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digi_logo.gif (12249 bytes)Vs.pokemonlogo2.gif (5315 bytes)

There has always been a major debate among countless Pokemon and Digimon fans for months!  Many questions come up, some which can be answered, and some that take a little researching to find answers to.

The 2 anime are  similar in many ways, and dis-similar in others.  Here's a comparison chart.  If there's any mistakes here, let me know.

Digimon Pokémon
Evolution / Names
Digimon "digivolve" with the help of the owner's crest and by sharing some of the owner's energy.  They CAN NOT digivolve if they are tired or run low on energy.   If their energy gets too low, they de-digivolve to the next lowest stage. Pokemon evolve by gaining experience out in the wild, by battling an opponent's Pokemon, and by use of elemental stones.  They CAN NOT de-evolve after evolving to the next stage.   They also don't need their owner/trainer around to evolve.
Digimon have 6 Evolution stages: Fresh / In Training / Rookie / Champion / Ultimate / Mega.  They start out as Digi-Eggs Pokemon usually only have 2-3 evolution stages, except for Eevee, who has more.
Digimon are easy to memorize.....all their names end in "Mon"  Because of all the stages each Digimon can take, there could very well be over 300-400 different Digimon. Each Pokemon gets its own unique name. There are over 250 different Pokemon.
Language (Speech)
Digimon can speak in human language.  (big plus for us....we can understand what they're trying to say at least) Pokemon can only say their names in different sequences.  (e.g. - "Pika-chu", "Pika", "chu", etc.)  Although cute, it can get annoying, plus we dont seem to understand what they're saying unless we pay attention to their facial expressions.
Anime Series
Digimon started in April of 1999 in Japan...Mid-August of the same year in the USA/Canada. Pokemon started in April of 1997 in Japan...September of 1998 in the USA/Canada.

Currently running series 2 "Digimon 02"

Currently in its 3rd season on the WB, as a new series "Pokemon - The Johto Journeys".
Series 1: 54 episodes, split into 5 arcs)
Series 2: 52-54 episodes
Series 1: 113 episodes (split into 3 sagas)
Series 2: Another 100 or so episodes??
Aimed at the 9-13 age demographic and rated TV Y7 (due to violence and some other stuff) Aimed at the 6-12 age demographic and rated TV Y
Digimon started as little Giga-Pet like things in 1997. They are a spin-off on the popular Tamagotchi V-pets of the mid-90s (1994-1995). Pokemon started with the best-selling RPG for Game Boy in early 1996.
Digimon's move into the retail marketplace has been a slow one.  There will probably never be as much as there is for Pokemon, but there's enough out there as it is for Digimon. Pokemon on the other hand obviously has a lot more to offer.   Then again....they had a head start since January '99.
Digimon has TCG cards. Pokemon has TCG cards.


Understand this.....Pokemon has had a good year and a half head start on Digimon, so that's why they have more out there than Digimon. 




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