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Soundtrack CDs

SPC did have 2 soundtracks, but not here in the USA/Canada.  They were only available in Japan, and at the time that the show was running there....which makes them a good 10-11 years old already.  These 2 CDs and a single that were released, are sadly, all out-of-print and because SPC/KNT wasn't THAT popular in the first place, they'll probably never come back into circulation any day soon.

None-the-less, here's some info I've gathered on these soundtracks, and possibly, if I can get ahold of them, the Romanji (Romanized) translations of tack titles (as I can't type or read Japanese).  Until then, I have no track listings for these CDs.

"KNT - Original TV Series Soundtrack"

This was the first CD put out in 1990.  It included most of the original music from the TV series, and also the chart-topping "To Be Yourself", which served as KNT's closing credits song.

This CD also came with liner notes containing lyrics to all the tracks, and a mini-comic.  A very hard to find CD, and if you ever land upon it at Ebay....which you probably never will, expect to pay anywhere above and beyond  $50 for one.

The track listing is below, with track times to the right.

Tracks Song Time
18 No Track Listing....yet.

Total Running Time:

"KNT - Drama CD"

The second KNT CD was put out in early 1991.  This one included drama skits in-between songs.  As with the TV Soundtrack CD, this one is also a rarity, and in a collector's market, demands top dollar.

The track listing is below, with track times to the right.

Tracks Song Time
17 No Track Listing....yet.

Total Running Time:

"To Be Yourself"
(KNT Single)

This was a CD single released for the hit "To Be Yourself".  Again, like with the 2 full CDs, this one's a rare one, and rarely if at all, gets over into 3rd party markets.







As you can see, not much is known about these CDs except for the lucky few (like 1 or 2 people) that DO own them over here.  I keep stressing that they are VERY RARE and VERY COLLECTIBLE, but it has to be mentioned, because it's not like you're going to just step into a Wal-Mart and find these, or look at the Billboard Top 200 and find any songs off of these that are hits.

Had Saban played his cards right with SPC, and giving it good promotion, it would have seen a domestic CD soundtrack, however, that's never going to happen.


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