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The Digi-Destined

Here is some info on the Digi-Destined of the first Digimon series.

Name:  Taichi "Tai" Kamiyadigi-tai.jpg (42930 bytes)
Age:  11
Grade:  5th
School:  Odaiba Elementary
Digimon:  Agumon
Crest:  Courage

Tai is the leader of the group.  The adventurous type, he likes to jump into things often without thinking through the situation first.  This has gotten the kids (and himself in one case) into major trouble.  He was, however, able to see what he'd done wrong.   Now he gets help from the others to overcome whatever might be in their way, and he thinks through major situations more often now before deciding on what to do.

His Digimon, Agumon, is not much different.  They share a lot of the same traits.

Name:  Sora Takenouchidigi-sora.jpg (19966 bytes)
Age:  11
Grade:  5th
School:  Odaiba Elementary
Digimon:  Biyomon
Crest:  Love

Sora is the mature one of the group, and takes on the duty to make sure the group is safe.   She's often perceived as a tomboy, since she is an adventurous type, but due to her keeping a close eye on the others, she's not able to break away and go out exploring.   Her caring nature sort of makes her the "older sister" figure in the group. perceived as a tomboy, since she is an adventurous type, but due to her keeping a close eye on the others, she's not able to break away and go out exploring.   Her caring nature sort of makes her the "older sister" figure in the group.

Her Digimon, Biyomon, and herself treat each other like sisters, in the sense that they always watch out for each other.  Biyomon had even come through for Sora when she least expected. (see ep "Sora's Crest of Love" for a great example of this.)

There are rumors going all over the place in the Digimon 'net-community that tell us that she has deep feelings for Tai.  This rumor has been made into truth thanks to the Digimon movie.  

Name:  Koushiro "Izzy" Izumidigi-izzy.jpg (15871 bytes)
Age:  10
Grade:  4th
School:  Odaiba Elementary
Digimon:  Tentomon
Crest:  Knowledge

Izzy is the computer whiz of the group.  He enjoys working with things that puzzle him more than with people (e.g. always doing SOMETHING on his laptop in many ep's).  This didnt help much in one case where Mimi got all upset because of his ignoring her...instead paying more attention to the puzzle they ran into.  Aside from that, Izzy has helped the group get out of some tough situations, and has helped them understand the link between the real world and the Digi-world.

His Digimon, Tentamon, admires Izzy's knowledge and curiosity.  They get along really well (they've never really fought at all).

Izzy also carries a deep secret (that we all know already).  His actual parents were killed in an accident, and he ended up being adopted by relatives.  In the ep "The Eight Digivice", we find that they care just as much about Izzy as his real parents did.

Name:  Joe Kidodigi-joe.jpg (17364 bytes)
Age:  12
Grade:  6th
School:  Odaiba Elementary
Digimon:  Gomamon
Crest:  Reliability

Joe is the curious and cautious one of the Digi-destined.  He worries about everything the others get into, or decide upon for a plan of action.  He'd much rather be home, doing his homework or studying, since he worries a lot about missing too much school while in the Digi-world.  However, when he wants to be, or when the time calls for it, Joe can be brave. (watch ep's 7, 11, 23 to see what I mean). 

Himself and his Digimon, Gomamon, are probably the farthest apart when it comes to traits.  Joe's more the serious type, Gomamon likes having fun.

Name:  Yamato "Matt" Ishidadigi-matt.jpg (17862 bytes)
Age:  11
Grade:  5th
School:  Odaiba Elementary
Digimon:  Gabumon
Crest:  Friendship

Matt is the rebel....the "cool" one of the group.  Not fond of authority figures, this usually gets him and Tai into heated arguments over Tai's plans for the group.  He also likes to break from the others at times to just be alone.  He's seen outside as a tough, unapproachable person, but deep within, he really does care about the well being of his friends, and especially that of his younger brother, T.K.  He cared so much that one time (in the ep "Subzero Ice Punch") he went out and braved a major blizzard, trying to find him.....and nearly froze to death.  He's one of the toughest to understand in the entire 54 ep run, and is also one of the most popular of the Digi-destined (according to many fans)

Matt lives with his dad.  His family used to live together until his parents split up.

Name:  Takeru "T.K." Takaishidigi-tk.jpg (57198 bytes)
Age:  8
Grade:  2nd
School:  Kawada Elementary
Digimon:  Patamon
Crest:  Hope

TK is Matt's younger brother, and one of the youngest of the Digi-destined.  Very overlooked by the others (and most Digi-fans) most of the time, he is percieved as a "cry-baby".  He looks up to Matt, and wants to be just like him.   Matt, on the other hand, makes it seem like TK is more of a pain than a brother, but deep down, he's the opposite of that.

TK's Digimon is Patamon.  Whenever Matt isn't around, Patamon is there to watch over TK.   There were a couple of instances where they split up (mostly because they can both act a bit childish once and a while), but in the end, they end up together again.

TK lives with his mom.  His brother Matt, and his dad used to all be together until his parents split.

Name:  Mimi Tachikawadigi-mimi.jpg (18379 bytes)
Age:  10
Grade:  4th
School:  Odaiba Elementary
Digimon:  Palmon
Crest:  Sincerity

Mimi is a total opposite of Sora.  She's seen very much as being "self-centered", spoiled, and she complains a LOT while in the Digiworld...whether it be walking for a long time (5 minutes to her is a long time), or getting her clothes dirty.   Despite all this, she can turn out to be a sweet and caring peron within.  Her favorite color is obviously pink, and the huge hat she wears nearly covers the whole scene up sometimes. 

Her Digimon, Palmon, and herself teach each other about their own worlds quite often.   She also keeps an eye out for Mimi if trouble comes around.

Name:  Hikari "Kari" Kamiyadigi-kari.jpg (11566 bytes)
Age:  8
Grade:  2nd
School:  Odaiba Elementary
Digimon:  Gatomon
Crest:  Light

Kari is the 8th Digi-destined child that the networks bragged on about for a good month before it was revealed.  She has a sweet personality, cares about her brother Tai, and she tries her hardest to stay strong even when things look bad.

She was originally supposed to go to camp with her brother (Tai).  She ended up staying home though because she was sick.  Her Digimon, Gatomon, was looking for her the entire time, but was picked up by Myotismon and made Gatomon his servant.  Once Wizardmon bought Gatomon to Kari, however, she realized who she was really supposed to be helping.



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