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The Movie 2000
The Power of One

Introduction | The Power of One (synopsis) | My Thoughts


Again, as with the "First Movie" page, this is for those of you who have seen the movie, or will never get the chance to see it.

The movie starts out with a 22 min. short called "Pikachu's Rescue Adventure", in which Pikachu and his Pokemon friends have to save an enchanted Pokemon forest from the wrath of a huge storm.  Four new Pokemon from the Gold/Silver version were introduced here....Hoothoot, Ladyba, Bellossom, & Elekid..

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The Power of One - Synopsis:

The feature presentation was subtitled "The Power of One" and focuses on an ancient legend, which I have below.

Not disturb the harmony, of Fire, Ice or Lightning.
Lest' these Titans wreak destruction, upon the world in which they clash.

Though the Water's great Guardian, shall arise to quell the fighting.
Alone, his song will fail, and so the world shall turn to Ash.

That's the feature in a nutshell, but I'll expand on this a bit more.

The nasty Pokemon collector, Lawrence III, is devising a plot to catch the 3 legendary birds (Moltres, Zapdos, & Articuno) that are mentioned in the legend, and keep them for his collection.  This will also release the legendary Lugia, which he also wants to add to his collection.  

However, the legend states that if even ONE of these birds is captured, the world will go out of balance and into certain doom.

He manages to catch Moltres at the start of the feature, and this starts causing weird things to occur.  The weather patterns go haywire, the seas get rough, and Pokemon all over the world go nuts, as they are more in-tune with nature than humans are.....meaning they can sense bad weather before humans can...for example.  Anyways, if Lawrence catches all 3 birds, he will awaken Lugia, the ultimate Pokemon, from his underwater sleep.


In the next segment, we meet up with Ash and his friends, as they're still traveling through the Orange Islands.  They are to travel to the next island, but a storm (caused from the whacked out weather) throws their boat into a different direction.  They end up instead, on an exotic island, where the inhabitants declare Ash as the 'Chosen One' who had been sent to save the world from total destruction.  Ash also runs into a girl named Melody, who will prove crucial later in the movie....otherwise throughout most of the flick, she's jealous of Misty and assumes right away that Misty is Ash's boyfriend.


Ash's mom back at home, find out about Ash, and gets all worried about him.  Her, along with Prof. Oak, go out to search for Ash.

Meanwhile, Lawrence finds and succeeds catching Zapdos........and Ash, along with his friends.  Lawrence isn't too happy about this, but decides he'll worry about them at another time, after he catches Articuno....and ultimately....Lugia.  However, Ash and the others are able to free Zapdos and Moltres from their cages after a few tries, and they fly out.  Then Ash & his friends escape just before the fighting between Moltres and Zapdos causes Lawrence's flying fortress to come down to the ground.


Now, with Lawrence out of the way, Ash looks up in the sky, and sees that Articuno has escaped from his respective island, and now all 3 Legendary Birds are at it in an all-out brawl to the death, and the destruction of the world.  When all hope seems to be lost....

...LUGIA awakens!!...

Now its a 4-way battle between the birds.  Lugia, however, can't take too much.  Despite his 'song' echoing throughout, it doesn't phase the Birds one bit, and he soon falls under, falling back down into the water unconscious.

Now it definitely seems like the end, until a Slowking approaches Ash and tells him about 3 orbs, that must be placed in their respective slots at the top of an ancient temple.  This will re-align the Legendary Birds with their correct islands, and restore calm to the world.  There's one little problem though.....Ash has to FIND these orbs himself and restore everything back to normal.  The legend states.

......Alone his Song will fail.....thus the World shall turn to Ash.

It's referring to Ash....the 'Chosen One'.


With that, Ash sets out to find these 3 orbs, with the 3 birds attacking the entire time.  Ash finds the Fire and Thunder orbs with not much trouble, but the Ice one is set waaaaaaay out in the distance across a huge snow field.  He tries to get there himself, but the birds keep swooping down and attacking him.

Enter ..."surprise"... TEAM ROCKET!  For once in their lives as Pokemon Theives, they turn the tables around and help Ash out this time.  They get him to the Ice orb just in time, then just as they're heading back towards the main Temple, an attack by the 3 birds sends them barreling into the snow.

Thankfully, Lugia is restored, due to Melody stepping in to play a legendary song.  (On the Pkmn 2K soundtrack it's called "The Legend Comes To Life").  He comes down to Ash and decides to help him get back to the temple to finish his task.

With Ash on Lugia's back, they fly through the sky, the 3 Legendary Birds close behind, attacking fiercely, and Lugia dodging attacks.  They finally make it to the Temple, where Ash goes up to top and places the 3 orbs in their corresponding slots.  Then Melody, stands in the center of the island they're on and begins playing the Legendary song again.  With the orbs in place, this sends a signal to the 3 Birds, letting them know their correct places.  They then fly back to their correct homes, and the world's destruction is restored to its original state.


Ash's mom and Prof. Oak finally meet up with Ash.  Misty and Melody resolve their conflicts, and all is well with the world of Pokemon once again.

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My Thoughts:

This sequel to the hit "Pokemon- The First Movie" was overall, much better.  The story may seem a bit more shallow than the first time around, but the smoother animation and drawing make up for that.  The dub voices on here, as always, are top notch, and the soundtrack / score of this movie really was better at setting the different tones and moods than the "First Movie" which sometimes placed songs in inappropriate places.

Pokemon - The Movie 2000 is a must-see if you're a Pokemon fan, but even if you're not, it's still an enjoyable movie.

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