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The Movie

Yes anime fans, there WAS a 'movie' put out by Saban Home Video back in the early/mid 90s.  It has been out of print for a very long time, and Saban's video division has since gotten merged into 20th Century Fox when Saban formally joined them in 1998.

What Was On The Video:

The SPC 'movie' really wasn't a true full length animated feature.  It was the episodes "Stop Dragon My Cat Around", and "The Big Comet Caper" (parts 1 & 2) spliced together into a 60 + minute video.  Instead of opening and closing credits breaking each episode apart (like some anime videos tend to do), the opening only exists at the beginning of the video and the end credits...well....take a guess.  Everything else flows from one segment into the next with no commercial interruptions like on TV.

Video Cover Shots:





Front Side:  Basically, the SPC ad (which you'll find on the Image Gallery page) cropped to fit the size of the slipcase.  The US/Canadian SPC logo adorns the top portion of the image.





Back Side:  What you see to the left.  The video teaser reads...

"It's a plane!  It's a helicopter!  It's a Cat?....

It must be the "Samurai Pizza Cats" in their first movie!  Meet Guido, Speedy Cerviche, and young Polly Esther, three feline crime fighters dedicated to delivering the best pizza in Little Tokyo, while keeping the streets safe from the diabolical schemes of Big Cheese (the baddest bad guy this side of Wichita), and his henchmen, Bad Bird and Jerry Atrick.  They fly through the air, they crawl through the mud, they have great costumes, and they will make you laugh until your sides hurt as they save the world from total destruction!

It's the "Samurai Pizza Cats" -- The Heroes who Always Land on Their Feet!

Where To Find It?:

This tape has been out of print since SPC first came on U.S. TV.  Since it was released around the mid-90s and sold poorly....again, due to Saban's lack of promoting 'Pizza Cats', it makes this a rare find.  When it was sold, it usually ended up in cutout bins at Wal-Mart or K-mart, which was the last time anyone has really seen any copies, and even then, they were far and few between.

Your best bet is on-line auction house Ebay.  Do a general search on 'Pizza Cats'.  I've seen 4 of these tapes pop up during Y2K ALONE (and even THAT's rare in itself!!).  One auction fell through (gosh darn deadbeat bidders), another sold for $46, and another that was SEALED and MINT condition, around $50.  Now I know what you're thinking.....and I'm thinking the same thing.  The 4th tape I seen was a European issuing, but you may want to read my bit about bidding on videos from that part of the world below, before blowing all your hard earned money.

"I'm not going to go out and spend $50 + on a kids video"!!

Well, you will when I tell you as far as SPC collectables goes in the USA, this is all you're going to find.  I myself, have been looking for this video, and provided I did, it would be the centerpiece of my video library. 

One more word of warning, anime fans.  You're looking for the video that is depicted in the images above.  If you find an auction based in the UK......now don't get me wrong, those tapes are legit also....... the problem you're going to run into when you get it, is that it's not going to work in your VCR.  Europe uses a different resolution on its TVs called PAL, which uses fewer lines of resolution.  The USA, Canada and Japan use NSTC, and playing a PAL tape in your VCR will just give you a terribly distorted picture.  That would be a waist of money.


Now if you're not an online junkie, or can't get onto Ebay for some oddball reason or another, as their systems have had past history of crashing, you could try flea markets or rummage sales in your area.  Just be weary of defective or non-working tapes that can jam up in your VCR and possibly wreck it.  I've had this happen to me with videotapes, and I'll tell you, it's no walk in the park trying to un-jam a videocassette from a VCR.  Also, damaged or crinkled tape can spell doom on those expensive video heads.

Well, with all that said and done, Happy Video Hunting!! :)  I wish you luck in finding this rare piece of SPC history.


Disclaimer / Copyrights
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