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The 'Old'er and Wiser Digi-Destined

Well, with TK, Kari, and the 3 new Digi-Destined taking care of things within the Digi-world, we can't forget the old Digi-destined who took care of Apocalymon at the end of Season 1.  They've all grown up in just 4 years time.  They all play a part in Season 02, helping the new Digi-Destined get through any rough spots in their adventures.

Name:  Taichi "Tai" Kamiya
Grade:  9th

Our former leader is now a much calmer and collected person.  He has no goggles because he gave them to Davis when they first met.  





Name:  Sora Takenouchi
Grade:  9th

Sora isn't much of a tomboy as she was in the first season.  She now has taken up tennis as a sport, and also helps her mother out with flower arrangements.






Name:  Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi
Grade:  8th

Izzy is still the computer geek we've come to know, and he is the president of the school's computer club.  Him and Tai are the ones who help the new Chosen kids out the most, mainly guiding them through the Digiworld.  

Heightwise though....he's still the shortest in his class

Name:  Joe Kido
Age:  16
Grade:  10th

Joe is the one we see the least of in the second go-round of Digimon.  This is because he is studying hard (still wanting to become a doctor) and his High School entrance exams seem to put a crunch on his schedule.


Name:  Yamato "Matt" Ishida
Grade:  9th

Matt, like Tai, has also calmed himself down.  He formed himself a pop-rock band which is popular with the local crowd and Davis's sister, Jun, is one of his biggest fans.





Name:  Mimi Tachikawa
Age:  14
Grade:  8th

Finally, we have Mimi.  After Season 1, her family decided to move......to America.  She still likes the color pink, as you can see by the color she chose to dye her hair.  She's also not seen frequently because she lives half a world away, but she still keeps tabs with the others back in Japan via E-mail.


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