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The First Movie

A quick note before you continue:   This page is for those of you who have seen the movie, or will never get the chance to see it.  It is also here to serve as a way for you to remember what you've watched....assuming you have seen it already once or a few times.

Below are the stories to the movie and the 22 min short "Pikachu's Vacation".  Below that are my opinions on the 2 films and my ratings for each.  Enjoy. :)

Pikachu's Vacation | Mewtwo Strikes Back | My Thoughts

Pikachu's Vacation

In one summer day, Pikachu and the other Pokémon owned by Ash and his friends come to Pokemon Land, a park for only Pokemon, to spend their break. They are all joyful. However, after a while of their coming through the gate, Togepi starts to cry. He is now a baby, and hungry. Startled, yet wanting him to stop crying Pikachu pulls his cheeks to make a funny face. Squirtle also tries, though in vain. He makes up for this though by finding a lovely red apple on a branch of a tree. He calls Pikachu and Bulbasaur over and Togepi becomes delighted at the sight of it. Bulbasaur uses a little Razor Leaf to cut it off. The fruit drops, and rolls to stop right before Psyduck. He takes it, and then, to the Pokémon's surprise, eats it. Togepi then cries even more.

Togepi finally calms down, but Raichu, Cubone, Marril and Snubble pass near them, chatting loudly. Squirtle asks the group to be quiet, making them angry. As Bulbasaur joins, the two groups glare at each other, ready to fight. Pikachu tries hard to soothe them Togepi totters to a river valley and onto a log over it. Pikachu realizes about Togepi's wandering and chases after him. The log moves suddenly. Pikachu is startled, while Togepi is pleased. It rolls down the valley in a high speed, throwing Pikachu into the river. He looks around quickly for Togepi, finding him at a side of the valley. He sighs, relieved.

As he is back, carrying Togepi on his back, he gives another sigh to have seen the two groups still quarrel. They decide to settle it by Squirtle and Marril having a swimming race. The race begins with a generous Electrode who uses an Explosion. Obstructed by some of other Pokémon, both swim with great guts, but Marril wins much to Squirtle's disappointment. But their fight doesn't finish. Throwing insults, Raichu's electric sparks hit the ground near the resting Togepi. Pikachu dashes near him, shielding him. A spark hits Pikachu. He stiffens his body, shocked. Raichu and other Pokémon of his group laugh. Pikachu looks back, his eyes lifted, and burning with rage. He goes close to Raichu, glaring at him. Raichu stares back. A tense hash comes between them for all of a minute... They start to move, cheek to cheek. Suddenly, the two electric mice dash off. They run down paths, through a river, crashing against other Pokémon on their way. Even Meowth, who was dozing with Arbok and Weezing. Continuing, they step on Charizard's tail in the process.

Charizard flares up, and dashes after them, but the two don't care. Charizard fails to catch up at first but uses his wings as a giant fan to blow them off a cliff where they find themselves under a Snorlax. As they free themselves, Charizard flies down for more trying to impress the two, but not looking where he was flying gets his head pushed into a small hole. Puzzlement is in minds of the Pokémon, except for Raichu's group, including Charizard. The hole is too small for his head, and he cannot pull it out no matter how many times he tries to pull back. The good guys tie his leg tight with the end of a long and thick rope grips it and pulls it with all their might. They try over and over, but Charizard's head is still in the hole. Tears fill his eyes, as he is disappointed. Raichu and his group members watch them, keeping a short distance. Pikachu goes near them, and asks, "pika, pika pika chu. Pikachu. (Help us. Please)" They agree with him, and goes to take the rope, except Cubone. They try harder, and Charizard's head is almost out, yet still in. Tears rolls down his cheeks.

Finally Cubone's hands grip at the point an inch before Pikachu's on the rope. Pikachu is delighted. They try once more, much harder. Finally, Charizard are pulled back, his head out the hole. Two groups are now friends. They repair places, which have been destroyed by their fight, and play together the rest of the day. In the evening, Ash and his friends come to take Pikachu and the other Pokémon. As he calls Pikachu, a big smile is on Pikachu's face. "Pikapi! (Satoshi or Ash in this case)" Pikachu runs straight into his chest.

