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Digimon 03 -- Digimon Tamers

Keep Coming back to this page for late breaking info!

Just when you thought 01 and 02 were all there was to Digimon?  When saving the Digiworld twice would rid of all evil?

....It's Not Over Yet!!


"Digimon Tamers" is an ENTIRELY new Digimon series that premieres in Japan this April.  It will be totally different from the previous 2 series.  

It takes place right here on Earth. (yes, the world you and I live on Digi-fans), and focuses on 3 young kids who are fans of....what else....Digimon!!.  Let's have a look at who the new Digi-destined group will be the 3rd time around.

(Warning: Below are MAJOR SPOILERS!!  If you wish not to see anything more on this page, Hit that BACK button on your browser NOW!!.   You have been Warned)

The New Cast:

These are the new Chosen Ones, and their Digimon
(Pics are in thumbnails, so click them if you want a larger version)

takato.jpg (36964 bytes)Takato Matsuda
Takato is the new leader and the new goggle boy. He's 10 years old and from Japan. His Digimon partner is Gillmon. 

Takato isn't that much like the previous goggle boys, but he's a true friend. Takato is an artist and loves to draw.

Takato's digimon partner is Gillmon. Gillmon was created when Takato drew a picture of Gillmon.
Level: Rookie
Type: Virus

(Note: First Digidestined to have a Virus type Digimon for a partner)

ree.jpg (30533 bytes)Lee Zenrya
He seems to be a lot like Matt and/or Willis.  Not much is known about him. His digimon partner is Terriermon. 

Lee is also 10 years old.  Lee's mother is Japanese and his father is Chinese

Lee's digimon partner is Terriermon. Remember him? He's the same digimon partner Willis had!
Level: Rookie
Type: Data

ruki.jpg (31821 bytes)Ruki Makino
Ruki is un-like any female digidestined before her. She has an attitude and enjoys fighting. She thinks of Digimon more as a tool for fighting than as real creatures. Her digimon partner is Renamon.


Ruki's digimon partner is Renamon.  
Other than that, not much else is known.
Level: Rookie
Type: ???

More Details:


This will be a LOT tougher the 3rd-go-round.  Digivolving is going to require the aid of a single orphan Digimon.  The 3rd Generation Digivice is known as the D-Arc this time around, and will require the use of special cards to activate.  Used correctly however, and they become the most powerful of any Digivices put out to any of the Chosen kids.

Other Characters:

There's going to be a new batch of Evil Digimion as well.  Also, it's just a rumor right now, but the Digidestined of 01 and 02 MIGHT (keyword: MIGHT) make a suprise appearance towards the end of the series!!

Digimon Movie 4:

Diaboramon Strikes Back!!

This was released in Japan on 3/03/01

It will most likely not make it here due to the failure of the first Digimon movie.  Provided it DOES, it will hopefully be in the form of a VHS/DVD release, because the movie is not going to be long enough for a theatrical release in the USA.

(More info to come)




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