Digimon left and right using his Dark Rings, and then setting up towers in various spots to keep them under his control.

This is where 3 new Digi-Destined, namely Daisuke 'Davis' Motomiya, Miyako 'Yolei' Inoue, and Iori 'Cody' Hida, team up with TK and Kari, who are now older, to try and stop the Kaizer from continuing on with his plot of taking over the Digi-world as his own.

However, they are not alone.  The older Digi-destined, also get involved at times, to try and stop the Digi-world from falling into evil hands again.

Instead of tags and crests, the new Digi-destined use 'Digi-eggs' to power up their Digimon to 'Digi-armor' stage....which is between a Rookie and Champion.  The reason for this is because of the towers that the Digimon Kaizer had set up around the Digi-world, thus 'locking out' any Digimons' ability to Digivolve right to Champion level or beyond.

Only with the help of the older Digi-destined, and the new Digi-armor powers, will the new 'chosen ones' prevail over the Digimon Kaizer, and restore peace once again to the Digi-world.

The Digi-Destined of 'Zero-Two' and their Digimon.

To find out more about Digimon 02, follow the links under the 'Season 02' section of "Digimon".


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