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Image Gallery

Welcome to the scrap book of Pizza Cats images.  

I've collected these images from several SPC/KNT related sites on the 'net.  Some of these I got from 'Pzario's Pizza Cats Logbook", a site I once had in my Links page, and it was one of the best SPC/KNT related sites...not to mention one of the oldest.  Sadly, it is no longer open (it was a heckuva nice site too), making any images that I was able to grab from there before it shuttered, quite rare.

The images are in thumb nailed view to cut down on page load times.

To Download Images:
Click on the pic you want to download.  Let it load all the way, then choose "File/Save As" (both IE 4/5 and Netscape).  Rename the pic and save it someplace you'll remember for later.

Speedy | Polly | Guido | Francine
Friends | Villains | Group | Other Pics | Logos

Speedy Cerviche
(Leader of the Pizza Cats)

Speedy_9.jpg (30434 bytes)

Speedy_1.jpg (21529 bytes)Speedy_2.jpg (21568 bytes)Speedy_3.jpg (21920 bytes)Speedy_4.jpg (11881 bytes)

Speedy_5.jpg (11971 bytes)Speedy_6.jpg (20339 bytes)Speedy_7.jpg (19743 bytes)Speedy_8.jpg (17830 bytes)

Speedy.jpg (14833 bytes)Speedy_bridge.jpg (15975 bytes)Speedy_pose.jpg (29910 bytes)

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Polly Esther
(Quite possibly, the most Popular Pizza Cat in the WORLD)

Polly_flute.jpg (27686 bytes)

Polly.jpg (14842 bytes)Polly_1.jpg (18879 bytes)Polly_2.jpg (19452 bytes)Polly_3.jpg (20164 bytes)

Polly_4.jpg (21653 bytes)Polly_5.jpg (10582 bytes)Polly_6.jpg (10180 bytes)Polly_7.jpg (11077 bytes)

Polly_8.jpg (11645 bytes)Polly_9.jpg (12365 bytes)Polly_pose.jpg (28263 bytes)Polly_10.jpg (11095 bytes)

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Guido Anchovy
(The 'ladies man'....err....Cat)

Guido.jpg (15173 bytes)Guido_1.jpg (18970 bytes)Guido_2.jpg (18521 bytes)Guido_3.jpg (19743 bytes)

Guido_4.jpg (11297 bytes)Guido_5.jpg (9392 bytes)Guido_6.jpg (12204 bytes)Guido_7.jpg (10452 bytes)

Guido_8.jpg (14885 bytes)Guido_9.jpg (18371 bytes)Guido_10.jpg (15263 bytes)Guido_pose.jpg (31106 bytes)

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Francine Manx

Francine_1.jpg (19399 bytes)Francine_2.jpg (18429 bytes)Francine_3.jpg (12346 bytes)Francine_4.jpg (11338 bytes)

Francine_5.jpg (11569 bytes)Francine_6.jpg (18830 bytes)Francine_7.jpg (19556 bytes)Francine_8.jpg (17553 bytes)

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The Rescue Team & Other Friends
(Lucille / Carla / Ruby / Guru Lou)

Guru_Lou.jpg (11352 bytes)mama_junior.jpg (3185 bytes)

b_team_meowzma.jpg (23976 bytes)b_team_catton.jpg (21263 bytes)b_team_spritz.jpg (20294 bytes)b_team_batcat.jpg (18799 bytes)

Lucille.jpg (13621 bytes)Lucille_1.jpg (17063 bytes)Lucille_2.jpg (18954 bytes)Lucille_3.jpg (11120 bytes)

Ruby.jpg (21721 bytes)Carla_2.jpg (16973 bytes)Carla_3.jpg (24754 bytes)Carla_4.jpg (17618 bytes)

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The Villains & Monarchy
(Big Cheese / Jerry Atrick / Bad Bird  / Rude Noise / Little Tokyo Monarchy)

BigCheese_1.jpg (18701 bytes)BigCheese_2.jpg (17960 bytes)BigCheese_3.jpg (18464 bytes)Jerry_Atrick.jpg (19233 bytes)

Rude_Noise.jpg (24241 bytes)BadBird_1.jpg (15686 bytes)BadBird_2.jpg (10274 bytes)BadBird_3.jpg (9492 bytes)

BadBird_4.jpg (10263 bytes)BadBird_5.jpg (9154 bytes)Fred.jpg (11073 bytes)Empress_Frieda.jpg (10294 bytes)

PrincessVi_1.jpg (20042 bytes)PrincessVi_3.jpg (16872 bytes)

BigAl_1.jpg (27575 bytes)

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Group Pics

Comet.jpg (19347 bytes)SPC_flying.jpg (11418 bytes)spc_group.jpg (23508 bytes)SPC_group1.jpg (23575 bytes)

SPC_group2.jpg (24539 bytes)SPC_pose.jpg (18461 bytes)SPC_powered_up.jpg (21146 bytes)SPC_Xmas.jpg (13517 bytes)

Group_1.jpg (13732 bytes)Group_2.jpg (12348 bytes)Group_3.jpg (12076 bytes)Group_4.jpg (10990 bytes)

Group_5.jpg (14512 bytes)Group_6.jpg (13083 bytes)Group_7.jpg (20783 bytes)Carla_BadBird.jpg (18394 bytes)

Carla_BadBird_2.jpg (19934 bytes)NY_Pizzacats.jpg (19377 bytes)PollyLucille.jpg (22671 bytes)SPC_scared.jpg (13336 bytes)

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Other Pics
(SPC Advertisement / Little Tokyo Landmarks)

A SPC_ad2.jpg (42279 bytes) B SPC_Xmas_2.jpg (38364 bytes)   C Little_Tokyo.jpg (43489 bytes)

D Pizza_Cat.jpg (32887 bytes)   E LittleTokyoMall.jpg (22434 bytes)   F SPC_Catatonic.jpg (35949 bytes)

A: SPC advertising Poster.  This was sent out to TV networks to get the word out about Saban's (then) new series.  

B: The Pizza Cats in front of their Christmas Tree (from the "Cheese who Stole Chirstmas" episode, which was not shown in the USA)

C: The City of Little Tokyo (Edoropolis)

D: Pizza Cat Pizzeria.  The launch that the Cats fly out of is at the top.  The neon script on the arched pylon sign reads 'Welcome ~ Pizza ~ Cats'

E: Little Tokyo Mall (although to me, it looks nothing like a mall)

F: The Cats' ultimate weapon.....The Supreme Catatonic

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Series Logos

KNT_logo.gif (11599 bytes)

The 'official' KNT logo.

pizzacats_logo2.gif (6571 bytes)

The SPC logo, version 1.  This version is the one seen most often on the 'net, as it is more or less the 'official' logo for the US/Canadian version of 'Pizza Cats'

pizzacats_logo3.gif (6201 bytes)

The SPC logo, version 2.  It looks the same as the above version, but I changed the colors on most of the letters to give it more of the 'original' look it had.

pizzacats_logo1.gif (6512 bytes)

The SPC logo Saban used when packaging the show, and it's the 'official' logo of the UK, and other parts of the world.

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Disclaimer / Copyrights
 All titles mentioned, and all likenesses (Character designs, logos, names, etc, etc.) related to them are copyrights of their respected owners as described in the Disclaimer page.  This is a non profit fansite.  No challenge of ownership has been made, so don't come suing me....I dont have that kind of money.

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