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Mewtwo Strikes Back

Mewtwo, who is newborn, opens his eyes in a laboratory, finding a dozen people in white clothes. They are scientists, who have given a birth to him, by genetically processing cells of Mew, the rarest Pokémon on the earth, to create the strongest Pokémon, able to speak a human language. Mewtwo's birth is not natural, but artificial. He recognises that, and is confused, and destroys the laboratory. Giovanni, the boss of the Team Rocket, takes him and makes him help with them capturing Pokémon. (See Pokemon TV ep "Battle of the Badge" to see what happened) The mystery of his life is always in his mind, and he destroys the base of Team Rocket, too, to be alone.

Overlooking the sea in grassland on a cliff, Ash awaits Brock's stew ready on a table. Pikachu finds Togepi totter to the edge of the cliff, and panicked, rushes to help him. Togepi stops an inch from the edge, while Pikachu drops from it. The cliff is not deep at the side, to Pikachu's relief. Togepi chuckles to see him crawl up. A man challenges Ash. He cheers up, and accepts.  (This is where opening credits start to roll and the remix of "Pokemon Theme" is heard) After using Squirtle's Bubblebeam on the guy's Machamp, Bulbasaur's Solar Beam on his Donfan and Pikachu's Thunderbolt on his last three, Ash wins. Then suddenly he receives an invitation card, the message told by a beautiful woman in holography. The sender is unknown, but is just introduced by her the as strongest Pokemon trainer, and is to join a Pokemon league in the Pokemon castle in Mew Island. Ash decides to accept the invitation.

A storm outrages waves of the sea, so that it is impossible to launch a ship, as his party arrives at a port. They learn that there are many other trainers who were invited by the stranger, and that a female doctor of a Pokemon center is missing. Trainers try the raging sea, with the help of their Pokémon that can move in the water or fly. Unfortunately no one of Ash's party owns any that would be strong enough, and they don't know what to do. But a boat appears, and the two sailors offer a ride. Relieved Ash and the crew accept it. (He doesn't note Meowth at the head of the boat.) Ash is in high sprits in the boat, while Pikachu is scared of pitching. As a huge wave assaults it, the helmets which the sailors wore low over their eyes were swept away, revealing their faces. It's Jessie and James of Team Rocket! Ash is astonished. At that time another wave comes, and they are all thrown out of the boat into water. Misty quickly sends out Starmie, while Ash sends out Squirtle, and they cling on to either of them, letting the current take them where it goes.

Luckily, they make it to Mew Island. A moment later, Team Rocket does too. There are only three trainers that are there not inclusive - Sweet, Sorao, and Umio. The woman who appeared in the hologram greets them and tells them to call out all of their Pokémon. They are astonished when the host appears; who is Mewtwo, the Pokémon that is unknown to them yet. Noting himself as a trainer, two of the trainers become outraged, because he is only a Pokémon. The woman's condition suddenly changes, and she collapses. Brock rushes to her and holds her in his arms, finding himself looking at the female doctor who they learned was missing. Trainers send some of their Pokémon to battle Mewtwo, but he beats them easily. Then he takes the trainers and Pokémon to a league field that apparently he constructed.

Team Rocket, who were not invited, make their own way into the castle. They are followed by Mew, of which they are unaware and find themselves in a lab. They find huge tubes there. Some of them contain a Pokémon sleeping. As they wonder around, Meowth is captured by a pair of mechanical arms and put on a conveyer belt. He struggles to escape with the help of Jessie and James while the arms pull three hairs out of his tail. Meowth manages to escape, and a computer turns on describing information about Meowth's genes. Suddenly, a clone of Meowth appears in one of the empty tubes. Mewtwo, highly intelligent, studies there and successfully creates clones of Pokemon, making them stronger than the original. And they are not just copies they have lives.

Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise come out of tubes, then go to the league field, called by Mewtwo by telepathy. Mewtwo being Psychic and all knows that Sorao owns a Venusaur, Sweet raises a Blastoise, and Ash has a Charizard. He is there to prove that his copies are superior to the originals. It is his revenge for human beings that have given a birth to him, making use of him. The clones set to battle, showing that they are incredibly strong. They conquer the originals, disappointing the invited trainers.

Mewtwo's revenge doesn't finish there however. Psychic balls of energy fly across the field, each aiming at the original Pokémon. Mewtwo's balls capture them one after another, now leaving Pikachu. A dozen balls are sent to him. He runs, shooting electricity, frightened. Ash desperately tries to save him. But a ball captures Pikachu. Ash runs after it runs after it, but it flies away. Team Rocket are still in the lab and the balls coming zooming in. The hands take each and the computer analyses the gene. Each time, a perfect copy is created. Pikachu's ball arrives, and Ash follows.

