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TV Episodes Listing and Video/DVD Listing

Missed an episode?  Trying to complete your MR video collection?  Here's some lists that may help you.

Episode List | Video List

Episode List

Here's a list of all the episodes in the Monster Rancher TV series.
Season 3 (not listed here yet) has been picked up by BKN and will see a tentative release this Spring, possibly going to a 5-day-a-week schedule, instead of only once a week.

Season 1
EP #

Episode Title

1 In The Beginning...
2 I Am Mocchi
3 Guardian of the Disks
4 Eternal Worm
5 Tiger of the Wind
6 Hare's Trick
7 The Courageous Seven
8 After The Rain
9 The Iron Bird
10 The Ruin's Secret
11 Pixie's Defeat
12 Monol's Story
13 Moo Revealed
14 Holly Rescued
15 A New Departure
16 Great Battle At Sea
17 Underground Adventure
18 Our Hero Henger, Forever
19 Suezo's Secret Weapon
20 My Name is Pixie
21 The Mocchi Cannon
22 Run Tiger, Run!!
23 Don't Give Up, Ducken
24 Undine's Lake
25 Warriors of the Ruins
26 Melcarba
Season 2
EP #

Episode Title

27 Tiger's Battle With Destiny
28 Colour Pandora, Guardian of the Forest
29 Farewell, My Friend
30 Baby Bossy
31 Amusement Park Ruins
32 Holly's Smile is a Million Golds
33 Battle in the Meadow
34 The Town That Disappeared
35 Battle With The Big Bad 4
36 Eve's Night
37 Holly's Happy Birthday
38 Evil General Durahan's Challenge
39 Goodbye, Baku
40 Secret of the Pendant Stone
41 Tiger's Last Day
42 The Warriors from Outer Space
43 The Sand Assassin, Renocraft
44 A Scramble For The Pendant Stone
45 Durahan Dies At Daybreak
46 Of War & Hate
47 Tears
48 Blue Skies

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Video List

The "Monster Rancher" series is released by ADV Films (the same people who release "Neon Genesis Evangelion")  Order it on VHS or DVD at Amazon.com or RightStuf.com  Search for "Monster Rancher"   If you have Suncoast or EB (Electronics Boutique) at your local mall, try finding it there (they seem to have just about everything possibly in print for VHS video/DVD).  If not there, try Musicland/Sam Goody, Big K, Wal Mart, or Target.  It will be among the kids and/or family videos there.

As new releases are announced, the list will be updated to reflect it.

Released: Subtitle: Volume
January, 2000 Let The Games Begin! 1
March, 2000 Catch A Tiger By The Tail 2
May, 2000 Fast Friends & Fiendish Foes! 3
Problem With Pixie 4
December, 2000 Moo Attacks!! 5
(no title available at this time) 6
February, 2001 It's Time to Get Tough! 7
Racing to Win! 8

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