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On Video & DVD

If you don't feel like taping the show off TV, you can also buy videos/DVDs of the Pokemon TV series.

The Pokemon series, which is released by Viz Video/Pioneer Animation, follows the same set of episodes you see on TV, only with much better sound quality and picture.  The first volume was released the day after Thanksgiving in 1998.  (a.k.a. "the busiest shopping day of the year")

Now, the question you probably have in your head is "What's out, and where can I get it?"

As for finding these videos, it's not too hard.  Just go to a good video store in your local mall in places like Suncoast, Record Town/Saturday Matinee, or Sam Goody/On-Cue.

If it so happens you don't have one of those stores....since some smaller community malls (less than 40 stores), are losing them, you can also find them at good discount dept. stores, such as Big K-mart, Target, or Wal * Mart.  I'm not sure if pharmacies (Wallgreen's / Ekard's, / Jewel-Osco ) would carry them, but if you happen to find them at those places, at least you found them somewhere.

If all the above fail, you'll have to go on-line and order them.  I suggest RightStuf.com, a popular on-line/catalog based anime store.  They have all the Pokemon releases up to date, and you can reserve future volumes.  I've ordered anime videos through these guys...they're very reliable.  Be wary of shipping, however, if you plan to order multiple tapes/DVDs

Now you know how to get ahold of the series.  Listed below is what is out there, and/or is scheduled to be released in the future.

(NOTE:  DVDs are available as well, but so far, I've only seen them at Suncoast, and @ RightStuf.com.  DVDs have digital sound and better picture, but a higher price tag.  Unless you have a DVD Player and a high end hi-fi digital amplifier/stereo theater system, I wouldn't try hunting these down.  This may change though, as DVD is becoming a mainstream media format nowadays.)

TV series
Released: Subtitle: Volume
November, 1998 "Pikachu -- I Choose You" 1
March, 1999 "The Mystery of Mt. Moon"
"The Sisters of Cerulean City"
May, 1999 "Poke-Friends"
July, 1999 "Seaside Pikachu"
"Psychic Suprise"
September, 1999 "Primeape Problems"
"Fashion Victims"
"Fighting Tournament"
November, 1999 "The Great Race"
"Pikachu Party"
January, 2000 "Wake Up, Snorlax!"
"Jigglypuff Pop"
March, 2000 "Charizard!"
"Totally Togepi"
May, 2000 "Picture Perfect"
"Water Blast" (1st tape of Season 2)
June, 2000 "Our Hero, Meowth"
"The Final Badge"
September, 2000 "The Po-ke Corral"
"Hang Ten Pikachu"
November, 2000 "Show Time"
"Into The Arena"
January, 2001 "Round One!"
"Friends & Rivals"

OAV's / Movies
(OAV is an acronym for "Original Animation Videos", or video-only releases of movies or special episodes, mainly off track from the main series)

November, 1999 "Pikachu's Winter Vacation" (OAV) OOP
March, 2000 "Pokemon - The First Movie"
("Pikachu's Vacation" - OAV)
("Mewtwo Strikes Back" - Movie 1)
Ran in Theatres, Nov. 1999
November, 2000 "Pokemon - The Movie 2000 - The Power of One"
("Pikachu's Rescue Adventure" - OAV)
("The Power of One" - Movie 2)
Ran in Theatres, July 2000

Some Info You Should Know:

TV series videos:  Tapes up through "Psychic Suprise" include the full version of the "PokeRap" at the end.

"Pikachu's Winter Vacation" is a 22 min. video that features 2 short adventures that are lead by some of the more popular Pokemon in the TV series.  A fun video for the younger Pokemon viewers, but finding it won't be easy, as it has been out of production since the end of the holiday season last year.

"Pokemon - The First Movie" includes the OAV "PIkachu's Vacation".  Although it should have been a seperate video release IMHO, it IS a good thing they left it with "Mewtwo Strikes Back" as that is how you would have seen it in the theatres.

"Pokemon - The Movie 2000" includes the OAV "Pikachu's Rescue Adventure".  The entire feature (OAV included) features 6 all-new Pokemon, never seen before the movie's release.  Faired better with critics than "The First Movie".


Disclaimer / Copyrights
 All titles mentioned, and all likenesses (Character designs, logos, names, etc, etc.) related to them are copyrights of their respected owners as described in the Disclaimer page.  This is a non profit fansite.  No challenge of ownership has been made, so don't come suing me....I dont have that kind of money.

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