As the mechanics grab Pikachu, so does Ash. Pulling with all his might, he breaks the machine.  It breaks into sparks and it spits Pokémon out. Pikachu is safe, and Ash hugs him tight in his arms. Clones are summoned by Mewtwo and go to the league field. Satoshi and Pikachu follow them with originals. Then they see a small, white monster there. It was Mew. Mewtwo's mother… the original… Mewtwo shakes his whole body with mixed feelings, dread and delight that he would fight his original to prove HE is superior. As they fight, other Pokémon also battle with their copies hand-to-hand. Pikachu's copy appears, too. He glares at the original Pikachu, and goes after him. Pikachu doesn't resist, as he doesn't want to battle a himself in a context. The copy shouts at him, "pika, pikachu! (Fight me!)" Pikachu shakes his head, refusing to counter. Tears well up to the copy's eyes, but he cannot stop himself while Mew fights Mewtwo. Crying, the copy continues to beat Pikachu. Finally the copy is exhausted and collapses. Pikachu moves towards him and holds him tenderly.

Ash, who is now disgusted by this, and cannot stand to see them battle any longer. He dashes toward the spot Mew and Mewtwo fight, crying, "Don't! Don't fight any longer!" Just then, Mew and Mewtwo shoot out powerful psychic balls of energy. Hitting him he screams, and collapses to the ground. All the Pokémon, including Mew and Mewtwo, freeze and just watch him. "Pikapi!" Pikachu goes up to him, looking into his face. His body starts to stiffen right before Pikachu's eyes. Pikachu wonders at first what has actually happened, looking at his best friend lying on the floor not moving. Pikachu shocks him, hoping it may revive him. But Ash remains still. Pikachu tries once more, then over and over (He does this about 5 or 6 times). When he becomes too tired to shoot a beam anymore, Ash still lies still on the ground. Tears well up to Pikachu's eyes roll down his cheeks (sniff sniff...), and drop to the ground, and are quickly filtered into the soil. Other originals and clones begin to weep. Their tears wet the ground, and are conveyed to Satoshi through the soil. His body softens slowly, and he finally recovers, moving ever so slightly. Pikachu hugs him, and Ash hugs back.

Mewtwo calls the clones by telepathy, and they float up. He can now believe in his life, which is valuable, and is leaving to look for the place where they can all live. Ash, Pikachu, and the rest watch them flying away, now feeling for them. When Ash fully recovers, he walks to the port with his friends. The other trainers are there too. No one remembers what happened in the island. The storm is over a moment later, and the sea recovers the peace, its surface brightening in the sunlight.

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My Thoughts:

Pikachu's Vacation:  

This was a good way to start a movie off....warm, funny and light-hearted.  All the Pokemon finally get a break from their trainers to have some fun, which was nice to see.   Also, 2 new Pokemon were introduced for the first time in this short....Snubble and Marril, from Pokemon G/S.

The only thing I found annoying was the breaks in-between segments, where they would show a dozen or so of a certain Pokemon on the screen.....and they repeat their name over and over to a cheesy little tune....WAAH WHERE ARE THE EARPLUGS?!! ^_^;;  Thats the only complaint I have of the whole movie though.

Mewtwo Strikes Back:  

This was perhaps the deepest story ever written up for Pokemon (movies and TV series combined).   For those of you who follow the TV series and want to stick this movie in there.....put it in after "Battle of the Badge", since that was sort of a "prologue" to this movie. 

This movie starts off somewhat as a normal TV episode would, but that's where similarities end.  From there on, it takes place on Mew Island, where Mewtwo hung out.  Mewtwo was the most powerful Pokemon I have ever seen...as most of you will agree.  It made me angry to see him trying to control all the trainers' Pokemon like he did.....and then the final blast between Mew and Mewtwo that had Ash THIS ( ) CLOSE to death......probably the saddest moment in Pokemon history to this point (if you include the 2 Pokemon TV episodes "Bye Bye Butterfree", and "Pikachu's Goodbye").

Of course, in the end, Ash was brought back to life, and Mewtwo, seeing this, finally decided that it was not worth it anymore, and flew the coop with Mew......indefinitely.  There was a moral to this 76 minutes worth of animation and dubbing.....but its so tough to pick out, why even bother...it ruins the purpose of watching the movie...which of course is to just enjoy it.

The movie is available on video and DVD, so pick it up or rent it and watch it.  It's worth it. ^_^

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